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If there is one toy that you would expect practically every child to have, it’s probably a teddy bear. When you think about it, there are a number of reasons for their popularity.

Like all stuffed toys, teddy bears provide a beautiful catalyst for children’s warmer emotions. In other words, they are something huggable that your child can take care of. What makes teddy bears more popular than, say, plush rabbits, is that, as cute as they are, bears can also be protectors, and act as a source of comfort and strength.  

Since they have the potential to become your kid’s long-time friend, possibly cherished forever, you would do well to put some time and effort into ensuring that you’ll find the loveliest stuffed animal that you can.

With that goal, we have reviewed some of the teddy bears that seem to have brought the most joy to their little friends.

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Small Product image of JOON Huge Teddy Bear

Stuffing remains elastic
JOON Huge Teddy Bear

3 years+Check Price on Amazon

Small Product image of Vermont Teddy Bear

Lifetime guarantee
Vermont Teddy Bear

0 months+Check Price on Amazon

Small Product image of Bearington Theodore

Collector’s item
Bearington Theodore

3 years+Check Price on Amazon

Small Product image of Aurora World Ashford

Great for adults and children
Aurora World Ashford

3-15 yearsCheck Price on Amazon

Small Product image of Jellycat Bumbly Bear

Soft, wavy fur
Jellycat Bumbly Bear

0 months+Check Price on Amazon

Small Product image of Care Bears Share

DVD included
Care Bears Share

3 years+Check Price on Amazon

Small Product image of Care Bears Classic

Hint of nostalgia
Care Bears Classic

2 years+Check Price on Amazon

Small Product image of Melissa & Doug Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear

Aids the development of motor skills
Melissa & Doug Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear

2-15 yearsCheck Price on Amazon

Small Product image of Baby GUND My 1st Teddy Bear

Machine washable
Baby GUND My 1st Teddy Bear

0 months+Check Price on Amazon

18 months - 4 yearsCheck Price on Amazon

12 months+Check Price on Amazon

12 months+Check Price on Amazon

12 months+Check Price on Amazon

3 months - 15 yearsCheck Price on Amazon

Small Product image of Philbin Teddy Bear

Great present for kids and adults
Philbin Teddy Bear

12 months+Check Price on Amazon

JOON Huge Teddy Bear

Depending on how tall your child is, it might be odd calling this teddy your kid’s ‘little friend’ seeing how with its 38 inches from ears to toes, it might very well stand taller than its lucky owner. 

With a smart bowtie and a classical gentle tan, cream or dark brown fur, Joon Bear weighs 3.8 pounds, meaning that playing with it should give your little one quite a workout. 

The fur is made of extra soft polyester that practically doesn’t shed and that should only be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.

A great birthday or Christmas gift for a kid or an adult, if you know someone who might use a cuddly friend, you can’t go wrong with Joon Bear.


  • 38 inches of cuteness
  • Durable, plush materials
  • Stuffing remains elastic

Vermont Teddy Bear

With a quizzical expression that seems to convey that he is looking forward to meeting you and hearing more about you, Vermont Teddy Bear is so huggable that a lot of people end up buying more than one. 

If you get this teddy for your kid, don’t be surprised when other family members start hinting that they wouldn’t mind having one of their own.     

Silky, plush fur is filled with 100% recycled stuffing and protected by a lifetime guarantee which entitles you to free repairs or a replacement teddy (with a lifetime guarantee of its own) if repairing the old one is not possible. 

To avoid having to make use of this guarantee too often, you’ll need to take good care of your new friend. Vermont Teddy is surface washable only, and should never be exposed to bleach or dried in a dryer.


  • Soft, velvety fur
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Recycled stuffing

Bearington Theodore

Meet Theodore, a sophisticated gentleman of proud, award-winning Bearington stock. 

Seeing how Bearington collection is very interesting to adult collectors as well as to children, this teddy wouldn’t only make a great gift for your little one, but might also be something that you could surprise a friend with.

Weighing 9.6 ounces and 17 inches tall from head to toe – 13’’ when sat up, this teddy can accompany your little one wherever they go, without being too small for a cuddle. 

With a plaid bow and a soft, stitched nose, Theodor is handcrafted and made to last.


  • Sturdy design
  • Collector’s item
  • Great for all ages

Aurora World Ashford

Reviews of this teddy seem to suggest that it is just as popular as a snuggle buddy for mommies, as it is as a companion on the adventures for the little ones. However, it is no surprise that it so universally liked. 

With a cute embroidered nose, snowy-white plush fur, and an elegant ribbon, this bear is simply irresistible. However, if you want it to stay that way, you’ll have to take good care of it. 

You should never dry this, or any of your other plush toys, in a dryer, and you should try to only surface clean them. 

If you have to wash them in a machine, they’ll last longer if you only use the gentlest, cold cycles, mild detergents, absolutely no bleach, and if you protect the toy by tying it up in a pillowcase before washing.


