15 Toys and Best Gifts for 6-Year-Old Girls in 2021

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The vast majority of 6-year-old girls don’t think too much about anything except their own little world. As a parent, you ought to create the best possible environment for your children, so that they can develop their social, cognitive, and problem-solving skills.

There are plenty of methods you can use in order to spark development in your child. One of those methods is swarming them with toys that are both exciting and useful for the development of essential life skills.

If you’re looking for toys that are designed to kick-start your kid’s motivation for learning about new stuff, take a moment and check out some of these toys we’ve decided to cover.

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Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

If your child is showing interest in science and fun experiments, this 20-piece kit is an excellent choice. This particular set offers countless hours of incredibly fun experiments and it teaches your young one the basics of science. 

Your child will learn how to analyze and handle chemical reactions, engineering problems, and much more.

My First Mind Blowing Science Kit comes with a set of chemicals, including red cabbage powder, baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, three color tablets, vegetable oil, and cross-linked polyacrylate copolymer. 

As far as the included supplies go, you can expect to get two cotton swabs, three plastic cups, a pipette, two sticks, two measuring scoops, three test tubes, and a stand.

As you can tell, this set would be a great starting point for sparking scientific curiosity in your kid.


  • Sparks creativity
  • Teaches your kid the basics of science
  • Develops problem-solving skills

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why

As a parent, you’ve probably heard the question “Why?” too many times. 

Now, thanks to this incredible interactive question-and-answer book, you can send your daughter on an adventure, and let her discover the answers to her never-ending questions by herself. 

It’s a great way of teaching your children how to find answers to their questions by themselves instead of nagging you about it throughout the day.

Another great benefit of this particular book is the fact that it contains answers to questions that are incredibly useful for preschoolers.

 Therefore, it helps prepare your child for school in an interactive way rather than forcing them to learn about stuff they don’t care about.

The book contains ample breathtaking pictures which make reading much easier and more interesting.


  • Holds the answers to a lot of frequently asked questions
  • Teaches your kid how to conduct research
  • Interactive and filled with marvelous photographs

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space

The vastness of space is incomprehensible even to adults, let alone 6-year old girls. 

However, you can introduce your kid to the wonders of space in an interactive and fun way, thanks to National Geographic’s latest addition to their series of books for kids.

This particular book is written with simplicity in mind, and it focuses more on breathtaking colorful illustrations rather than walls of text. 

It explains basic concepts of space throughout five chapters, all of which are fun and exciting to read through.

After reading this book, your curious young one will have a much better idea of how things work in space, and what lurks far beyond the reach of human technology.


  • Explains basic concepts of space through marvelous illustrations
  • Offers fun times for both the parent and their child
  • Comprehensive, simple, and easy to read

Titan Girl's Flower Princess BMX Bike

When it comes to adorable bikes for little girls, this particular one is close to winning the number-one spot on our list. 

It comes with a bunch of cute accessories, including a colorful basket, streamers, doll seat, and most importantly – a pair of training wheels.

 If you’re looking to teach your baby girl how to ride a bike, this one would be a perfect solution.

The 9-inch frame is made of durable metal, and it’s quite lightweight. With its PVC pedals and 16-inch tube tires with spoke wheels, this bike is a perfect starting point for every girl who wants to learn how to ride a bike in an easy and fun way.

The great thing about this bike is that it comes with a separate set of purple wheels included, as well as a bunch of fun stickers to make it look more appealing and less dull.


  • Great starting point for learning how to ride a bike
  • Sturdy and reliable design
  • On-point aesthetics

KidKraft Belle Enchanted Dollhouse

If your daughter is a big Disney fan, then this dollhouse might just be a perfect gift for her. 

It features three levels, four rooms, and two balconies! Standing four feet tall, this dollhouse offers everything your baby girl has ever dreamt of.

Furthermore, this dollhouse comes with 13 accessory pieces offering a great deal of versatility and different scenarios.

It is made of wood, and is thus sturdy and durable enough to push through many playing sessions.

The combination of lovable cartoon characters and incredibly well-designed accessories is the perfect recipe for countless fun playing sessions.


  • Good number of accessories
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy assembly

Kahootz Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit

Preschoolers tend to be quite creative and are more than willing to share their designs with the world, especially when it comes to little girls. 

If you’re looking to stimulate your kid’s creative side, the Kahootz Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit would be a perfect choice. 

This set comes with 15 fashion plates, 8 colored pencils, 20 sheets of paper, crayon holder, 2 crayons, drawing tablet, case, and a comprehensive guide.

The principle of this toy is rather straightforward. It features numerous plates with different patterns that should be placed on the tablet.

 Subsequently, you should add paper and rub the drawing area with a crayon of your choice. Once that’s finished, all that’s left is to do some coloring. 

The best thing about this particular toy is the fact that the patterns are interchangeable, meaning there are countless combinations and possibilities.


  • Develops creativity and sense for different designs
  • Interchangeable plates (numerous different combinations)
  • Does not require proprietary paper and crayons

ALEX Art Draw Like A Pro

Drawing and creating breathtaking art is now much easier thanks to the Alex Art Draw Like A Pro set. 

