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To organize one’s own life can be hard, but planning a year’s worth of activities for a big family can be an insurmountable task. This is where a rich selection of family calendar apps comes into play. Due to a staggering demand for these software products that only appears to be increasing, it has become clear to many savvy IT companies that countless parents around the world will take all the help that they can get to organize their own time and the activities of their children. If you feel as if you are drowning in a tornado of obligations, these are the best family calendar apps for your consideration.

Best Family Calendar App for iPhone

1. Cozi

Cozi family calendar app

It would be blasphemy to compose a list of best family calendar apps for IPhone or, indeed android, without tipping a hat to a reliable classic. Therefore, let’s get the least surprising entry out of the way by kicking it off with Cozi. This application has been a beloved and dependable organizational tool for parents around the globe fairly consistently since its launch back in September of 2006 (does the time fly), which is an evidence enough of its reliability. If you decide to join the community of jaw-dropping 20 million users, Cozi will grant you a flexible and versatile set of features that involves family calendars, recipe catalogues, to-do and shopping lists. Considering the sheer amount of options and features on display here, you may find it overwhelming at first, but it has a mild learning curve and you’ll become a Cozi ninja parent before you know it. It is definitely worth checking out, especially because you can get a free version, which is, admittedly, add supported but which boasts all of the functions you may require. Add-free version comes with a price tag, so you can check it out first before you decide to fully commit with money. Still, the user-base is a good-enough predictor of your potential satisfaction. While this is a beloved app among iOS users, a version for Android devices exists as well.

2. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 family calendar app

If you consider the numerics for a moment, it would be absolutely reasonable to ask yourself where is the number 1 iteration of this app in this picture? Well, as you may have already suspected, it appears that Fantastical 2 comes with a number of quality of life changes that render ‘molding’ of your schedules and managing of the following weeks better. When you compare it to the previous iteration, it has more options when it comes to languages for start, which is actually a big factor when you consider that families are being forged in the increasingly multicultural spaces. It offers a choice between multiple calendar sets if you are into design, and it can be synced with your Google profile, iCloud and Microsoft Exchange to boot. A widget that extends the option for Fantastical 2 to work in tandem with other apps is also welcoming and ‘open-ended’ in the best of ways. The programmers are really going out of their way to create a constantly-updated, seamless and streamlined experience for dynamic people with busy lifestyles, and parents definitely count among such individuals.

3. Timepage

Time page is an amazing family calendar app made under the brand of Moleskine. But wait, isn’t Moleskine an Italian manufacturer of paper products? Well, since 2012, the famed company has expanded its portfolio to digital program, and the result is an amazingly stylish event organizer app that syncs information and, on top of it all, has an incredibly sleek design. The layout is wonderful and there is a bonus option for split-screen mode which lends you a chance to simultaneously contrast and compare the info from your planning with the info from other apps, should the occasion for it arise. This is a perfect alternative for those parents that find aesthetic as equally important as functionality, and it is compatible with iOS devices exclusively.

 4. FamCal

famcal family calendar app

The time when small children were practically fused with their mobile devices was dreaded among parents as the signifier of apocalyptic societal degradation, and yet it appears that there are just as many improvements and benefits that come with the territory as there are potential downsides. Since your entire family will be ‘outfitted’ with individual phones, apps such as FamCal make event organizations and planning so much easier and more transparent. Essentially, the concept of FamCal is to have the internal network in form of a shared family calendar. You can organize events together, plan them out and monitor the progress with your children, do shopping tasks and tick-off to-do items together. You can also overview up to 6 weeks on screen and add events directly in the month view. It is designed ground-up for connection between family members and it combines all of the functions calendar apps have standardized over the last couple of years.

5. CalenGoo

calengoo family calendar app

CalenGoo is another iOS exclusive that offers a formal yet very functional alternative to other entries on this list. Just like FamCal, it is a wonderful little calendar app with ‘spreadsheets’ that can be shared among the arbitrary group – whether it is friends or family members, it depends on you – but somewhat less playful. If you are into transparent and orderly layouts, this is probably your application. The nature of this wonderful layout, coupled with the smooth and floaty navigation, make CalenGoo a sort of an app that easily adapts to any iPhone screen size. You can import your own contacts as well. The color choices and color coding may look a bit basic, but it gets the job done, and you can attach Evernote reminders, notes and side-info onto the events. There is also the option within the settings of CalenGoo to activate a weather forecast which becomes an inseparable part of the planning experience. Finally, you can print the comprehensible family plan to PDF.

