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RC toys have always been a favorite means of entertainment for older kids, even teens. But what about RC helicopters with drone-like maneuverability and usability? Well, one thing is for certain, flying an outdoor RC helicopter or an RC car is fun no matter if your a kid or adult. And if your boy didn’t have the privilege to own and play with one before, now is your chance to surprise him.

If you haven’t found the perfect gift for your boy, some of these products might catch your interest. No matter which one you choose, your kids will definitely love it, maybe even more than a regular RC toy car that was his favorite toy up until now.

So take your pick and make their childhood even more memorable with some of these awesome RC helicopter toys.

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Find the Best Kids Toy Helicopter

14 years+Check Price on Amazon

Small product image of Syma S111G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro

8 years+Check Price on Amazon

8 years+Check Price on Amazon

Small product image of Blade E-flite mCX2 RTF

Blade E-flite mCX2 RTF

14 years+Check Price on Amazon

Small product image of V912 4CH Single Blade RC

V912 4CH Single Blade RC

7 years+Check Price on Amazon

Small product image of S107 S107G Phantom

S107/S107G Phantom

14 years+Check Price on Amazon

Small product image of G610 11in Durant Built-in Gyro

G610 11" Durant Built-in Gyro

8 years+Check Price on Amazon

Small product image of Little Tikes - My First Flyer

Little Tikes - My First Flyer

4-10 yearsCheck Price on Amazon

Small product image of GPTOYS Remote Control Helicopter

Flying Bird Helicopter

14 years+Check Price on Amazon

Small product image of World Tech Toys 3.5 Camouflage Hercules RC Helicopter

Army Helicopter

8-15 yearsCheck Price on Amazon

10 years+Check Price on Amazon

Small product image of ROTOBAND Remote Control Helicopter

ROTOBAND Remote Control Helicopter

14 years+Check Price on Amazon

Small product image of PALA PERRA RC Helicopter Flying Robot

Flying Robot

10 years+Check Price on Amazon

Small product image of GearRoot Flying Ball Remote Control Helicopter

Flying Unicorn

6 years+Check Price on Amazon

Small product image of Lutema 2.4GHz Heligram Flight

Lutema 2.4GHz Heligram Flight

15 years+Check Price on Amazon

Tenergy Syma S107/S107G R/C

The best toy to have for playing in the great outdoors when you’re a kid is without a doubt an toy helicopter

It’s easy to navigate it with the controller, even easier to charge thanks to a USB input, and has a cool look.

Tenergy Syma RC helicopter is made from quality plastic and aluminum material that makes it quite durable. 

It is pretty aerodynamic, which allows him to be faster and steadier in flight than most models that you can find online. 

Also, it’s quite affordable and comes in two color variations: red & yellow. The controller feels natural in the hands of the user and features two frequencies that allow controlling 2 RC helicopters simultaneously.


  • Easy to control
  • Durable and light
  • Cool design

Syma S111G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro

What’s great about this kids toy helicopter is that it’s such a perfect choice for beginners or those that haven’t had a chance to fly one of these at all. 

It has superb stability in flight, is durable and will endure most falls even on flat surfaces, and has decent maneuverability. 

Because it’s so light, around 0.30 ounces, no matter how inexperienced, you won’t manage to break it with fall damage, ramming it into a wall, or on any other way.

The S111G is the ultimate RC toy for beginners and a perfect choice for your little one. 

No matter what special occasion it is, this one will definitely surprise your boy and bring a smile on his face the moment he unwraps his present. It’s easy to charge and offers moderate flight time.


  • Extremely light and durable
  • A great choice for beginners
  • Easy to use

Syma S109G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro

Another great model designed to look like the famous Apache helicopter used in various military scenarios over the past couple of decades. 

It’s a combat model with cool stickers that give this model a fearsome look.

It’s great for both outdoor and indoor play, features a 3 Axis Gyroscope, used IR to communicate with the controllers and has outstanding speed and maneuverability.

If your kid loves action movies than he’ll be more than happy to finally have this beauty in his hands. It has a lithium polymer battery that’s easy to charge and offers a decent flight time. 

