Best Potty Books for Toddlers

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Knowing how and when to start guiding your little one towards potty time is a process that you need to master as a parent. Because if not you’ll have difficulties explaining why it’s important to go about this business on their own when the time comes. Being that they are too little to understand why it’s important to perform these bodily functions, you’ll need to approach the topic using imagination and creativity. And what better way to do so that reading a potty book? Of course, don’t forget, you will also need the best possible potty training seats.

Whether it’s a book featuring a superhero protagonist or animal characters, by showing them that even their heroes need to go potty they’ll be more inclined to do it themselves without further persuasion and training. Here are some examples of great books for toddler boys and toddler girls that will make potty training a whole lot easier.

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Potty (Leslie Patricelli board books)

Teaching your child when and how to go potty isn’t an easy task. However, by reading Potty book by Leslie Patricelli to your child, you’ll have results in a matter of days. This beautifully illustrated book will definitely help your child understand the importance of going potty on their own. It is filled with humorous adventures and situations in which the Baby puts herself into.

From the main protagonist’s inner monologues to funny moments and interaction with other characters in this book, your child will get the cue while having a laugh. You’ll finally be able to make progress in potty training your boy or a girl, and after a while be proud that the deed is done! Content in this and similar potty training books is slowly but surely guiding the child towards being able to do it on their own. All you need to do is read it to them.


  • Sound effects 
  • Bright acrylic illustration
  • Humorous

A Potty for Me! by Karen Katz

A Potty for Me is a colorful and instructive book for helping your child go potty on their own.

Every book of this sort has a certain way of presenting, expanding and exploring the topic. What’s special about this particular potty training book is that it shows the story in a manner that a child can relate to the protagonist.

Reading this book to your child along with repeating the process of sitting on potty will bring results. The important thing to remember is to be persistent and to believe in your methods. At first, you might get the feeling that your child isn’t understanding the idea that’s being presented, but once she does it you’ll be glad that you didn’t give up.


  • Suitable for older children
  • Durable
  • Good for individuals and groups

Daniel Goes to the Potty by Maggie Testa

Daniel Goes to the Potty. The title of the book says it all. Newer generations of babies simply adore Daniel Tiger and books with this cute little tiger character. This new potty-training book allows your child to understand that when nature calls you always have a place to go potty.

As Daniel Tiger explored his neighborhood with his dad, he starts to understand how he doesn’t have to wait until they’re home to go to the toilet. This modern book helps you present the idea of going potty to your little one with colorful and funny moments with Daniel the tiger. Reading this book to your child while guiding her will definitely prove to be a helpful method of training your little one to go potty on their own.


  • Includes cards and a harmonica
  • Pre-tuned
  • Safe and durable

Big Girl Panties by Fran Manushkin

Another great book for motivating your toddler to go number one or two whenever she feels like it. Big Girl Panties by Fran Manushkin show a positive approach towards training your little one to go potty without breaking a sweat.

The transition from using diapers to potty is never easy. Not without books like this that is. It portrays the adventures of a little girl that can’t wait to use big girl’s panties just like mommy. Being that mommy is a parent figure that the child looks up to, the path to using big girl panties should be pretty rewarding for the little one. Colorful illustrations, rhymes, and happy faces will surely motivate your child to do it on their own.


  • Fun, sturdy, and strong
  • Improves motor skills
  • Not too loud

Even Firefighters Go to the Potty by Wendy Wax and Naomi Wax

Reading Even Firefighters Go to the Potty is a great way to show your boy that even brave fireman need to do it. By now your toddler is used to diapers, but deeper time is over. So when they feel like doing it, even tho they know they should sit on a potty, they’re usually to busy playing.

With this book, you’ll teach your child the importance of going to the toilet when its time to go. The book features many characters including a zookeeper and a fireman, that stop their daily actions to go to the toilet. This way you’ll help them understand the even when they’re too busy playing they should stop, make a quick pause, and go potty. It’s filled with humor and interesting characters so you don’t have to worry whether your child will be interested in hearing their story.


  • Educational
  • Improves gross motor skills
  • Sturdy and durable

Princess Potty by Samantha Berger

This is a perfect potty training book for your little princess. If you’re having a hard time explaining to your little one that when nature calls it’s no longer appropriate to do it diapers than this book is definitely for you. This absolutely stunning book features stickers, tiara and a lot of tips on how to praise your little princess when she finally goes potty.

