15 Toys and Gift Ideas for 1-Year-Old Baby Girl in 2019

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Do you think that buying gifts for little girls is easy? The first things that come to a lot of people’s minds when they think about what would be a good gift are pretty dolls and stuffed toys, but what if we told you there are better options?

Dolls are a safe bet, but you want to give them something that will inspire them and help them grow and learn, not just entertain them. If you’re looking for gift ideas for 1 year old baby girl, look no further.

We have taken it upon ourselves to make a list of toys and gifts any one year old girl would love.

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HABA Snug-up Dolly Luisa

Adorable, soft, and perfectly sized toy for 1 year old girl’s small hands, Snug-up Dolly Luisa from HABA is taking over hearts of children but also their parents.

As far as the safety is concerned, parents can relax because this toy doesn’t have any hard or sharp parts, which means that the children can put it in their mouth and wave it around for as long as they want to.

Because it’s so cuddly, children will be able to carry it around all the time: to bed, to the kitchen, and even keep it in their hand when they’re being put in their car seat.

Even though it’s designed for younger children and thus rather small, this toy is suitable for older children too.


  • Soft and snuggly
  • Soothing
  • Suitable for different ages

HOMOFY Electronic Airplane

HOMOFY Electronic Airplane is a great gift for 1 year old girls who are beginning to move around on their own. The airplane might be small, but it has a lot of exciting and engaging features that children love: it lights up, plays music, and moves around on its own.

The best thing is that it will stop moving if it bumps into something, turn around, and change direction. This means that the child will be able to follow the toy airplane around the room and be entertained by colorful light and interesting sounds.

Parents will be glad to know that the toy is also educational: when the child presses the corresponding buttons, the toy will play the songs with letters or numbers, thus giving the child the opportunity to learn through play.


  • Interactive and educational
  • Sturdy and colorful
  • Made from non-toxic materials

Learning Resources Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog

Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog is a great new toy that is going to improve children’s fine motor skills. The ‘spikes’ are chunky and colorful, perfectly shaped for the hands of small children, and conveniently sized, so after the child has finished playing with the toy, everything can be stored safely inside hedgehog’s body.

The spikes are made of rubber which means that children can wave and play with them without accidentally hurting themselves. While younger children will love grabbing the spikes and pulling them out, older ones will enjoy arranging them and placing them in their holes.

Because they’re brightly colored, parents can encourage children to organize the spikes according to colors and use the opportunity to teach the child to differentiate colors but also to count.


  • Engaging
  • Teaches color recognition
  • Improves fine motor skills

Mega Blocks Big Building Bag

Designed specifically for creative children, Mega Bloks Big Building Bag is the best gift for 1 year old girls who have plenty of creative potential.

Because the toy is aimed at smaller and younger children, there aren’t any tiny parts that could be swallowed accidentally, but this doesn’t mean that older children won’t be able to enjoy this toy too.

The bag comes with 80 pieces, among which is an attachable wheelbase that allows the girls to build cars just the way they want.

The pieces might be many, but they are far from small, and your little girl can create anything she wants, even a big, colorful castle, and at the end of her play session, you can easily put all the blocks back in the bag and put it away.


  • Versatile
  • Sparks creativity and imagination
  • Easy to stack and take apart

LeapFrog My Pal Violet

Cute and cuddly toys are the best gifts for 1 year old girls, and this adorable little dog named Violet from LeapFrog is exactly the thing you’ve been looking for.

What makes this sweet toy even better is the fact that you can customize it completely. You can have it say your little girl’s name out loud and there is also an option for the toy to encourage the girl to spell it.

Parents can also connect to the online LeapFrog Learning Path and get insights as well as customized learning ideas they can use in the future. What is more, the toy can also play some lullaby tunes and songs for 1-year-olds, and if you wish for something new, you can always select new music from an online list.


  • Customizable
  • Songs and melodies can change
  • Interactive

Baby Socks For Toddler Girls

Who says that gifts for one year old girls have to include toys? These little socks are more than just a pretty piece of clothes – they are incredibly convenient for all the little girls who are just learning to walk.

The bottoms of these socks are non-skid which means that the little adventurers won’t slip while practicing their first steps.

We all know that children love taking their socks off, but because these have an elastic strap, they won’t be as easy to take off as some.

What is more, the socks are ballet socks, very short and small, and they won’t press their ankles or cause them any discomfort. Because the package contains six pairs in various colors, parents will be able to find the perfect pair for any of little princesses’ outfits.


  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Good grip for hardwood floors
  • Fashionable and colorful

Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy

Parents know how difficult it can be to convince children to take a bath, and they are always looking for new ways to make bath time more interesting.