This battery-powered projector comes with 124 slides, 6 markers, 10 sheets of paper, and a flip book! As you can tell, there’s definitely no shortage of possible combinations which will then result in beautiful pieces of art.

The concept behind this toy is pretty simple – the projector illuminates the slide underneath the paper making the outlining incredibly easy and fun. 

Once your daughter is finished outlining, she can then insert another slide, and combine it with the existing one that she already drew.

Needless to say, coloring is a blast, and more importantly – it’s the most fun your daughter will have with a single toy.


  • Comes with a lot of designs included
  • Makes drawing easy and fun
  • Sparks creativity

Jewel Keeper Girl’s Musical Jewelry Box

Is there a better combination for a little girl than a jewelry box with a magical unicorn that spins to the tune of “The Unicorn?” 

This toy is one of the best gifts for 6 year old girls on our list. It’s quite simple in its design, yet incredibly fun and exciting to play with!

The interior is lined with fine fabric to allow for safe storage of jewelry. The top section features a dedicated ring roll section and a large compartment for storing larger items. 

This toy is ideal for storing bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and many other precious treasures.

The top section also comes with an oval mirror included to reflect the sheer beauty of the unicorn.


  • Great for storing precious keepsakes
  • Sturdy and reliable design
  • Compact and travel-friendly

Guidecraft Arts and Crafts Center: Kids Activity Table and Drawing Desk with Stools, Storage Bins, Paper Roller and Paint Cups

In case you’re looking for something that will keep your daughter busy on a rainy day, this particular set might be an excellent choice.

  • COMPLETE ART CENTER FOR TWO: Give your budding artists a comprehensive art station with the Arts and Crafts Center by Guidecraft! The spacious tabletop has a cutout designed to keep paper rolls neat and easily accessible, with plenty of room for two artists to work on a project. Includes two stools that conveniently store under the center when not in use.
  • PLENTY OF STORAGE: Sectioned storage spaces on one side of the table holds paints, brushes, crayons, scissors, and more. The large shelves hold six fabric storage bins, perfect for art supplies and activities. Inset spaces that hold paints, markers and drawing supplies are within easy reach for each artist.
  • STURDY WOODEN CONSTRUCTION: Created by Guidecraft, a quality children’s furniture company for over 50 years, the Arts and Crafts Center has solid wood legs with laminate surfaces and a durable UV polyurethane finish. Each piece is sanded smooth before assembly and coated with a non-toxic finish that prevents scratches and scuff marks.
  • JUST PROVIDE THE ART SUPPLIES: The Arts and Crafts Center includes the desk unit, two stools, one 18″W x 50’L replaceable roll of art paper, six cups and six fabric storage bins. Simply fill the bins with your child’s favorite art supplies and watch their creativity soar.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Hardware is included, simply follow the assembly instructions. Assembled Dimensions: 44″W x 30″D x 21″H


  • No sewing
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited patterns

Singing Machine SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player

If you’re looking for a great birthday gift and are out of ideas, this portable karaoke player might be a good choice.

It features a 2-digit display, disco lights, built-in speakers, and two microphone jacks with volume control. 

Introduce your daughter to a new world of shiny disco lights and exciting duets with this portable karaoke machine. As far as you know, she might be the next Mariah Carey.

One of the best aspects of this toy is the fact that it features line-in connections allowing you to connect it to external devices (TV, monitor.) 

On top of that, it offers separate volume controls for two microphones, meaning you can sing a duet and customize the volume for both participants.


  • Portable and compact
  • Separate volume controls
  • Great birthday gift

VASCHY Classic Lightweight Backpack for School

One of the things preschoolers find quite exciting is – preparation for school. In order to prepare your little one for school, you have to get her the best of the best. 

This lightweight backpack offers a perfect solution to your predicaments. It’s made of water-resistant polyester, and it weighs under a pound!

It comes with one top-loading compartment for storing books and notebooks. The zippered compartment features a divider and fully padded back straps. 

The front pocket is perfect for smaller things like highlighters, pens, rulers, etc. The comfort levels are more than satisfactory, and more importantly – the ergonomic design of the back side prevents any development of back issues. 

The two side pockets for water bottles are there to ensure your little one is never thirsty.


  • Lightweight
  • Water resistant materials
  • Comfy and spacious

Skip Hop Butterfly School Bag

When cuteness is in question, this particular bag is a serious contender for the number-one spot on our list. 

Apart from having an incredibly adorable design, this school bag also boasts enviable functionality. 

With its roomy main compartment and comfy padded straps, this backpack is a perfect supply holder for any 6-year-old girl.

One of the main concerns of every parent when it comes to school bags is the capacity. 

Luckily, there is no need to worry about capacity in particular, because this bag offers more than enough room for books, pencils, crayons, and even your daughter’s favorite plush toy.

More importantly, due to the nature of the materials, this bag is quite easy to clean, wash, and dry quickly.