The controller is ultra responsive yet great for beginners. Talking about great design. Although the outer shell is made from plastic it’s quite durable and light considering the size.


  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Detailed design

Blade E-flite mCX2 RTF

Looking for style and performance in RC helicopters for kids? How about customizable controls and improved usability?  

This model has it all. Blade E-Flite helicopter toy is fast, easy to control, light and durable at the same time. 

How is this possible? Quality design, and pre-assembled frame allows your child to play with it the moment they unbox their gift, and with 2.4 GHz controller, they’ll be able to perform complex maneuvers with ease.

Sleek shell case and LED lights will provide countless of hours in flight during both day and night. It’s available in one color, but being that it looks that cool you won’t even think about a different color.


  • Light and durable
  • Modern design
  • Customizable controls

V912 4CH Single Blade RC

WLtoys Large V912 4VC is a single blade RC helicopter model that doesn’t lack speed, maneuverability, or usability.

It’s the perfect choice for your little one, whether the occasion is Christmas, birthday or anything else.

Weighing around 3 pounds, this toy is intended for kids above 7 years. It’s great for learning how to fly an RC as well as for advanced users.

Its 2.4 GHz controller supports up to 4 frequencies and is quite responsive. This is really important when learning how to fly an RC.

The controller might be a bit bulky but it fits naturally in hands, and your kid will love it. The set comes with a charger and a battery that offers medium flight time.


  • Outstanding design
  • Great usability
  • Powerful battery

S107/S107G Phantom

The S107G Toy Helicopter is another great product from Cheerwing. 

Although slightly heavier than most models (weighing around 13 pounds) this one offers top performance and is intended for advanced users. 

If your boy already had a couple of RC helicopters or drones, he’s ready to try this one. Due to his metal frame and compact design, you’ll feel absolute control and precision in performing advanced evasive maneuvers, high-speed chase turns, or when casually gliding through the air.

High-frequency controller guarantees secure frequencies and fast responses. Your boy won’t have interference even when flying in high traffic area that’s filled with RC vehicles and drones. 

It’s one of the best outdoor RC helicopters out there, so if your aspiring pilot is ready for this absolute unit, now you know what to buy him for a birthday or any other special occasion.


  • Extremely durable metal case
  • High-frequency controller
  • Good battery life

Remote Control Helicopter built-in Gyro

The X-Copter is bigger than most models intended for beginners, is great for indoor and outdoor play, has a durable casing, and cool design. 

What else can a child want from an remote control helicopter for kids? And if you want to give a go even when the sun has almost set and there is little light, you can turn a powerful LED light that shines everything on its path.

The controller is easy to use, quite responsive, and the battery charges only about 50 minutes. Its approximate flight duration is around 20 minutes

It can fly and operate up to a distance of 50 meters. Which is more than enough for your little one to master controls and really get the feel of how commands work.


  • Good choice for beginners
  • Bigger than similar models
  • Responsive controls and good flight duration

SYMA S40 Helicopter with 4 Channel Aircraft

Syma S40 is exactly what your boy needs if he never flew an RC helicopter, drone or any other flying toy vehicle

Simple design, easy to use controls and a gyroscope that will regulate its movement and make everything easy is at your hands. 

The controls are really that easy to use and your boy will love the simplicity of it. It’s made from plastic and is pretty light ( around 6 ounces).

The set comes with a charger and a powerful battery for beginners. Next to all that the RC copter is also equipped with LED light and cool sound effects. This will make their playtime with this toy even more enjoyable and memorable.

The helicopter with child-friendly flying toys features flexible blades for increased safety and durability.


  • Simple design
  • Light and easy to control
  • Features LED lights and sound effects

Flying Bird Helicopter

Flying bird helicopter or shall i call it bionic flying birds, delivers again with awesome design, high usability and great performance of this awesome RC helicopter. It’s the perfect gift for Christmas and it offers countless hours of entertainment. 

The set comes with a random color screwdriver, connector, side-walk flaps, and a tail blade. Flying bird is an RC toy was never easier with super responsive controls, high-frequency controller and decent flight time.