With these floating bubble bath toys, even having a bath in the baby bathtub will not be an issue anymore. Bubbles aren’t big, they have textured rings that are perfect for child’s small hands, and they won’t slip in water.

Girls will love playing with the floating bubbles, and the toys will keep them entertained for a long time because they shine, bobble, rattle and spin.

Their hand-eye coordination will be improved as they learn to reach for the toys, grab them, and shake them during baths. For many parents, mildew is the main concern, but the bubbles are water-tight, and the inside will stay dry.


  • Stimulates baby’s senses
  • Float in water
  • Have textured rings

Flashing Color Changing Bath Toys

While on the topic of bath toys, we have to mention another adorable set that both children and parents will fall in love with – Flashing Color Changing Bath Toys by CHIMAGER.

Not only are the toys cute and squishy, but they light up when they come in contact with water. The lights are bright and the colors change slowly which your little girl will find exciting.

Unlike some other bath toys, these glowing toys don’t have any holes, which means there’s no danger of mildew, and you won’t have to squeeze any water out after the bath.

What makes the toys interesting is the fact that they won’t light up unless they get wet, and the light will go off when you dry them off, making the batteries last for a long time.


  • Changes colors
  • Water-tight
  • Lights go off when toys are dry

Bumkins Waterproof Super Bib

Another one of those unexpectedly clever and useful gifts for one year old girls that parents will love, Bumkins’ Waterproof SuperBib is just the thing that parents of an active little girl need in their life.

We all know how messy the things can get during meals, especially since little girls get distracted easily and easily smear food all over the place (and themselves).

This bib is not only fashionable, but the material it’s made of is machine-washable and can be wiped after meals with a cloth. It attaches with Velcro over the shoulders, and no matter how much tugging it receives, it stays in place.

Still, the addition that parents will be most grateful for is the handy pocket in front that’s perfectly placed and sized for catching any crumbs and accidental spills that always occur during meals.


  • Attaches over the shoulder
  • Has Velcro for secure-fit
  • Has a pocket in front

Waterproof Silicone Bib Food Crumb Catcher

While some parents like using bibs made of fabric, others are skeptical because cloth bibs have seams where water and pieces of food can get, and they have to be machine-washed often.

For parents who are looking for something a bit more convenient, Waterproof Silicone Bib Food Crumb Catcher is the best. It’s made of silicone which makes it easy for parents to simply wipe it after use, and it also has a big pocket, conveniently placed, so that it catches stray crumbs.

The best thing about the pocket is that it stays open, unlike pockets on other bibs, which means there will be less mess to clean up after meals. The silicone that the bib is made of 100% food grade and it’s very lightweight so the children won’t have problems carrying the bib for a while.


  • Pocket stays open
  • Made of food grade silicone
  • Lightweight

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

For little girls who have seemingly endless energy, the perfect gift is Baby Einstein’s Take Along Tunes Musical Toy.

This is a nice sensory toy that’s great for stimulating baby’s senses: it plays music, and it lights up when the music starts. In addition to this, it’s conveniently sized and has a handle that allows children to carry it around with them as they move through the house or go outside.

Parents needn’t worry though; there is a volume control on the toy so there won’t be any complaints from the adults.

Having in mind that one year olds usually have sticky hands and like to leave a mess everywhere, this musical toy is made of smooth polypropylene that’s easy to keep clean with a wet wipe.


  • Volume control
  • Has 7 different melodies
  • Smooth surface

VTech Lil Critters Moosical Beads

VTech Lil’ Critters Moosical Beads musical toy is a great gift for little girls who love to talk and sing. It comes with more than 30 sounds, phrases, melodies, and songs, and it has buttons that light up when pressed.

The toy is a perfect combination of soft and cuddly stuffed animal and sturdy musical toy, and the plastic ring with beads is perfectly sized for children’s small hands.

There is more than music to this toy, and by pressing the buttons, the child will be able to hear useful phrases that introduce colors and numbers. Because it’s only 6 inches tall, it’s easy to put it in a diaper bag when leaving the house or to keep it in the crib with the baby.


  • Music stimulates brain activity
  • Great for cuddling
  • Easy-grasp ring

Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

Teething is a perfectly natural yet very painful process for the children, and difficult and exhausting for the parents. There aren’t many things that can help alleviate children’s pain and discomfort, but teething toys such as Nuby’s Ice Gel Teether Keys can do a lot.

The toy is designed for children’s small hands and has a handle that’s easy to grip and bright colors stimulate their senses further.

The thing that sets this toy apart from others is the fact that you can put it in the fridge before you give it to your baby. The keys stay cool for a long time and help soothe inflamed gums, and the soft textured material on the surface will assist in the teeth eruption.


