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A road to 2-year-old milestones for your baby is paved with hardships. Parenthood comes with a laundry list of challenges, not the least of which is a chronic lack of sleep. This is why baby projector soothers and night lights are so important: they exist to keep the newborn calm and the parents, for the lack of a better word, sane.

As far as parents are concerned, it is all about those rude awakenings during the night when your baby decides it is high time to protest. The glaring white light of the overhead lamp or a chandelier can be disruptive, disturbing and downright painful on the eyes. Plus, most newly made light bulbs are LED, which means that they let off a blue light, which can interrupt the production of melatonin.

Instead, a nice night light projector benefits both parties. The outline of the room under a faint, soothing light is as clear to a parent as it could be under the ceiling light, but without added light stressors. A baby, already used to sleeping with such a light on, finds it to be welcoming and non-disruptive making it the perfect sleep aid for parents.

Truly, some of the night lights you’ll encounter on the list below are marvelous little bundles of creativeness that speak volumes of how far we’ve come in devising imaginative ways to keep our kids calm.

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Owl Night Light for Kids

What happens when a thoughtful craft meets tasteful design? You get an Owl Night Light, a soothing source of the soft nightlight that will encourage your baby’s sleep.

The visual design itself is a marvel – wonderfully simple yet refined, an exercise in baby-friendly minimalism. Furthermore, the product is made out of child-safe silicone material and it is light, so the child can carry it around according to their whims. Oh, and while we are on the topic of carrying – the Owl Night Light is cordless.

Essentially, we are talking about an extremely safe, wholesome, battery-operated lamp that has a micro USB outlet plugin for charging. It also changes colors depending on what look you want to achieve. If white is too stark or simply boring, all it takes is a gentle tap on the owl-shaped lamp to get one of nine nuances.



  • Portable
  • Safe silicone surface
  • Wholesome visual design
  • Plentiful color options

Projectables 30605 Paw Patrol

Unlock the true imaginative potential of night lights by projecting the child-friendly images on the ceiling, floor or walls.

Projectables 30605 Paw Patrol offers six captivating vistas for your baby to gawk at as their wild imagination lulls them to sleep – all images featuring a character from Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol.

Essentially, a rotating globe spins the image on a flat surface, the underlying hue of light is soft and warm even though we are discussing LED. The choice of such light is also a matter of child-proofing.

The 1 watt light remains cool to the touch. It is also energy-efficient and long-lasting, thus providing quite a bang for your buck. It also has a light-sensing option, so it can be set to automatically run on or off according to time of day, specifically, dusk and dawn.


  • Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol theme
  • Modular
  • Six images
  • Light sensors

Universe Night Light Projector

There is something utterly enchanting about the stars. Your child can begin learning about our place in the vast and magnificent universe from a very early age if you expose them to the idea of starscape with Universe Night Light Projector by Elmchee.

It can cast celestial bodies over the ceiling and the walls, but it is also a multi-functional item. Removing the star-studded shade turns it into your regular night light.

The package comes with three optional shades: Starry star, Magical universe and Happy Birthday. It also boasts 6 light effects depending on preference – your regular white, warm yellow, crisp blue, sequential, combination and slow fade.

Learning how to shuffle through color modes is easy and intuitive; it is merely a matter of pressing a button. Just like the models mentioned above, it comes with a USB port, and it has a supply for 3 AA batteries.


  • Multi-functional device
  • Three optional shades
  • Six lighting effects
  • Enchanting

360-Degree Rotating Star Projector

Now, since we have brushed against the topic of starscapes, it is important to mention the 360-Degree Rotating Star Projector by SUNNEST.

This simple yet dazzling device casts a colorful assortment of celestial bodies across the ceiling and the walls, thus prompting your baby (or your child) to develop wild imagination.

It is an appropriate gift for children of all genders, and it comes with eight modes of operation that include four colors – yellow, blue, red and green.

As such, it can easily serve as more than a night light. The 360-Degree Rotating Star Projector can cast its decorative sparkles for birthdays, celebrations and even weddings. Of course, there is an additional cover that filters a soothing night light that rests and stimulates the eyes of your child.


