15 Best Kids Halloween Costumes

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Finding the right costume for your kid can be a real challenge. Fitting within your budget while getting something your kid will want to wear is quite a balancing act. And it keeps coming back to haunt you (no pun intended) each year. As always when you find yourself struggling with Halloween gifts and ideas about your kid, we’re here to help. 

We’ve gone through the market to pick the best Halloween costumes out there, and all you have to do is select your favorite from this list of fifteen. Each of the suits has been carefully reviewed for cost, design, as well as popularity with the given age group.

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Endgame Iron Man Costume

This authentic item has been made in partnership with Marvel Studios, and unsurprisingly looks almost exactly like the real thing. The package includes the mark 50 Iron Man deluxe padded jumpsuit, along with a mask and attached boot-tops. 

This Halloween, your kid can look exactly like their favorite hero with this suit, but the costume can be reused for many different occasions, including fan conventions, birthday parties, and even movie premieres. If your kid is a Marvel fan, and chances are he is, he will adore this great-looking costume and might not want to take it off even in the shower.


  • Officially licensed
  • Comfortable
  • Head-to-toe

Rubie's Costume Noah's Ark Pinky Winky Monster

It doesn’t get much cuter than this. When you see your little one in this costume, you will lose your mind, guaranteed. Plus, it’s going to be very comfortable for your child as well. Just make sure to examine the size chart well before purchase, because it’s easy to get the sizes wrong and with a costume like this the size must be exactly right for it to look as good as possible as well as providing maximum comfort. 

There are some complaints about the fur shedding, but we found that washing the costume first takes care of that problem. There’s still going to be a bit of shedding from it but nothing you can’t handle.


  • Incredibly cute
  • Comfy

Spooktacular Boy Ninja

When it comes to production quality vs. price, it doesn’t get much better than this ninja suit from Spooktacular. It has a fresh style, and it’s going to make your boy look like a badass ninja. The hood is connected to the main body of the costume, while the belt and facecloth are detachable. The belt might be a bit too big if your kid has a small waist, so you might want to add another closure for him to be able to wear it. 

The rest of the items in the package include two ninja daggers, two throwing stars, and gloves.  The materials are entirely non-toxic, child-safe, and meet all the US toy standards and requirements.


  • Great value
  • Looks amazing

Frozen Inspired Dress

Even though it is not an officially licensed Disney product, this dress looks just like a dress princess Elsa would wear, and it is strikingly beautiful. Also, the fabric is soft and comfortable and causes no irritation or itching like some costumes tend to do. There’s a side zipper which will give older kids the ability to put the dress on and take it off by themselves. 

The lace and glitter overlay is gorgeous, but it does tear easily, so it needs to be handled with some care. The sleeves and neckline are covered with sparkly sequins and shiny, silvery gems. On Halloween, we suggest wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath the dress since it will not provide too much protection from the cold.


  • Gorgeous
  • Great value for an entire outfit

Princess Unicorn Costume

An adorable unicorn princess costume from Cuteshower, which exceeded our expectations. It is lined with cotton underneath so it is not see-through or itchy, and the top is made of high-quality stretch knit, so it should last a while, and be passed down to a younger child once she grows out of it. The bottom has a stand of flair, so an additional tutu is not required. There’s also a unicorn horn headband which looks super cute.

If your little girl is a fan of unicorns like most girls, she is going to love this dress, and it’s going to be one of the best things you buy this year.


  • Feels soft and comfy
  • Your little girl will love it

Morphsuits Monster Urban Legend

For some kids, Halloween is all about dressing up as their favorite comic book superhero or cartoon character and getting lots of candy. For others though, the thrill is in spooking their friends and family with a scary costume or prank. If your kid belongs to the latter category, you should check out the collection coming from Morphsuits. 

There are a total of eighteen monsters to choose from, and they are all equally scary in their way. The bodysuits are usually full outfits as well, so there’s no need to spend extra cash on accessories to complete the look. They come in three sizes and feature a four-way stretch, so they can comfortably accommodate a variety of body types and sizes.


  • No further accessories required
  • 4-way stretch
  • Head-to-toe coverage

Spooktacular Creations Fairytale Witch

The Fairytale Witch costume from Spooktacular Creations features a super value role play rack including a full-skirted dress and a matching hat. You will have to provide the broom yourself though. You would be hard-pressed to find a more perfect costume for Halloween than this, but the dress can also be used in other costume-parties since witches are always in. 