  • Great for adults and children
  • Durable materials
  • Cute design

Jellycat Bumbly Bear

With a friendly and eager facial expression, and soft, brown fur, Jellycat Bumbly Bear simply begs to be picked up. 

Standing 12 inches tall from head to heel, this little guy is small enough even for the youngest kids to be able to play with comfortably and to carry it around wherever they go.

Despite being extremely soft and plush, the fur is very durable and not prone to shedding, which means that your little one may find a lifelong friend in this toy. 

Naturally, this won’t be possible if you don’t take good care of it – spot cleaning only, and keep away from the dryer.


  • Grows with the child
  • Interesting to collectors
  • Soft, wavy fur

Care Bears Share

While kids are more than skilled enough in coming up with their own stories, sometimes they don’t mind a bit of help. 

This beautiful, 12 inches tall Care Bear from Hasbro comes with a DVD with an episode of the TV show featuring the teddy, and giving your kid a jumping-off point for their own stories and games.

Its purple fur is soft and plush, but also short enough that this teddy might be able to stand machine washing somewhat better than those most listed so far. Naturally, you should still use mild detergents and cold water. 

Thanks to the exemplary manufacture quality standards, if treated properly, this cute Care Bear will remain one of your child’s close companions for a long time to come.


  • Encourage imaginative play
  • DVD included
  • Very well-made

Care Bears Classic

If your little one loves Care Bears, but prefers their older look, or if you know a collector looking for a stroll down the memory lane, you may have just found what you’re looking for.

Inspired by the classical, 1980’s design this teddy has a warm retro feel to it, which seems to be as appealing to adults as it is to children. 

With hearts for paws, a rainbow on its belly and the softest pink fur that you can imagine, this teddy is a perfect sleeping buddy for your child, or a gift for a loved one who actually remembers the original show.


  • Hint of nostalgia
  • Promotes creative play
  • Great gift for adults and children

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear

With dimensions of 30″ x 30″ x 27″ this teddy won’t just make a great gift for your kid, but can also keep you and your loved one company on the couch while watching your favorite show. 

While this teddy might be too large for a child to easily carry wherever they go, its size does have another advantage, aside from increasing its cuddliness. Namely, it helps your kid get a fairly decent exercise and offers more in terms of the development of motor skills than a smaller toy would. 

Melissa & Doug is a renowned brand, known for the quality and safety of their products, and Jumbo teddy doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Made to last, this brown plush friend can stay by your child’s side well into their adulthood.


  • Aids the development of motor skills
  • Grows with the kid
  • Extremely durable

Baby GUND My 1st Teddy Bear

As one of the oldest manufacturers of teddy bears around, people in GUND have had plenty of time to perfect the design of their toys, as well as plenty of pressure from their consumers to live up to a set of extremely rigorous standards.

Their commitment to meeting and exceeding those standards is evident in the final product. What’s first and foremost, unlike most of the other currently popular teddy bears, My 1st Teddy Bear by GUND comes with embroidered eyes, making it extra safe without taking away from its cuteness.  

This teddy is also less demanding than most in terms of maintenance, as it can be machine washed and still keep its fluffiness and shape. Its neutral tan color makes it a great gift for both girls and boys, but adults may also find it difficult to resist the bear’s cuddliness.


  • Embroidered eyes and nose for maximum safety
  • Machine washable
  • Made to last

Teddy Wear Stuffed Bear Educational Toy

Much more than just a fuzzy friend, this teddy bear by Melissa & Doug is meant to help your child along as they develop critical motor and cognitive skills. 

With removable shoes and overalls, as well as a whole range of other interactable parts like buckles, zippers and buttons, this teddy gives kids a chance to practice both their dexterity and their reasoning.  

Because of this design, the teddy is also great for pretend play games like doctors or explorers, making it an invaluable aid in sparking the kids’ interest in creative and imaginative play. 

Even with all of these parts, Teddy Wear is machine washable and perfectly safe for your child. You don’t even have to worry about the eyes or nose coming off, as they are embroidered.


  • Extra safe
  • Educational
  • Promotes creative play

Fluffuns Teddy Bear Plush

While getting a new friend is often fun enough on its own, getting three of them in one go can also be nice. 

Made for children and adults alike, these three cute little teddies make a great gift for baby showers or birthdays, and provide children with a perfect outlet for creative play.

Find some more company for the furry new friends, like one of the best dolls for your kid, or a toy they already have and love, and there is no end to the adventures they could get themselves into.

Bears are 10 inches tall, and each of them sports an elegant olive-green ribbon. Their soft fur is strong, but should be washed with care, i.e. if you are going to wash them in a machine, bundle them up in a pillowcase beforehand, and don’t use hot water or strong detergents.


  • Great gift for kids and adults alike
  • Durable design
  • 3 in 1

Personalized Teddy Bear for Baby Boys

This sky-blue, 12 inches tall teddy is not only irresistibly adorable, but it also comes wearing a white T-shirt that can be personalized with a message.