When it comes to charging, you’ll be happy to know that the Lipo battery fits easily under the base of the helicopter toy and doesn’t take much time to charge. 

With LED lights, a gyroscope for increased stability and easy to use controls your boy will have countless of flight operations.


  • Comes with spare parts
  • Responsive controls
  • Decent flight time

Army Helicopter Toy

Cool camo military colors, sleek, aerodynamic casing, easy to use controls on a quality controller, this model is definitely one of the best on the market. 

No assembly required, your child will be able to fly it the moment they open their gift and unpack the box. Along with high stability in flight, and responsive controls, this model also has LED light for those late hour flight operation.

It’s a great starting point for kids that didn’t have contact with RC toys, drones, and flying toys. 

If you’re ready to give your child the best gift this year, this one will serve as a perfect choice. 

So have in mind to get spare batteries, lest you want to spoil their fun once they finally start to get the hang of it.


  • LED lights are quite powerful
  • Cool design
  • Easy to use controls

Flying Toys Hand Control Helicopter

Raising twins is never easy. When one gets a toy, the other demands that they get the same one or something that’s close enough. 

If you already got an helicopter for kids for your boy, and your daughter wants something similar you can get her this amazing RC flying unicorn toy.

It’s super easy to control and you won’t even have to show her how to use the controller. The toy is operated by hand. Simply place your hand underneath the flying unicorn and it will levitate and fly in the direction you want. 

The concept is similar to a segway or hoverboard, where you control your movement as you tilt in the desired direction.

It’s great for indoor play and easy to charge. With the set, you get a USB charger as well. Getting this toy will make you and the siblings happy.


  • No controller needed
  • Easy to use
  • Great design

Cheerwing U12S Mini RC Helicopter

Remote Control Helicopter got style, speed, and maneuverability your kid needs. Its unique design and advanced controls will surely win your kids hearth and possibly make it their favorite toy.

  • Wifi FPV Real-time Transmission
  • Photo / Video Recording
  • One Key Take-off / Landing
  • Emergency Stop
  • Altitude Hold Mode
  • High / Low Speed Mode
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Out of Range Alarm

With a powerful battery and protective case, your child will be able to master any flying technique without destroying the toy in the process. It’s quite durable.

The controller is quite advanced and looks amazing. It’s equipped with buttons to control everything from LED lights to flaps and vertical & horizontal movement. 

It is not a toy for beginners and it will take time to get used to advanced controls. But once he does, he’ll be able to perform any move he wants fast and efficiently.


  • Features advanced controls
  • Cool design

Flying Robot Helicopter Mini Drone for Kids

Before getting your little one an RC Helicopter with complex controls, you can get him this RC Astrobot that looks cool and is super easy to control. 

This fun looking toy has motion sensors that respond to your hand once placed underneath him.

It can go up to 15 ft in the air and all your child will have to do is tilt his hand to control his movement. 

It’s a great choice for kids that didn’t play with remote control toys before. Also, it is perfect for indoor play. 

With it, you also get a USB charger. Astrobot is safe for everyone to use and it’s quite durable. It actually shuts down upon any impact.


  • Easy to control
  • Light and durable
  • Great design

Flying Unicorn

This Flying Unicorn is easy to use and has interesting safety measures. It’s equipped with a motion sensor device so you can fly it from your palm as well as using a remote controller.

 Because it’s recommended for kids above 6, it’s made from non-toxic ABS plastic material. It’s durable, light and pretty silent in flight.

Whenever it hits an obstacle with its propeller or it gets stuck it will immediately shut down to prevent being damaged. 

It’s the perfect choice for indoor play and kids that didn’t have contact with RC toys before. So if you’re little one wants a RC toy and you know he’s too young for the real thing, get him this simplified version that’s fun and easy to play with.


  • Cool design
  • Easy to learn controls
  • Light, silent and durable

Flight Simulator Remote Control Helicopter

If your kids aren’t impressed with most RC models and prefer something with advanced controls and flying mechanics this is the toy for them. 

