15 Toys and Best Gifts for 7-Year-Old Girls in 2019

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With each year, the quality of the toys you buy for your little girl needs to get higher and higher. Not only do you have to consider her new interests, hobbies and creativity, but you have to compete with the ever-expanding market of some of the best toys for 7 year old girls.

What is more, she will probably want something to impress her friends, or a simple color book is not going to cut it anymore. That is why you need to consider the quality of a toy, how much it will spark her creativity and how educational the gift will actually be. You don’t want her to throw away her new toy after an hour of play. Rather, it should be something that will keep her entertained for at least a year, and teach her new things along the way. So, to make this a bit easier when it comes to choosing, take a look at this humble but fun list of gifts for 7 year old girls.

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Brain Flakes

If your lovely little girl likes making shapes or playing with building blocks but needs something more colorful and fun, then the brain flakes are the right gift for this birthday.

The brain flakes come in a jar that has over 2500 pieces and it has a nice little idea booklet with all the necessary instructions. She can look at the booklet and build the amazing brain flakes ball, or simply come up with her own favorite little projects.

Every disc is 1.3 inches (3.3cm) and is perfectly safe for children older than 3 years old. 

Which means her young little siblings can join the fun! What is more, none of the disks contain any harmful or hazardous materials, since they are all BPA, heavy metal, phthalate and lead free!


  • Fun and educational
  • Provide hours of fun
  • Not harmful for children or environment

Singing Machine SML385UW Bluetooth Karaoke System

A personal Karaoke machine is simply a perfect gift for a 7 year old girl who just loves to sing. This fun little singing machine has a CD player and it has amazing graphics.

Also, it can be connected via Bluetooth with compatible devices for some ultimate wireless singing fun! Additionally, it has a USB port so your little girl can record her performances and play all of her favorite songs.

Not to mention the 54 LED disco lights with some cool dimmer settings which can greatly contribute to the party vibes. 

Additionally, this karaoke system has 2-digit LED display, built-in speakers and an RCA cable which allows you to connect it to the TV.


  • Fun
  • Compatible with TV
  • Easy to use
  • Echo control effects
  • Powerful sound

ThinkFun Laser Maze Junior

If you want to make the game nights fun and special, then you should consider this fun little game.

Laser Maze is a fun logic game that comes with a STEM toy and a real class laser. The maze has 40 challenges and it can teach your little girl and her siblings and friends how to develop their critical skills.

This means that they will learn about angles and optics, and more importantly, they will learn all that while having fun. 

This set has some serious multi-level challenges which you can play through together. But don’t worry, it also features clear instructions and it is super easy to learn and use.


  • Educational
  • Develops critical skills
  • Easy to use

Style Lab Magic Sequin Reveal Pouch

Since she is a bit older now, she probably has her own makeup, lip balms, hand creams and other cosmetics that little girls simply adore.

So, if both of you don’t want for those things to simply lie around the house, maybe you should consider getting her a cute little pouch. 

And a colorful sequin pouch is definitely one of the best gifts for 7 year old girls.

This Style Lab pouch is simply magical because of its colors, which can be switched by a swipe of a hand! 

What is more, this pouch is perfect for traveling or for carrying a few things to an amazing sleepover party.


  • Travel size
  • Great design
  • Easy to carry

Learning Resources Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab

Toys can be a perfect means of learning about science, so why not start with this cute little set.

However, this set brings more fun with it, since it is a colorful and bubbling creature reaction! The Beaker Creatures can be easily extracted from their science reactor pods with this fun little home lab.

The super lab is really easy to use; simply drop the reactor pod in the chamber, pump the reactor liquid inside to cause a bubbling reaction and extract the cute little Beaker Creatures.

What is even more fun is that there are 35 of these creatures, plus the limited edition 24-Carat Creatures.


  • Educational and fun
  • Safe for children
  • 15-piece set

Who Is (Your Name Here)?: The Story of My Life (Who Was?)

It is safe to say that your little girl is old enough for writing down her thoughts or daily happenings.

What is more, this creative and interactive journal will help your little girl record everything about her life and its stories.

With each illustrated spread she gets to focus on different topics, such as her birth, toddler years all the way up to the present day. She can also record some of her dreams and plans for the future. 