One of the typical ways to use this space is to have the name and the date of birth of your little one printed on the shirt, making it a beautiful reminder of the day and yet another way to celebrate it.

However, since you can have anything that you want printed, this teddy could also be a sweet and thoughtful gift for a loved one. With embroidered eyes and nose, soft fur, and arms open in a wide hug, you don’t have to be a child to love it.


  • Can be customized
  • Embroidered eyes and nose for safety
  • Suitable for all ages

Personalized Teddy Bear for Baby Girls

Coming in a very delicate pink hue, this amazingly soft teddy can be personalized so that it sports the recipient’s name on its cute white sweater. 

If you want to surprise your little girl with a new friend that will help her learn to spell her name, this teddy might be a great choice.

Naturally, the fact that it can be customized also makes this teddy bear a perfect gift for a loved one’s birthday or any other occasion. 

Its plushy fur is more than strong enough to endure all the cuddling likely to be sent its way, and embroidered nose and eyes only add to the overall durability of the toy.


  • Can be personalized
  • Embroidered facial features
  • Extremely plush fur

Melissa & Doug Baby Ferguson

When stood up, this cute teddy is 7 inches tall, which makes it just as convenient for sleeping with, as it is for carrying around wherever the adventure takes you. 

Its soft fur is equally versatile – gentle enough to make it impossible to stay away, but also sturdy enough to endure the challenges that the exploratory nature of your little one is likely to put it through.

Thanks to the weighted bottom, Baby Ferguson is quite stable when left sitting up, and doesn’t have to lean on anything to stay in that position. 

Since eyes are plastic and simply glued on, this toy is not suitable for boys and girls under three years of age, but anyone older than that might enjoy it to no end.


  • Sturdy design
  • Portable
  • Extremely plush fur

Philbin Teddy Bear

With its huge, soft paws and inquisitive facial expression, Philbin simply invites to be hugged. Capable of sitting up without support, this friendly bear can boast a uniquely plush fur that is just as likely to enchant an adult as it is to attract a child. 

Since softness of the fur has been prioritized above its sturdiness, this teddy bear is surface washable only, but if you take good care of it, it will remain velvety plush for as long as there’s someone around needing a hug.


  • Beautiful fur and design
  • Great present for kids and adults
  • Durable if properly maintained

How to Choose the Teddy Bear?

Since a teddy bear might easily become your kid’s lifelong friend, choosing the right one may take some time.

First of all, the bear has to be durable enough. There is no point in getting a toy that your kid could develop a potentially lasting relationship with if you can’t count on the toy to actually be around for much longer.

The other consideration is safety. While all of the bears listed here are suitable for girls and boys over 3 years of age, if you are buying one for a younger kid, you might want to avoid teddies with plastic or glass eyes that have just been glued on, as they might come off and present a choking hazard. 

Finally, the bear simply has to be cute. While children may not be as dismissive as adults and might find it perfectly easy to fall in love with a scruffy toy; you can be sure that they do share our appreciation for soft and cuddly things, and that your judgment will often correspond to theirs in these matters. In other words, if you find a toy irresistible, your child probably will as well.

Criteria We Used

Comparing products of this kind is a rather delicate matter, as their main differences lie in purely subjective impressions and can be somewhat difficult to quantify. 

This is why the popularity of a particular teddy bear was taken as one of the main factors in composing this list. Since the main point of the toy is to be charming and cute enough for a child to fall in love with, we focused on the toys that were recognized as capable of reliably producing this effect.

Finally, since we know that teddy bears are by no means only interesting to children, but can also be very appealing to collectors and adults who need a huggable sleeping buddy, we tried to include bears of different sizes and postures, and ensure that everyone can find a teddy that would suit them just right.


Do I have to worry about plastic or glass eyes?

While they look more realistic, plastic and glass eyes can present a choking hazard, especially if they are simply glued on. Some manufacturers use more reliable joints to secure the eyes and prevent the child from dislodging them, but if you are buying a teddy for a child that is under 3 years old, you should get one with embroidered eyes and nose.

What if my child doesn’t like the teddy?

There’s no need to despair yet. Your kid might just need some time to get accustomed to the new friend. Try to include the bear during playtime, develop a character to go with the teddy, and see if your kid warms up to it. If you give this a go, but your child is still not really impressed, only then should you consider perhaps buying a new teddy, one sufficiently different from the ignored one.


If you asked your friends what toys from their childhood are they still keeping around, there’s a decent chance that most of them would start talking about their teddy bear. Since it’s obvious that you are buying something meant to be cherished for a long time, it’s not something you should rush through. 

We have tried to list the most interesting, durable, versatile and captivating choices, in hopes of helping you find the perfect gift for your kid, a loved one, a dear friend, or anyone else whose life you would like to bring some joy into.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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