The material is high-quality, comfortable, and durable, so it can be worn for extended periods and last a long time. It is also safety test approved, wholly non-toxic, and meets every US toy standard. Parents and kids everywhere seem to love this costume based on the reviews we read, and we couldn’t agree more.


  • Durable and comfy
  • Great value pack

Aeromax Jr. Astronaut Suit

That’s one small step for your budget and one giant leap for your kid’s imagination. This high-quality, realistic costume from Aeromax is featured by the Smithsonian Institute, NASA and other science organizations around the world for a good reason. If you want to get your kid a more authentic costume than this one, we suggest making sure they have perfect grades so they can apply to become an actual astronaut someday. Other than that, this is the best you’re going to get. 

The attention to detail on this suit is breathtaking from the embroidered NASA patches to the waist harness straps and padded collar. The costume is ideal for Halloween, but also for any pretend play. Houston, we do not have a problem here.


  • Real pockets and zippers
  • Includes an official NASA cap
  • Looks exactly like the real thing

Baby Lil' Monkey Costume

Another classic comes from InCharacter, with a costume that has been popular for ages with good reason – few things are more adorable than a baby in a monkey suit. This bodysuit is not only cute but high-quality, with a thick fuzzy material that is going to keep your little one warm when you go out trick-or-treating. The pant legs and sleeves have heavy cuffs that will keep the cold air out, so this costume is perfect for any area where Halloween nights are quite stiff. 

There’s no monkeying around with InCharacter costumes, and that includes this infant suit. It comes with a zipper that makes the outfit easy to open for quick access when your baby requires a diaper change.


  • Machine washable
  • Keeps your kid nice and warm
  • Easy access to diapers

InCharacter Mini Meow Infant Costume

The list continues with another ridiculously adorable costume from InCharacter, a company that certainly has the infant costume game figured out. This could be the cutest little outfit you have ever seen, and when you see your baby in it, you might have a fit of cute aggression like you’ve never experienced. 

All that aside, the quality of the suit is very high, as we’ve come to expect from InCharacter. The material is comfy, durable, and can withstand all kinds of punishment like yanking, tugging, and scratching. It is also warm enough that your little one will not need to wear a jacket or anything to cover up to cuteness of the suit itself.


  • Warm
  • Durable
  • Comfy

InCharacter Lil' Garden Gnome Infant Costume

Another costume from InCharacter on our list comes in the form of a Lil’ Garden Gnome. We promise this is the last one, but the costumes from this company are tough to ignore due to their cuteness factor and high quality. We highly recommend looking at their entire line of products and see if there’s anything you like that we didn’t put on this list. You can’t go wrong with these costumes. 

Now, back to this product – as you can see from the picture, it is incredibly cute, but that’s no surprise, and we can also tell you that the quality of the material is very high, and at least for us that’s no surprise either, and by this point it shouldn’t be a surprise for you if you’ve been paying attention.


  • Machine wash
  • Easy diaper change
  • Detachable beard

Rubie's Black Panther Child's Costume

People all over the country and the world have been going crazy about Black Panther ever since the MCU movie came out, even receiving an Oscar nomination. Chances are your kid is a massive fan of the character as well, especially if they are into comic-book movies like most kids nowadays. If that is the case, they are going to love dressing up as the king of Wakanda for Halloween this year. Who cares if it’s not a spooky character from a Halloween movie.

The costume is made of delicate and lightweight polyester, meaning that it doesn’t provide a considerable amount of protection from the cold, but with some long johns and a long-sleeved shirt underneath, they should be fine.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Popular character

Spooktacular Creations Zombie Deluxe Costume

For fans of Walking Dead, or any other TV show, movie, or book with a zombie theme (and there are plenty of those going around), we have a zombie costume from Spooktacular. This might be precisely what your kid is looking for, since it is not only representing a popular concept but fits the Halloween spirit perfectly. 

The value in this purchase is excellent as it includes a total of six pieces, namely some pants and a shirt both featuring attached bones, face mask, toy ax, gloves, and a hood. The suit is made of polyester, so it’s quite durable, and the materials are completely non-toxic and safe to use for extended periods. The model comes in a variety of sizes, from small to extra-large.