  • Eight modes
  • Four colors
  • Night-light cover
  • Appropriate for everyone

Compact RGB Color Changeable LED Night Lamp

Simplicity and efficiency in a reliable, quality product are all people can ask for, and Compact RGB Color Changeable LED Night Lamp offers exactly that.

This is why so many individuals single out this night light as their top-tier choice: LOFTer has crafted a high-quality device that looks simple, works intuitively and offers exactly what you bargained for, with a reasonable price tag attached to it.

What makes this LED Night Lamp so special is its RGB multiple color options that can go beyond the eight standard hues.

It turns on and off automatically since it boasts an optional light sensor, and it has beautiful, gentle lighting that will lull your child to sleep and keep them calm at night. The light is so soothing that you’ll probably purchase an additional package just for yourself.


  • RGB color spectrum
  • Light sensors
  • Sleek and simple design
  • Reliable craftsmanship

SleepyMe Smart Sleep Soother

Chick soothers are particularly popular. For one, chickens are widely accepted as undeniably cute, and they represent a symbol of a new life.

With that in mind, the chick-themed night lights and their inventiveness come down to design itself, and SleepyMe Smart Sleep Soother is as decent and delightful as they get.

The egg husk has a recognizable and well-trodden star-themed dots that cast a magical light on the ceiling, and the chick itself is programmed for ten relaxing lullabies, including nature sounds, white noise, and mama’s heartbeat.

It’s a portable, cordless device and the original package comes with 4 AA batteries that will cover you for about two months of daily use. A sleepy chick under a star-studded husk will become your baby’s best friend, a signifier of safety and quality sleep.


  • 10 lullabies
  • Additional sounds
  • Cute appearance
  • Battery-powered

Moredig Baby Projector

Moredig Baby Projector casts soothing lights all over the room. As a night light device, it works similarly to many other types of its kind – a semi-spherical, spinning light on a simple base.

It is the details that make all the difference, in the end, and this night light projector has them in spades. The joyful silhouettes of jungle animals, stars, and shrubbery abounds, lending a wholesome yet organic feel to the surroundings as the shapes dot the room.

It also comes with a starry sky option. What’s more, the lights can be colorful – no one-note hue choices. And if that weren’t enough, there are also song choices with timer and rotation mode making it a good music toy.

There is also a timer at its base that can easily be set to count down from anywhere between five and five hundred minutes. When the timer reaches the end, it turns off automatically – simple as that.


  • Two wonderful shade options
  • Flexible timer
  • Auto turn-off option
  • Music and spinning projector

Rotating Stars Projector Night Light for Kids

Keep your little bundle of joy sound asleep with 2 distinct themes – night sky and ocean – both gorgeously designed options with incredible visual impact.

Of course, it is not glaring or stark set, the images are soothing and the color scheme can be wonderful. Projection lights rotate 360 degrees which aid the development of orientation.

The soft light is non-invasive, helping your child feel secure without rousing them out of sleep. 

You’ll also be glad to hear that this Projector is made out of BPA-free materials, and it has a stamp of approval as a safe toy in 2021. The price tag is not only reasonable, but the receipt comes with a manufacturer warranty.


  • Two popular themes
  • Soothing visual impact
  • BPA-free materials
  • 2-year warranty

AnanBros Remote Baby Night Light

AnanBros went all out to craft the ultimate baby night light, and you can easily argue that they’ve succeeded. First of all, the design of the device is sleek, minimalistic and very pleasing; almost futuristic in its appearance.

It has a timer that runs from regular 5 to astounding 999 minutes and it can be remote-controlled from a distance that can go up to 32 feet.

The night light also has a 128-megabyte memory card that can hold a list of lullabies and songs for your 1-year-old.

This, combined with the rotating landscape of stars that can come in different color combinations offers a classic night light experience your child will treasure for years to come. Don’t be surprised if they keep on using it throughout elementary school.