It’s one of the best potty training books for girls that are having a hard time understanding why it’s important to do it in the potty. It features a step-by-step story that shows how to go potty when it’s time to do it. Your little one will love every moment spent with this amazing book, and you, on the other hand, will train your child to go to the toilet without breaking a sweat.


  • Sturdy and colorful
  • Educational
  • Bilingual

Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi

Everyone poops is a potty training book that displays situations in which every single animal and being stops whatever they’re doing to go number one or two. It motivates your child to do the same with humor, anecdotes, and beautiful illustrations.

When it comes to reading potty training books to your little ones, it’s crucial that you have patience when reading it, and that you make it interesting for them. So try different accents, be creative and try to repeat the method of reading that’s interesting for your little one. This way she’ll be glad to head another story from the book instead of running away to the far side of the room. So if you’re looking for a pretty straight forward poop book for training your little one go potty, then this is the one.


  • Come in a pair
  • Easy remote control

Potty Superhero: Get ready for big boy pants!

Potty Superhero: Get Ready for Big Boy Pants is a perfect book for your little superhero that isn’t used to doing it on the potty. Forget about increased washing powder expenses, with this book your little one will never wet his bed or pants again.

To be able to use big boy pants your child will have to learn to go potty when he needs to. And what better motivation than to portray a superhero figure, his idol, that does it without hesitation. Being that the journey of training when and how to go potty is a difficult one, getting to that point when he uses big boy pants is quite rewarding. In other words, your boy will definitely get motivated to do it in the potty as you read this book page by page.


  • Adjustable volume
  • Promotes physical activity
  • Automatically shuts down

Poop! There It Is! by Xavier Finkley

If this isn’t your first potty training session, you know that explaining how and when to go potty to your little one isn’t the easiest task. There are many potty training books for toddlers, and while some features superheroes or other fictional characters, this one portrays a mundane baby boy that does potty.

It shows how easy it is to do it when it’s time for number one or number two. The book is filled with silly illustrations and moments that will definitely motivate your child to finally stop wetting their pants or sheets. Both you and your child will laugh and giggle while reading this amazing potty training book. So what are you waiting for? Get your copy of Poop! There it Is! Book today!


  • Colorful and sturdy
  • Educational
  • Improves gross motor skills

Goldilocks and the Just Right Potty, by Leigh Hodgkinson

Goldilocks and the Just Right Potty is a perfect book for your picky little girl that just won’t poop in any potty. Finding the perfect potty for your little one is one thing, but getting her to do it is an entirely different subject.

That’s why you need this book that tells a story of every girl’s favorite character Goldielocks, and her journey towards wearing big girl pants. By presenting the topic from Goldielocks’s perspective, your little girl will finally be inclined to do it whenever nature calls. By focusing on finding the perfect big girl underwear, your little girl forgets about difficulties of going to the potty as more crucial things are unresolved- finding the underwear that’s just right for her. So be sure to reward her by going shopping for this unique underwear when she finally goes potty.


  • Two ways of use
  • Encourages creativity
  • Interactive

Toilet Tales by Andrea Wayne Von Konigslow

Toilet Tales is a classic, that’s been around for about 20 years. Being that books from this publisher have been motivating kids to relax in the bathroom for more than two decades, it’s obvious that they work.

The stories from the book depict various animals including a seal, giraffe, an elephant and many other as they try to go number two on a regular toilet. Of course, they fail to do so due to the intended design of the toilet, but the child feels privileged as they come to understand that toilet’s and potties are only for “big” boys and girls.

After reading a couple of examples it’s advisable to explain the situation so that the child feels motivated to go potty on their own.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Conveniently stored
  • Contains more instruments

The Potty Book by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

The Potty Book: For Boys is a neat looking book for potty training. You’ll love warm illustrations and as you read each page, your boy will come to understand that moving from diapers to a potty is a big step for him and that he should be proud of his accomplishment.

Reading this book is a great way of raising your son for finally doing it on his own, or motivating him to do so if he hasn’t already. Try reading a page per potty session, this way you’ll let him soak it all up instead of just reading the whole book at once.

No matter how long it takes, be sure to be patient, and your little one will surely do it on his own eventually. The key here is persistence.


  • Improves visualization memory
  • Encourages musical creativity

Once Upon a Potty By Alona Frankel

Once Upon A Potty is another book for potty training little girls. If you love adorable characters and simple illustrations and you think that your youngling would too, then it’s time to get this amazing book and start reading it.