  • Spooky
  • Toy ax included

Boys Ghastly Gargoyle Costume

Let your kid come to life when the night falls with this excellent Gargoyle suit from California Costumes. According to legend, gargoyles fly around during the night scaring people, and turning back to stone at the break of dawn. This outfit contains a full-body suit in a few shades of gray resembling a stone surface. 

The suit is padded, so it should do an excellent job of keeping your kid warm. The pack also includes a pair of matching wings as well as a detailed gargoyle mask that covers the whole head and looks rather scary indeed. The mask also has the textured stone look just like the suit, and the face is twisted into a grim expression.


  • Lots of detail
  • Padded suit
  • Great mask

California Costumes Soul Taker

Another great suit from California Costumes comes in the form of Soul Taker. Kids love this costume for its attention to detail and neat look, particularly the bottom part of the robe with the souls reaching and flying up. The materials are light and durable, and the face cover is easy to see through in a well-lit environment.

The face mask can also be lifted if necessary, and the hood can be pulled down when taking a break from spooking people. The robe and hood are connected, so the costume is one-piece, which is a benefit in the sense that there are no pieces to lose track of. The gloves and scythe are not included, so you’ll have to get those separately.


  • Great look
  • Lightweight material
  • Transparent face cover

How to Choose a Good Costume?

This is a question a lot of us end up asking ourselves every year before Halloween. And I don’t just mean shopping for our kids. Picking a good Halloween costume is a dilemma for all ages. As you’ve probably noticed, this task has some ups and downs, since most of us have no idea which characters to pick, let alone which exact costume to go with. 

The task has become even more complicated in recent years with the market overflowing with a seemingly endless variety of costumes to choose from. Also, you don’t want your kid to be wearing the same outfit as all of their friends, so picking a popular option is not the best way to go this time around. You have to be original, but still, find something with good quality and value. 

Therefore, we think it’s never too early to start looking. It’s a great idea to go shopping for your kid’s costume as early as possible to avoid the crowds at the shop, but also to prevent the fear of not getting the costume in time. We are very much aware of how tricky that can be, so this list should help you narrow things down a bit.

Criteria We Used


As we’ve already mentioned, you don’t want your kid to look like everybody else at the party, so we tried to find products that are less likely to be picked by other kids and their parents, with a few exceptions. You and your kid will have to sit down and gauge things for yourselves, and maybe your little one can ask their friends about what they are going to be dressing up as, so you can avoid those options.


When buying a costume for their child, you need to pay attention to the fact whether the costume is comfortable and convenient for different occasions. Obviously, your child will go trick-or-treating. But what about sitting around all day in their favorite costume watching Halloween movies?

Material and size

As you know, we care a lot about quality and comfort here at Funtastic Toy. So we took a lot of care in selecting only those products we felt were made of high-quality fabric, and we think you should make sure that they are the right size for your kid as well. The worst thing you can do is get something uncomfortable that your child is going to want to get out of as soon as they put it on.


Keep in mind that when it comes to Halloween costume, age is not only crucial for the sake of size but appropriateness as well. Some costumes are better suited for teenagers or adults than they are for children. When it comes to small kids, cute costumes of animals and animated characters are a safe bet though.


Can kids learn something from dressing up for Halloween?

Kids learn something whatever they do. So, short answer – yes. When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, there are a few specific benefits though. Firstly, your kids get good exercise from trick-or-treating since walking is one of the healthiest activities for lowering body fat and keeping a strong heart, and kids do a lot of walking when they are trick-or-treating. But that’s not all; there are plenty of essential things your child will practice while playing dress-up, like empathy, social skills, and imaginative thinking.

Wouldn’t it be better if we made something out of the clothes they already have?

If you feel like you have the artistic chops to make your kid a costume that they are going to like, go right ahead. That is probably the best thing you can do, especially if you can get them involved in the process. However, most parents are going to be unable to create something that looks better than a store-bought costume.


For many kids and many parents, Halloween is the best holiday of the year. You and your family get to dress up in wacky outfits and express yourselves in the most fun way while getting a good laugh out of spooking your friends and neighbors. What’s not to love about that? 

Well, that’s all well and good, but when the time comes to prepare for the celebration by picking the right costume, decorations, and toys, we can get a bit anxious because we already have too many things on our minds. Hopefully, this list can help you with at least one of those things.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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