  • Roomy main compartment
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable straps

Stick N' Style Blinglets

Most parents know how passionate their daughters are when it comes to shiny jewelry.

 However, rather than buying a bunch of jewelry of questionable quality for your daughter, you should let her make her own! 

Stick N’ Style set offers you a chance to spark your young one’s creativity and help develop her designing skills as early as possible.

It comes with 12 bracelets and more than 700 stickers included! As you can tell, the possibilities are truly endless, thanks to the sheer amount of different stickers and bracelets.

If your daughter is an avid fan of crafting, this set would be a perfect gift. The stickers are self-adhesive, and therefore don’t require the use of additional glue.


  • Improves crafting skills
  • Sparks creativity
  • Countless combinations

ALEX Toys DIY Wear So Many Headbands

As a parent, you probably know how quickly headbands can become uninteresting to a 6-year-old girl.

However, rather than buying a new headband every time your daughter gets bored with hers, you should let her design her own! 

This DIY kit comes with 10 custom headbands ready to be decorated per your daughter’s liking.

As far as the accessories go, this set comes with ribbons, flowers, straps, loops, tulle, sticky gems, rubber bands, and shoelaces included. 

There are more than enough auxiliary accessories to make several designs and wear a different one each day of the week. The best thing about this DIY kit is that it’s easy to use, even for sloppy 6-year-olds.


  • Numerous combinations
  • Easy to use
  • Ample accessories

Light Up Archery Bow And Arrow

Who says only boys are interested in archery? When talking about toys for 6 year old girls, most people think about makeup, dollhouses, and cooking sets.

However, the sheer existence of this toy proves that little girls love venturing into other fields rather than sticking with makeup and “girly things.”

This toy comes with three arrows and a mountable 9-inch target. The arrow tips are equipped with suction cups, meaning they are perfectly safe for children. The set also comes with a quiver to hold your arrows.

Spur your daughter’s interest in archery with this simple yet amazing set, and rest assured she’s going to love every minute of it!


  • Completely safe
  • No sharp components
  • Good for hours of fun

How to Choose the Best Gifts and Toys for Six Year Old Girls

Before you opt to purchase a particular toy, you ought to pay attention to a few factors. While the process of choosing the best gifts for a 6 year old girl seems pretty simple and straightforward, there is much more to it than meets the eye.

If you’re struggling to find a toy that will fulfill your daughter’s expectations, check out some of these tips:

Pay attention to your daughter’s interests

The first thing you need to decipher is the question of what sparks interest in your child. As a parent, you probably have a rough idea of what makes your daughter’s eyes sparkle, but it’s usually never a full picture. Observing her behavioral patterns and focusing on her emotions in certain situations will definitely give you a better insight into your daughter’s interests.

Look for usefulness and educational value

The vast majority of toys are foreseen to be a pastime rather than actually teaching your child how to create, craft, or solve peculiar problems. However, many toys have a massive educational value, and those are the ones we would recommend getting. Naturally, you shouldn’t force your child into playing with something she doesn’t like. Therefore, the best course of action is to make a fine balance between education and fun.

Criteria We Used

There are a couple of things we’ve paid special attention to when creating this list. Given that there are hundreds of thousands of toys out there, making a comprehensive Top 15 list is a tough challenge.

Here are some of the factors we’ve considered when we were making this list:


The first, and probably the most important thing is the quality of the toy. You wouldn’t want to buy a toy that’s going to fall apart within a week. We’ve paid special attention to quality, and can, therefore, guarantee you won’t stumble upon any quality issues with any of these 15 toys.

Educational Value

As we’ve pointed out, every toy (especially the ones for preschoolers) should hold some educational value. Therefore, we’ve focused on toys that develop one’s crafting skills, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Safety Concerns

Every toy on our list is completely safe for children. Safety is one of the main focuses we had during our selection, and as a result, we’ve come up with a list of 15 toys that are 100% safe.


How are these toys beneficial for my daughter’s development?

The vast majority of these toys hold a lot of educational value, whether it’s design, crafting, or solving mathematical problems. All of these toys are designed to spark interest in your child and kick-start the development of life skills in a fun way.

Do these toys require assembly?

Most of the listed toys don’t require much assembly. Some of them do require a bit of adjusting and assembly, but it’s far from being a nuisance. One thing you should bear in mind is that some of these toys are battery-powered, but most of them don’t come with batteries included.

Are these toys safe?

Yes, all toys on our list are completely safe and made of non-toxic materials.

Are these toys foreseen for 6-year-olds specifically?

They aren’t necessarily exclusive for 6-year-olds, but it is the age group in focus.


It is of utmost importance for you as a parent to discover your daughter’s interests and allow her to pursue them in a fun way. Toys are but mere tools for kick-starting one’s development of various skills, including crafting, problem-solving, art, and more. Rather than forcing your child to improve her life skills, let her discover the perks of obtaining the aforementioned skills by herself.

You might end up stepping on some of these toys, which is going to be an infuriating experience, but it’s definitely a small price to pay for the inevitably incredible results.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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