  • 32-feet remote control
  • Up to 999-minute timer
  • High-resolution stars
  • USB cord

Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System

Munchkin offers a simple and reliable night light system that comes with a variety of features. This is a machine meant to be handled by adults: a multi-purpose home device which several functions.

First of all, it has 10 different sounds which play for a certain interval of time programmed by you. This interval comes in three modes, 15, 30 and 60 minutes, before the device turns off. And yet, these sounds include Mozart recordings and you can adjust the volume according to baby’s needs.

However, it also has voice activation that can be programmed to turn on in response to the baby’s cooing or crying. Beyond that, it has 3 different projection cartridges which are easily stored behind the unit when not in use.


  • Calming audio features
  • Baby voice activation
  • Volume options
  • 3 projection cartridges

Chick Bedside Nightlight

Asani’s Chick is a close tie with an Owl night light as one of the most wholesomely designed, minimal, yet wonderful little items out there.

Since it looks so captivating and comes with fast-charging long-lasting light features, your baby will likely want to get their little paws on this chick as soon as possible.

Have no fear – it is a 100% baby safe device made out of soft, medical-grade silicone on top and rounded ABS bottom (the husk) that doesn’t have any sharp angles which might pose the risk for your little munchkin.

Of course, the LED light sources guarantee that the light never gets too hot, which is an extra layer of safety for your baby. As a piece of nursery decor, Asani’s Chick Bedside Nightlight is irresistible, and as a device, it easy to control. Everybody can enjoy it!


  • 100% baby safe
  • Cool LED lights
  • Irresistible design
  • Smart tough controls

BenQ eReading LED Desk Lamp

Think about different designs; there are inventive ideas out there coupled with impeccable craftsmanship that renders products such as SmartDer’s LED Desk Lamp a smart and dependable investment.

Say hello to a dimmable animal-shaped LED lamp with 3 adjustable levels of brightness which are fashioned to reduce eye fatigue.

Your child can sleep soundly right beside a dim option and a lamp neck is highly flexible – it can be twisted and turned to offer the most beneficial angle, both for you as a parent that is about to enter the room and a child that needs to have its eyes in a shade.

The direct glare from any light source, no matter how soothing, can be disruptive. The animal theme is thematically very appropriate for a nursery and the lamp is portable when charged. What else do you need?


  • Adjustable brightness levels
  • Flexible lamp neck
  • Portable lamp
  • Inventive design

Cloud b Twilight Turtle Nightlight Soother

Night light soother is often merely a part of nursery décor – an element wielded exclusively by a parent and none other.

Sometimes (as in some examples already covered) child’s own busy hands are taken into consideration when designing a night light lamp. They often become a nice combination of night light lamp and toy in that case, and Cloud b’s Twilight Turtle Nightlight Soother is a stellar example of such a product.

Designed from ground-up by Cloud b as an appropriate toy and night light, a 4-inch tall turtle toy can be a plushy companion and a delightful source of night light that transforms nurseries and child bedrooms into calming sanctuaries.

Amber, blue and green are the basic color options that create tranquil night environments. Since it is one of those rare examples that can be wielded as a toy, it is recommended to keep it out of a child’s hands until your boy or girl reaches the age of 2.


  • Plush toy
  • Tranquil light colors
  • 3 AAA batteries
  • 45-minute timer

Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Projection

Since we are covering the topic of toy-night-lights, Summer Infant’s slumber buddy comes in a shape and form of a plush elephant.

It has 5 songs and nature sounds with meditative quality, an option for projecting the starry sky and a selection of three relaxing colors – amber, green and blue.

There are also three options for automatic shut-off intervals: 15, 30 and 45 minutes, as well as three levels of volume control.

That being said, the major selling point of this charming little elephant is its toy quality.

Countless parents that have bought this product haven’t regretted it in the list as children tend to cling to it as years roll by.

And this goes even if you don’t count the dazzling night light feature.


  • A wholesome toy
  • Soothing night light
  • Adjustable volume
  • Optional timer

Baby Soother Cry Activated Sensor Toys Owl White Noise

It is important to point out that, even if the baby is too young to play with the toy, you can get it for a newborn to serve as night-light lamp exclusively until they come of proper age.