Also, there is space for creating a family tree, for creating various lists of favorite subjects, foods, hobbies, pets, BFFs, crushes and so on.

It is definitely a fun way to create an autobiography that can be fun for the whole family to share and read.


  • Interactive and fun
  • Sparks creativity

eeBoo 24 Color Pencils

Why not make your little girl happy with a great and colorful set of color pencils? If she likes drawing and coloring, this will certainly make a great gift for her 7th birthday, and there are 24 of them!

These eeBoo color pencils are of premium quality and they come to you pre-sharpened. But that’s not all, because they are really smooth and vivid, and they are perfect for sketching, drawing, writing and coloring.

And to top it all off, the pigments and richly saturated, which will certainly make her creativity time more fun, and they come in an illustrated tin case which can easily be carried anywhere.


  • High-quality
  • Engages creativity
  • Versatile

Cool Maker Sewing Machine with 5 Trendy Projects and Fabric Sewing Kit

For those crafty girls, a Moulin Roty Sewing Kit is definitely one of the best toys.

It is perfect for beginners, and it can help your girl learn how to sew and knit. What is more, it comes with a complete sewing and knitting kit, necessary basic tools and some essential techniques. 

More precisely, this kit includes 5 reams of wool, scissors, tape measure, wooden knitting needles, a crochet needle and easy to read and follow instructions.

All this is neatly packed into a sturdy vintage-style carrying case. 

With all this said, it is no secret that this crafty kit is one of the best toys for 7 year old girls who like using their hands and learning how to craft amazing things for themselves and family members.


  • Develops motor skills
  • Fun and educational
  • Safe for children

Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

Girls who love to accessorize, definitely need some place to leave their precious jewels. So, if you’re having doubts what to get your little girl, think about something pink and boxy.

This cute little Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box has a large bottom drawer and two small side drawers that can hold all of your precious little one’s jewelry and other treasures she’d like to keep in there. 

What is more, this cute jewelry box plays “Swan Lake” when opened and there is a twirling ballerina figurine.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, because this music box has a mirror on the inside of the lid, where your girl can see how her accessories look on her!


  • Imaginative design
  • Perfect for little girls
  • Well-made

Your Décor by Horizon Group - Color Your Own Water Bottle Kit

It is essential for your girl to have fun, but she also needs to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Well, this gift is the best of both worlds. The Your Decor – Color Your Own Water Bottle Kit is fun, colorful and it helps your child never leave a bottle of water behind.

Besides the bottle, this kit will provide your little girl with everything she needs to decorate it and make it truly unique.

What is more, she will get the chance to express her creativity and have some fun with her friends on a sleepover where they can all create their own unique water bottles.


  • BPA-free
  • Encourages creativity
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle

Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad

Even though this gift technically looks like a toy for boys, that is not necessarily true.

Why? Well, because girls too like to have fun and draw on cool light-up tracing pads! 

This Crayola Light-up Tracing pad promotes creativity and lets your child develop her imagination. It includes a coloring board, one graphite pencil, 10 tracing sheets, 12 colored pencils, and 10 blank sheets.

However, what you will have to provide are 3 AA batteries so this pad could light up. What helps it light up is the bright LED drawing tabled which illuminates the images so your child could trace them with ease. 

Plus, there is a paper locking frame so the paper won’t slip away or get all wrinkled.


  • Great for creativity time
  • Fun
  • Easy to use

Chicago Girl’s Classic Roller Skates

At this age, your precious little girl will need to stay active somehow. So, why not go all wild and get her a pair of these magnificent roller skates.

This age is perfect for learning how to skate safely and start developing muscles and working on balance.

But what is special about these roller skates is that have that classic traditional look with oversized wheels that fight impact and help your girl keep balance.

They are white, made of vinyl and have a padded ankle collar for extra comfort. Plus, they are lightweight and let your child safely learn how to skate with ease.


  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle
  • Fun
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Lightweight materials

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

Your cute little 7-year-old has probably already met the technology and asks you to get her a phone or a tablet.

If you think that she’s still too young for that, you should then replace those with one of the perfect toys for 7 year old girls who are tech buffs.

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX is a smartwatch for children that features all kinds of fun games and activities. 

