Toilet Training Seats for Toddlers

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The transition from using diapers to potty and seats is ahead. You’ll finally be able to start potty training your little one. But before you do, you’ll need to decide whether to use a regular potty or a potty seat. If your little one feels like a grown-up already than it’s best to pick a potty seat for him. However, if you think that your youngling would feel much comfortable on a regular potty, then you know what to look for. 

But the decision making doesn’t stop there. Before you can go shopping for potty or a seat, you’ll need to know what colors and design to look for. Also, don’t forget that there are potty training books on the market too!

Without this, you’d be buying something that isn’t guaranteed to catch your little one’s attention. Luckily for you, we’ve prepared a list of potty training seats that will surely help you decide which model to buy and make potty sessions a whole lot easier for your little one.

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BabyBjorn Potty Chair

BabyBjorn Potty Chair is simple in design but practical and comfortable for your little one to sit and relax. Made from polypropylene and thermoplastic material, you’ll find this potty pretty durable.

Great for bathroom beginners, it features an inner potty with splash guard mechanism. This way you won’t have that much trouble cleaning afterward. The inner potty is easy to lift and clean as well. It’s comfortable, light and made of quality material.

Your child will feel relaxed, motivated and ready when nature calls. With the potty, you also get a safe step which is firm and stable and allows your toddler boy or girl to reach sink with ease.


  • Practical and durable
  • Quality design
  • Easy to clean and use

BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer

Another great potty training oriented product from BabyBjorn that will make your little one ready for going to the toilet like a grown boy.

What better way to show your child that he’s too big for diapers than to add this comfortable seat on the toilet.

It’s easy to install and adjust as all you’ll need to do is place it on the toilet and your little girl or boy will be able to use the toilet like a grown up.

The same goes for removing it, with a single pull you’ll remove the seat and store it the next potty session. Potty training seats like this allow your child to go number one or two with ease and comfort.


  • Unique design
  • Easy to install
  • No need to clean after each use

AOMOMO Frog Urinal Trainer

Aomomo Urinal Potty Training for boys comes in the shape of a cute frog that will surely help your child feel motivated to go number one on their own. It’s made from environmentally friendly material, that eliminated bad smell.

The removable waste tank is practical and easy to use. It allows you to dispose, clean, and make it ready for another use without having to wash your hands afterward.

Next to that, it features a super strong suction system that allows you to hand it anywhere in your toilet. To top it all, there’s a spinning wheel in the middle of the waste compartment so that your boy feels motivated.


  • Impressive design
  • Made from non-toxic, eco-friendly material
  • Practical and easy to mount

Potty Toilet Seat with Step Stool Ladder

This potty training seat comes with a manual and it’s really easy to use and mount. What better way to motivate your little one to use the big toilet, than by letting them use this amazing Potty Toilet Seat with Step Stool Ladder. It features a fairly basic design, but it is really practical.

The best thing about this particular potty trainer is that your little one will be able to use it on their own, without your help. With a simple pull, the stairs are mounted, and the seat adjusted.

Now all your toddler needs to do is climb, sit and go potty. It even features little holder on the side for additional safety. This product comes with a manual in which you’ll find answers to all usability related questions.


  • Light and durable
  • Extra safe and practical
  • Stable and easy to mount

Fisher-Price The Perfect Potty Ring

Fisher-Price The Perfect Potty Ring is a simple yet effective potty trainer and both your and your child will love everything about it. First, there is the design. White and blue mix with smooth surfaces and a seat made for comfort, this product will definitely motivate your little one to sit on the big boy toilet and go potty.

There’s a removable back that supports your child’s sitting pose while providing comfort as well. There a splash guard system for boys, which means that you won’t have to get your hands dirty. To top all that there’s also a hanger that allows easy storing of this amazing potty trainer. And when it comes to mounting, it’s as easy as it gets. So easy in fact that even your little one will be able to install it without your help.


  • Kid-friendly design
  • Super comfortable
  • Surprisingly easy to mount and use

Fisher-Price Custom Comfort Potty Training Seat

When it comes to picking the most comfortable potty training seats, you won’t find any that surpass the qualities of Fisher-Price Custom Potty Training Seat. It features a simple design that allows easy use of the potty, provides comfort and stability and has a splash guard for boys.

It’s super easy to use, as all you’ll need to do is place the potty into the center of the seat and you’re little one will be ready to go. Your little one will feel relaxed and secured as this potty seat features armrests and high seat back specially designed for younglings that cherish comfort.