Lutema Heligram has a range of almost 100 ft, can display custom messages on the propellers, and has a sophisticated controller.

It features dual speed mode, can fly vertically, sideways, and virtually go in any direction you want. 

Next to that, you can adjust and customize your messages to appear on spinning blades at any time. It will glow bright and it makes is super fun to use. 

You can place up to 12 lines of text. It’s fast, durable, and pretty light for his size. Your kid will absolutely love his new toy and custom message feature.


  • Fun and entertaining
  • Great design
  • Cool features

How to Choose Toy Helicopters for Kids

When it comes to getting a perfect toy helicopter for your child there are things you should have in mind to ensure that they will actually like it, are able to play with it and that that this toy actually keeps their attention. You don’t want it to end up like any other toy that was cast aside simply because it couldn’t keep your child entertained. That’s why when looking for the best helicopter for kids you should pay attention to usability, design, and durability.


There are various models of RC toys on the market and although they all look great, some won’t be the perfect choice for your little one. For example, if your kid never played with flying RC toys before, you might want to focus on looking for simplified versions of these fast flyers. It’s always best to learn how to fly with models with high usability and simplified controls than to get a complex RC toy for your novice pilot. 


Design is directly tied to the amount of entertainment your kid gets from the toy, how long they’ll be interested in playing with it and how quality their playtime will be. If you’re looking for something that will serve only to pass their time look for simple models. If not, look for those with quality design whether in detailed graphics, controls or performance. This will ensure that your kid stays entertained even when they master all the moves and flight maneuvers. 


Durability is also quite important for these toys. Toys that are made from durable plastic, aluminum or metal will perform well even after a few bumps and crashes. Other models prevent getting damaged by shutting down upon impact. Getting a toy with either feature will guarantee that your kid won’t break it and ensure that they’ll be able to play with it for years to come.

Criteria We Used

There aren’t items on our list of recommended toys for kids that haven’t passed our test for safety, entertainment potential, and quality. Our criteria for quality features is pretty strict, and we don’t just post any products as toys that we recommend for the little ones. Here are some features that we pay close attention to when reviewing toys to place in our list. 

Entertainment Potential

RC toys are definitely fun, but the definition of fun varies from toddler boys to toddler boys (remember, even girls like toy helicopters). That’s why we make sure to pick toys with great entertaining potential to ensure they have a great time playing after they try it out. These toys look great, have cool features like LED lights and win the heart for kids with cool details and fun features. 


Quality toys tend to last more in the hands of kids, keep them entertained even when they master all the controls, and in general perform better. Their flight mechanics are more complex and provide more options when playing with them. It’s always better to aim for quality than affordability because in the long run quality pays off. 


These RC toys can achieve impressive speed when maxed out, that’s why we tend to focus on their safety features. When indoors, most of these models will shut down when their blades get any resistance whether from fall damage, hitting a house plant or furniture. This way your home is safe and your child won’t be able to damage anything with their new favorite toy.


How long do batteries last on most of these RC toys?

It really depends on the model as well as the battery type. In most cases, you’ll be able to play with RC toy of this type for up to 8 minutes. There are toys with more powerful batteries that provide a longer flight time of course.

How long do I have to charge my kids RC toy before it can fly again?

Again it depends on the LYPO battery type and how much power it carries. In general, you’ll have to charge it from 50-70 minutes before they can be used again.

Are these toys safe for indoor play?

Many models have safety features that put them in shut down mode the moment their propeller hits something. This way they stay intact even if they fall from great heights or hit objects. With these safety features, they won’t break anything in the house and that’s a guarantee.


Modern RC toys such as these provide countless hours of entertainment, improve your kid’s reflexes and help them upgrade their motor skills as well. If your child develops interest toward this type of toy, you should, by all means, get them one. They’re great for indoor and outdoor play and offer so many ways to play with. Your kid will definitely spend their entire summer playing with it in your backyard, beach or any other place outside the house. So if you haven’t set your mind on which model to get, take a look at our list again and you’ll definitely find one that suits your child the most.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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