  • Cooling effect
  • Brightly colored
  • Textured surface for gum massage

Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Baby Activity and Teething Toy

For parents who are looking for a teething toy that offers more, Skip Hop have designed and made this lovely and cuddly rattle teething toy that doubles as a rattle.

The bandana around the toy’s neck can be taken off and placed on the wrist, and babies will be able to gnaw on it easily.

The toy is a great gift idea for girls who are teething, but even younger girls can enjoy it as it stimulates their senses.

It’s soft and colorful, but it also makes different noises and entertains children: it crinkles, squeaks, and rattles, and children love playing with it and touching it. Different textures make it inviting for children to explore the toy with both their fingers and their mouth.



  • Offers multi-sensory play
  • PVC-free
  • Machine-washable

Simple Joys by Carter's Baby Girls' 6-Pack Short-Sleeve Bodysuit

Is there a better gift idea for 1 year old girl than a nice bodysuit with an amazing print? With a variety of different colors and designs to choose from, you will likely fall in love with Simple Joy’s short sleeve bodysuits by Carter’s.

There are different designs in a single pack, so you’ll get a little bit of everything: solid colors, stripes, and adorable prints.

As little girls grow so fast, these bodysuits have expandable necklines, and they’re made of stretchy material, so it’s easy for children to move around in them. They’re also thin which means that girls won’t feel too hot wearing them even on warm days.


  • Easy snap closure
  • Machine-washable
  • Different and fashionable designs

How to Choose the Best Gifts for 1 Year Old Girl?

Choosing the best gifts for 1 year old girls is not exactly easy, but it doesn’t have to be a terrible task if you know what to focus on. Knowing the girl is the best starting point because it means that you have an insight into her likes and dislikes from the start. Of course, talking to parents and relatives of the child can be of great help as well. Keeping an eye on trends is a good idea, but it’s not always reliable. Just because most children love a certain toy or a game, it doesn’t mean that all children will love it.

If the toy you so carefully picked and bought with so much care leaves the child unmoved, don’t despair. It might be that the child is yet too young to enjoy it properly, so try to be patient and re-introduce the toy after a while. The chances are that the child will warm up to the toy afterward, when they’ve grown and matured.

Another question you should ask yourself before buying a toy is: what you want to accomplish by giving the gift to the child? It shouldn’t be just about entertainment; you should aim to give gifts that will aid in the development of the child too. This is the reason why among the best toys for one year old girls are the ones that help them learn to walk, stand, and talk.

Criteria We Used

No matter what’s the age of the child you’re buying toys for, their safety should always be your number one propriety, which is exactly what we thought about when we were making this list. We also tried to focus most on the positive effect of the toys on the child’s cognitive development. Because little girls grow and develop so fast, we’ve concluded that the best toys for one year old girls are the ones that aided their physical development and that helped them learn to walk and talk.


One year olds love putting things into their mouth, and their toys will be bitten, licked, and sucked upon, and imperative is to ensure that the said toys contain no traces of toxic materials. It’s also best to avoid buying toys that have small pieces that can easily become a choking hazard.

Physical development

One year olds are known to crawl into the unlikeliest of places, and they’ve probably already mastered the art of rolling over, which means that the next great steps should be learning to stand and making the first steps. These are the reasons why we focused on toys that improve balance and help children learn to walk and stand.

Cognitive development

The minds of one year olds require a lot of stimulation, so the best choices are interactive and educational toys. Seeing as one year old girls start talking rather soon; a good idea is to give them toys that will encourage them to speak and sing.


Should I focus on toys made especially for girls?

Regardless of the way they are advertised, there aren’t any toys that are designed specifically for boys or for girls. It doesn’t matter if they’re boys or girls, one year olds just want to have fun and play all day long, which is something they can do no matter what toy you give them. The main issue many parents have is the color of the toy, but rest assured that toys for 1 year old girls can be pink, blue, red, orange, green, or black, and the child will still love to play with it.

When should I introduce educational toys?

All parents want what’s best for their children, and naturally, they want to introduce beneficial and educational toys as soon as they can. Fortunately, children don’t think the same way adults too, and their overwhelming curiosity and thirst for knowledge successfully turn the entire world into both their playground and their classroom. That is to say that pretty much every toy for 1 year old girls is going to be educational, as all of them are designed with an intention to help them grow and develop.


From the moment they are born, children are curious about the world, and it’s our job as adults to help them explore and learn about it. The learning should never stop, but the thing is – children learn best through games, and if you give them the right tools and toys, they will love it. This is why gifts for 1 year old girl should include interactive and educational toys, as these will do wonders for their development. Not only will the girls develop their fine and gross motor skills, but they will also stay curious and hungry for knowledge, and this is something parents should be proud of.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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