The design is so appealing that you won’t even have to motivate your little one to go toilet. Instead, he’ll ask himself!


  • Great usability
  • Quality design
  • Comfortable and safe

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Soft Potty Seat

Every toddler boy or girl of this age is familiar with the Paw Patrol, and with potty trainer featuring some of their favorite characters from the show, it’s guaranteed to motivate them.

With Nickelodeon Paw Patrol “Calling All Pups” Soft Potty seat your toddler will be ready to use the toilet for grownups.

You’ll love how armrests provide grip and stability to your little one while on the potty, and they’ll love how soft and comfortable it is.

Next to that, it’s incredibly easy to clean as all it takes is one swipe with any hygiene wipes and it’s ready for the next potty session.


  • Features popular characters
  • Extra soft and comfortable
  • Fits most toiled sizes

Potty Training Seat by Lebogner

Lebogner Kids Toilet Training Seat is possibly the finest-looking potty seat you can get for your little one. There’s a number of reasons to support this fact, and we’re here to list most of them. First, there’s the design which allows it to fit on most toilet sizes. Then, there’s it’s usability and safety. The ultra-fine anti-slip ring makes it impossible for your little one to wiggle their way of the potty. They’ll be safe and secure when nature calls.

It features a practical hanging ring as well, that allows easy storing. With this and similar toilet training seats, you’ll also get a suction cup and hook plug. This way you’ll be able to mount it virtually anywhere in your bathroom. Finally, there’s the luxurious comfy-seat material that covers the entire potty training seat.


  • Made from super quality material
  • Practical and safe for kid’s use
  • Lightweight and sturdy

Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat

Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat is great for both toddler boys and girls. It’s a portable potty trainer seat that provides comfort, safety, stability, and is guaranteed to motivate your little one to start using the grownup toilet.

Choosing the best potty training seats can seem hard at first, but after understanding that your little one is looking for a specific model, you’ll find the exact match in no time.  

This one might be the one. It features qualities that your little one is looking for in a potty seat, including built-in handles, great design, a splash guard, and it’s super comfortable.


  • Your toddler will be motivated to go potty due to its design
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Practical and easy to mount

Potty Training Seat by Jool Baby

This particular potty seat is for those that prefer a minimalistic design and simplicity. It’s a single-colored, practical, made from high-quality plastic material, modern seat that even your little one can mount.

So if you’re looking for a potty seat with these qualities and you love how it looks in your bathroom, you found the perfect one.

It fits most toilet sizes and even has a hanging ring for easier storing. This way, once your youngling is done, all you need to do is wipe to clean and hang it on the designated spot. You won’t have to worry about rubbing each section separately to sanitize it, as all it takes is a couple of water splashes and it’s ready for another potty session.


  • Simplistic design
  • Made from quality material
  • Durable and practical

Summer Infant My Size Potty

Summer Infant My Size Potty will serve perfectly to all parents with toddlers that are having trouble transitioning from diapers to potty. If you have a kid who simply refuses to go on a regular potty because it’s not for grown-ups, but on the other side doesn’t want to use a seat for the normal toilet, then this is a perfect potty for him.

It looks just like a regular small-size toilet, except it’s only a model. It still works just like any other potty, it has a splash guard for boys, removable inner compartment, and even some new features. Being that it’s made to let toddlers feel as if on the toilet for grown-ups, it features a water splashing sound that’s activated on the tank lever. There’s also a compartment for wipes that make the job easier for you.


  • Ingenious design
  • Practical and fun to use
  • Easy to clean

Summer Infant Step by Step Potty

Summer Infant Step by Step Potty is a great one for every toddler that’s troubled by the transition from one method to another. To make things interesting for them and really motivate youngling to actually go potty, they designed it to look modern, enticing and elegant.

It simply draws your attention and your little one will definitely love it. It features a cushion-like seat that provides comfort as well as stability when on the potty.

It really resembles the real thing, except that it’s much smaller. To promote hygiene habits there’s even a paper and wipes holder on the side. This will make your job a whole lot easier and give them a hint on how to do it themselves.


  • Realistic design
  • Ultra comfortable
  • Promotes hygiene habits

Primo 4-In-1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer and Step Stool

Primo 4-in-1 Soft Seat Toilet trainer is everything you’ll ever need to help your toddler switch from diapers to a potty. If you can’t decide whether it’s best to get a potty seat or a regular potty, this one will solve all your problems as it has it all.