The book shows how easy it is to do it and it does it in a way that your little girl can relate to. Realistic yet cartoonish characters will surely allow your girl to unwind and relax while going potty, and the best thing about it is that it’s guaranteed to work.

No matter how unwilling your child is to do the right thing at the moment, by reading a couple of paragraphs from this book she’ll understand that it’s perfectly natural and normal.


  • Encourages pretend play
  • Keyboard keys work simultaneously
  • Suitable for younger and older kids

I Want My Potty By Tony Ross

I Want My Potty! (Little Princes) by Tony Ross is a great way of persuading your little one that potty is the right choice. By introducing the “Little Princes” character, and creating a bond with the reader, Tony Ross manages to guide the child towards understanding that potty ( in this case royal potty) is far better than diapers.

Page by page, your child will come to love this character and trust its judgment, and after a while, she’ll start asking for potty on her own. You’ll love the way how fast your child will realize this, but more importantly, both you and your child will have a laugh reading this unique story. After only a couple of sessions, your baby girl will be ready to do it on her own.


  • Tests comprehension skills
  • Colorful and sturdy
  • Interactive

Sam's Potty By Barbro Lindgren

Sam’s Potty is a great story depicting an adorable toddler boy called Sam. In his interactions with animals, he learns how to appreciate going to potty and your child will surely feel likewise. The book is of quality design and will withstand even a couple of water splashes without wrinkling or getting smudgy.

The book features warm, light colors with more than enough fun characters to keep your boy entertained as well as going in the right direction. With a couple of pages read, and some time spent on the potty your boy will learn how to do it and without hesitation ask for potty next time he needs to go to the bathroom.


  • Interactive and educational
  • Durable and colorful

How to Choose the Best Potty Training Book?

Knowing how to potty train your toddler boy or a girl is a process that you alone must master. Of course, the process involves a potty book, but which one right for your little one? To answer this you must go through a couple of points.

Your Child’s Interests

Whether it’s superheroes, cute animals, fictional characters from another universe or something entirely different your child must have something that he enjoys seeing and hearing about. That’s why you need to adjust the potty book style to your toddler’s interests. This way they’ll surely love the characters, story and most likely do the right thing before you know it.

Writing Style

Your child doesn’t want to go potty that easily and that clear by now. So in order to present the topic in a new light and convince him otherwise, you need to find the right writing style. Whether it’s direct approach with lots of humor and realism or something else, you need to find the appropriate writing style that will keep your child engaged and eventually persuade him to go potty.


Another way to find the best potty book for your little one is to look for popular publishers that had success in selling these books. If they’re on the market for a while, they must be good. But more importantly, they must be efficient.

Criteria We Used

There isn’t a single book on our list that didn’t pass our test for quality, design, and durability. Our standard for a good potty book is something that we’re proud of and gladly share to convince you that you’re doing the right choice.

Quality in these books is extremely important and it includes the colors used, typography, type of ink and material used for covers, and everything regarding its usability in general. That’s why we make sure that each book on our list is nothing short of perfect for your little one.

The design is potty books is sometimes a deciding factor whether your child will relate to it or not. Therefore, we make sure that the books we recommend are interesting and keep the attention of readers.

Durability might not sound like a feature that is important for a potty book, right? Think again. These books are usually read in the toilet so that the child can connect place with activity. A splash of water, or fall to the ground might damage it.  Also, these books are used frequently. So the quality of paper and covers is quite important.


Are covers on these boots water resistant?

Although they will deform if submerged or left with a water splash for too long, the covers will in most cases withstand an occasional drop or splash of water. However, it’s not advisable to be careless with water around these books as the pages will wrinkle and deform.

How will my child understand what to do?

Little by little, these books and stories that they present show your child how going number one or number two on the potty is quite normal. By portraying a story they can relate to than explaining why it’s important to use potty, these books are guaranteed to show your child the right way.

How many times per day should my child go potty?

There isn’t an exact number of how many times is the correct number. Usually, the majority of toddlers go to toilet around 3 times a day, but that number varies. However, it’s not the number that you should pay attention to, but rather the consistency of it.


Training your little one to go potty can be really hard, especially without a potty book. But luckily, you know that reading a potty book is the right way to do it and your child loves it. However, it’s important to find the right one for your little one and find the right tone. So be sure to adjust the pick with your child’s interests, and try to make it interesting. You’ll both find this period adorable once it’s over if you have fun doing it.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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