With that in mind, enter Bubzi Co’s Baby & Toddler White Noise & Night Light in shape and form of an owl.

If the design reminds a bit of Care Bears, it is perfectly understandable – there is something truly captivating about the idea of hearts radiating with warmth, and the owl’s chest area serves as bedding for night-light projections.

It is also important to note that the device comes with a bird song and accompanying lullabies that turn off automatically after 30 minutes of play.


  • Snuggly toy
  • Thoughtfully designed soother
  • Warm light projection
  • Numerous audio features

How to Choose a Baby Projector and Kids Night Light

Finding the best night light projector can be a joyous experience these days. The modern market is saturated with diverse and interesting products that are a testament to inventiveness. 

Of course, there will come a time when your little one will learn how to toddle to the potty all by themselves, which is when this night light projector will not only light their way but also serve as a visual signifier of safety. With that in mind, you can bet your bottom dollar that this light element will become a leitmotif of your baby’s childhood, and they are likely to keep it for as long as it works. They will have a hard time parting with their night light projector if you make a wise choice.

As you’ve probably gathered by now, choices are many and options are plentiful. This is a double-edged sword. While being spoiled for choices means that you’ll certainly get what you want, it can be somewhat overwhelming. Which choices are most wholesome and simple?

Well, that is the crux of the issues: as you narrow down your list of night light baby projectors, scrutinize for simplicity of use. Furthermore, look for a reasonable price tag that gives you the biggest bang for your buck in terms of longevity. Features need to be multifaceted: night light combined with baby-friendly toy characteristics and audio options will go a long way. 

One of the crucial things you have to pay attention to is whether the toy uses cordless power sources – specifically, batteries. USB ports are fine since they are easily detachable if need be. You can always return it without cables into your baby’s immediate vicinity. However, if the night light comes with an obligatory non-detachable cord, you should probably skip it, just as a safety precaution. Rare are the examples of corded night lights that have a special layer of protection enveloping the cord.

Criteria We Used


A night light is a broad notion. As you search for appropriate night light lamps that can blend into your child’s room, you can easily stumble upon a whole niche of similar products for adults. To narrow-in on baby-friendly devices, you have to scrutinize for charm? Ask yourself this question: does this particular night light device look amiss in newborn’s nursery? If it does, if the design is wholesome and appropriate, then you’ve hit the jackpot!


Now, while we are covering the topic of design, inventiveness is also an important element of criteria. You can find your run-o-the-mill night lights with warm options wherever you turn. The key is to find a nice little piece of practical yet imaginative design that contributes to the overall décor. Furthermore, some of the items on the list combine toy-like qualities with lamp-stand features seamlessly.


Now, at the end of the day, you need to keep your child safe. Many night lamps are not meant to be handled by small children anyway, so keeping them out of the child’s hands is pivotal, at least for the initial period. Still, you’ll want to know that, should they come into contact with the said items, the probability for injury is minimized. Pay attention to jagged edges, cumbersome frames and, once again, cords.


When is my child too old for a night light?

Some people spend their entire life with a night light on. It’s just something that they’ve become accustomed to. In other words, your child might never ‘grow out’ of loving soothing night lights and there is nothing wrong with that. The key difference, later on, is that they’ll probably crave for a fresh change of projected imagery as their interests grow and define.

Do lights pose a risk?

Most companies that make toys create night lights with LED features. LED is the safest option as it is eco-friendly and rarely reaches hot temperatures, if ever.


Projector soothers and night lights have become an inseparable element of nurseries. They are a welcoming feature that makes the lives of everyone involved (parents and babies) easier. Typically, soothers that come with audio features, as well as plushy elements, are usually more popular because parents get more financial mileage out of them and babies tend to cling to such toy-devices. Still, there is only one final criterion you should be concerned with: does it work magic for your child?

Never underestimate the power of the right baby-soothing night lights. Once they start making everyone’s nights significantly easier to manage, you won’t be able to imagine your life before them.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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