It features a regular potty, a step stool, and a soft seat. This way you’ll be ready no matter how your little one feels. The soft seat is durable, won’t rip and tear and is extremely easy to clean. Removable potty makes a job whole lot easier and allows you keep your hands clean. The step stool is stable and easy to use. It even features handles for extra stability for your little one. You also get motivating stickers to reward your little one after a successful potty session.


  • Ingenious design
  • A 4-in-1 product
  • Easy to use

Gimars Folding and Portable Potty Seat for Toddler

Looking for a portable potty seat that you can take anywhere you go? This is the one. Your child will love the comfort it provides and you’ll praise it for safety and stability features. It fits most toilet seats so no worries there as well.

It features 6 silicone pads that make it slip-proof and impossible to pinch. It basically has no gap so your little one will be safe from slipping or falling in. Modern design and warm colors motivate the youngling to go potty, and the best thing about it is that it works every time.

You get 6 non slip silicone pads that you can bring anywhere. This way you’ll be ready for any occasion.


  • Modern design
  • Features non slip, no gap pads
  • Warm and vibrant color

Babyloo Bambino Potty 3-in-1

Babyloo Bambino Potty 3-in-1 Training Seat is another multifunctional potty trainer intended for getting your youngling used to potty. It will help your toddler go through all stages until they’re finally able to do it on their own on a regular toilet.

It has all that you’ll ever need for potty training your youngest. Everything from the potty seat, step stool, regular potty with a lid is included. This way you’ll be able to work your way from potty to seat and then finally to be able to use the grownup toilet.

Easy to transform and use, you’ll be happy that you choose this product instead of any other. The seat makes it impossible to slip, but above all, it’s comfortable and safe.


  • Great design
  • Made from quality material
  • Easy to use and practical

How to Choose the Best Potty Training Chairs and Seats?

The process of finding the perfect potty training seat or chair can be a whole lot easier if you know what features to look for. Therefore it’s important to know your child, his interest, what motivates them, and above all what approach they prefer. To make it easier for you here are a couple of tips on how to choose the best potty training chair and seat.

The design is important and depending on whether you’re looking for a seat, regular potty or something in between you might want to pay attention to quality design in these products. If you want to start by potty training and then work your way up towards seats, you might want to look for multifunctional products of this sort.

Motivation is important for potty training your little one, so look for products with their favorite characters, colors or a design that will catch their attention. If they have a favorite show, try to pick a potty that features those characters. It will definitely motivate them to go potty every time.

Comfort is also a big deal for them, so instead of focusing on practicality or some other feature try to potty seats and chairs that are soft and comfy. This way they won’t mind sitting on it even if they don’t get inspired to do the nature bidding momentarily.

Criteria We Used

Every item on our list is made of non toxic, smooth material and are generally of great quality and design. We made sure these products have features that are according to our standard and criteria. Here are some of the features that our products must have to be featured on our list.

Quality is an important feature for these products. We made sure that every item on our list is made of premium quality material that provides comfort, safety and durability to its users. Quality design is also a must, as it allows better usability, practicality and increases motivating potential.

Safety means that these potty seats and chairs provide stability, are designed to prevent falling or slipping of them. This way you’ll be safe to use them on any size or model of toilet. Some of the models even have handgrips on the side to extra stability and safety.

Usability of these items should imply that even a toddler or older child can use them without any help from their parents. It’s the ease of use and most of the models are designed so that ewen your little one can use it.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the use of products on our list. They might help you decide whether a certain model is right for your and your little one or not.

Is my child perfectly safe using a potty seat?

Yes, your little one will be able to relax and go potty with ease every time and you’ll be without any worries. They are designed to be extra safe and fit most toiled sizes, some companies also went further by adding armrests on the side to which your little on can grip.

Will my child be motivated to go potty with these models?

These potty seats and chairs are of modern design and features some of the most lovable characters, some of which gained fame through shows. They will definitely catch your little one’s attention and motivate them to go potty every time.

Are these products durable enough for my child?

No matter how impatient your child is or unable to be steady for more than a couple of seconds, they won’t be able to break these seats and chairs. Next to that, they won’t get damaged even if they fall, which is unlikely as they stick pretty firmly to the toilet seat.


Finding the right potty for your child should be a fun and memorable experience. You’ll learn about their interests, tone that they prefer to hear when presented with subjects they don’t like, and get to know them in general. Once you understand what your child wants you’ll have no problems finding the right color, design, or model of potty chair or potty seat for your little one.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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