Best Family Calendar App for Android

1. Google Calendar

google calendar

Google Calendar is the first entry on the list of the best family calendar apps for Android for a good reason – it sits appropriately just below the iPhone apps because, just like Cozi, there are many versions for it – for Android, iOS and browsers on your desktop. As such, Google Calendar belongs to the no man’s land on this list and, admittedly, its placement is somewhat arbitrary but it has to be mentioned – it is a pivotal instrument for so many parents around the world on a staggeringly diverse number of devices. It is a go-to tool for the organization of events and family activities. All you need is a valid Gmail address and you are off to a good start. It is a streamlined platform that is easy on the eyes, and it boasts a wonderful range of options for color coding. Highly modular, it is the most appropriate sort of app for families with an eclectic range of obligations – children that partake in a number of extremely differentiated activities as well as work-related obligations of parents which, in some shape or form, interact with the obligations of the children.

2. TimeTree

timetree calendar

While TimeTree is not an exclusive app for Android (and many apps won’t be since prudent IT entrepreneurships strive to expand their markets), it is nevertheless a highly popular application among Android users because of its widespread renown for working without hitches. It is a wonderfully sleek app with colorful labels and you can change the view to the unit of week or month, depending on your needs, to get the most appropriate and convenient layout. You can create several separate schedules that serve different functions and share it among family members. Furthermore, you can actually add media files to the events, which is especially neat if you are planning an occasion that requires stylistic references in form of photos. With built in chat and a convenient set of widgets, it’s an amazingly diverse and flexible family app for Android, and you can share event links to the schedules and event links directly via second-party communication apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and, of course, SMS. With the accompanying remind system and incredible optimization, TreeTime is just  about perfect, so it’s no wonder that it is so popular among Android users. If you want to be convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that this app is just for you, just check out both professional and Google Play reviews and you’ll see how universally acclaimed it is.

3. CloudCal

If you are an Android purist, you may want to check out CloudCal, an exclusive app that has an inventive set of design solutions for parents that are looking for visual features that pop whilst retaining their functionality and ease of use. The first thing that most CloudCal users will mention should you ask them about the validity of the app is the concept of the ‘Magic Circle’ visual features that have come to revolutionize the way many parents look at timetables and schedules. Essentially, a color-coded even or an obligation manifests in form of a circle around the date, and the circle begins to behave like a clock that counts down to when the event is marked to begin (or end). Multiple rings in different colors around the same date are possible, of course. It is a brilliant solution that makes it incredibly easy to get an instant overview of your children’s month full of activities. Of course, you can sync CloudCal with Google, Outlook, and Microsoft Exchange for a better, streamlined experience.

4. DigiCal

digical family calendar app

DigiCal has everything you need. It is an extremely stylish app that is easy to use and it syncs with other calendar servers for your convenience. It offers a range of customizable widgets so you can create an experience that fits your needs and this includes an integrated weather forecast based on your location. As a matter of fact, this forecast is a crucial part of the experience, as it can change your home screen appropriately, according to the conditions that are upon you – which gives the immediate, palpable sense of organic, real-time planning to the proceedings. This wonderful visual effect for weather is a particularly nice touch for parents that are constantly driving their kids from one activity to the next. User interface is clean and easy to follow with optional light or dark theme, depending on what you find easier on the eye. In fact, there are 7 views to choose from and 9 preset themes, so you have enough options to create your own theme. This can mean a world of difference for some people as they simply enjoy this level of stylistic modularity in their apps, no matter what the app function is about.

5. TeamUp Calendar

teamup calendar

At the end of the day, it is all about the team. Your family needs to work as a perfectly synced tandem in order to stick to the busy schedule, so it is wonderful to have streamlined apps such as TeamUp calendar at your disposal. As the designated parent-manager, you can create multiple calendars and organize them according to the theme, function, topic or urgency. Color coded events are there should the schedule become particularly crowded. All of your calendars within this app will be showcased quite conveniently in a dashboard which you can access offline. It is an amazing tool if your family faces obligations which repeat in regular or semi-regular intervals. In other words, TeamUp calendar works wonders for broad planning.

When compared to the obsolete format like a hardback itinerary book, digital variants such as a well-optimized family calendar app have countless upsides. Your smartphone accompanies you everywhere, and the app can be programmed to keep reminding you with appropriate sounds whenever an obligation is pending. Family calendar apps are modular in ways nothing on paper can ever be, and newer iterations are becoming more and more intuitive for the most convenient ease of use. Should you choose right, and there is a good chance that at least one of the apps from the list above is exactly what you were looking for, the app will become the integral part of your day-to-day functioning and you won’t be able to imagine your life without it.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

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