In fact, it has 3 great activities, 5 games, motion sensor, and 3 fun action challenges. 

Plus, there is a camera in it for all those young photographers and lovers of videos.

Additionally, there is an alarm clock, timer and a stopwatch, including a calendar and a simple calculator.


  • Easy to use
  • Educational and fun
  • High quality
  • Perfect for children

The Never Girls Collection #1

At 7 years of age, your little girl has probably already started reading, so why not gift her a nice little collection of books for little girls.

This book is a Collection of Never Girls, featuring the infamous Tinker Bell and her fairy friends.

This cute little fairy collection features the first 4 books of a series – In a Blink, The Space Between, A Dandelion Wish and From the Mist.

Don’t hesitate to get your little girl these books, because you will provide her with hours of fun, mystery, adventure and fairy friendships.


  • Creative and fun
  • Perfect for young readers
  • An attractive box for the collection

DROGRACE Waterproof Kids Camera

Another one for the technology buffs is this DROGRACE Waterproof Kids Camera.

It is the ideal digital camera for kids who like to capture the memories of their birthday parties, family gatherings and fun sleepovers.

This camera is made from eco-friendly materials, it is non-toxic and it is easy to use and carry anywhere. It has a CMOS image sensor, professional HD videos and 5MP photos.

Plus, there are 40 different fame photo modes built in. Not to mention how no one has to worry about dropping the camera into the pool because it is waterproof and it can take underwater images.


  • Non-toxic
  • Long lasting batteries
  • HQ images and videos
  • Great features

How to Choose the Best Gifts and Toys for Seven Year Old Girls

The first thing that you should remember when buying toys for 7 year old girls is that the play is the “work” of childhood. So, they should be happy with their toys and time for entertainment. She’s already in school, so besides being educational, the thing you gift her should promote some fun as well, so she can take some time off of learning. More importantly, the toy you get her should subtly promote education and developing skills, and basically, turn all that hard work into play.

Also, think about her likes and dislikes and what makes her happy. You don’t want to buy her something that she will instantly throw away and forget about it. Additionally, think about how harmful that toy is; does it have toxic materials, is it too dangerous, is it age appropriate and so on.

Lastly, you don’t have to be too gender specific. Maybe your little girl would rather play with some action figures, than with fairies or jewelry. Listen to her and there should be no problems with picking the right gift for her 7th birthday.

Criteria We Used

There are dozens of criteria for picking the right toys for 7 year old girls. From how educational they are, to the materials used in production and how much fun can that toy bring. You can basically list hundreds of reasons why a specific toy is “good” or why it isn’t. But, even though there is an array of criteria, we have chosen the following two to help us come up with this list.


The first is versatility. This basically means in how many different ways and situations a specific toy can be used by your little girl. Almost all of the toys can be carried along, brought to parties, travels, outside or any other location. Plus, all of them will ignite that creative spark in your little girl and let her have fun while she is developing her precious little brain.

Age appropriateness

The second criterion was age appropriateness. Most toys have recommended years of age labeled on them, and you should probably follow them. Yes, there are some overlaps, but they are there to help you choose easier. If you buy something that is for much older girls, your little one might not know how to use it. On the other hand, if that toy is for toddlers, it can happen that your child loses interest in it really fast.


How do I know the toy has non-toxic materials?

All the toys will have manufacturing info on their labels. There will be listed all the materials used for the toys. Plus, you can always ask around and learn from your friends and family. However, today, most of the manufacturers tend to make eco-friendly and non-toxic toys, and they will proudly show that.

How to incorporate activity and creativity with toys?

There is no doubt that you want for your child to be more active and use her brain more in order to learn. That is essential for all the basic and critical skills, so make sure to think carefully about the toys you buy. Imagine how the toy is supposed to be used, what it says it can help your girl with or you can consult with the pediatrician and ask them for advice.


Your little girl is growing fast and she will need a bit more encouragement from the toys in order to stay interested. However, don’t despair. There are dozens of interesting and educational toys that can keep your girl occupied and help her subtly learn about many new things. What is more, some of the gifts can keep her active and promote a healthy lifestyle which is actually taught from a very young age. So, check out our list and simply decide what you’ll get your little girl for her seventh birthday, Christmas or as a random act of generosity.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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