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Want to surprise your kid? Get them a toy. Want to create memorable moments with your little one and strengthen the bond between you? Then get them an electric car of their dreams. Because there are few kids on the world that wouldn’t be excited about getting their very own toy vehicle. There are ride-on models that are literally an exact copy of the real deal, minus the size and features.

So if your kid loves a particular type of car, the next thing you gotta do is find it, buy it and secure a quality childhood for your dearest.

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Find The Best Kid Ride on Cars


Small Product image of Costzon Mercedes Benz ML350
Luxurious and stylish
Costzon Mercedes Benz ML350

3 years +Check Price on Amazon

3-8 yearsCheck Price on Amazon

Small Product image of Uenjoy 12V Mercedes-Benz

Stylish and cool
Uenjoy 12V Mercedes-Benz

1-5 yearsCheck Price on Amazon

Small Product image of 4-Wheel ATV Ride-On

Two speed modes
4-Wheel ATV Ride-On

3-8 yearsCheck Price on Amazon

3-7 yearsCheck Price on Amazon

3+ yearsCheck Price on Amazon

Small Product image of Flashy Ride-On Car

Realistic design
Flashy Ride-On Maserati

3-7 yearsCheck Price on Amazon

Small Product image of Costzon Mercedes Benz R199

Features a seatbelt
Mercedes-Maybach S650

3+ yearsCheck Price on Amazon

Small Product image of Costzon Mini Cooper

Classy design
Costzon Mini Cooper

3+ yearsCheck Price on Amazon

Small Product image of 12V Police Motorcycle

Comes with a charger
12V Police Motorcycle

5-9 yearsCheck Price on Amazon

Small Product image of Kid Trax Charger Police Car

Promotes role play
Audi TT RS Electric Car

3-7 yearsCheck Price on Amazon

Small Product image of Moderno Kids Explorer

Improves self-esteem and confidence
Moderno Kids Explorer

2-4 yearsCheck Price on Amazon

Small Product image of Uenjoy Electric Jeep

Great details
Uenjoy Electric Jeep

3-6 yearsCheck Price on Amazon

Small Product image of Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali

Can go on most surfaces
Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali

3+ yearsCheck Price on Amazon

Small Product image of Uenjoy Lamborghini Aventador

Safe and comfortable
Uenjoy Lamborghini Aventador

1-5 yearsCheck Price on Amazon

Costzon Mercedes Benz ML350

Give your child a chance to experience comfort, style and ingenious design with this Mercedes Benz toy replica.

This one has it all, from mp3 to play their favorite songs, to both remote control mechanisms (parental and regular) and safety regulations. Your little one will be perfectly safe as the belt ensures they stay within the vehicle while moving.

However, it’s recommended that you keep your eyes on them at all times. Next to this, this model has an adjustable rear view mirrors so your child will learn the drive safely and responsibly in no time. Watch them grow confidence and self-esteem as they enjoy driving this amazing toy car.


  • Great for developing self-esteem and confidence
  • Luxurious and stylish
  • Comfortable and safe

High-Performance Ride on Trucks

This is the truck for your little one if you think he’ll prefer an all-terrain toy vehicle instead of a stylish sports car or anything similar.

This high-performance ride on truck allows your child to traverse on virtually any terrain, without losing any maneuverability or speed. It’s equipped with safety belts, LED light for a realistic look, 12V battery and three-speed modes: slow, medium, and fast. 

It’s a classic modern jeep with tire suspension for increased comfort as well as safety, headlights and back led lights, basically everything that your child needs to explore the neighborhood or follow you anywhere.

Bring your remote and let them drive all day long as you monitor and control their route.


  • Realistic design
  • All-terrain vehicle
  • Features 3 speed modes

Uenjoy 12V Mercedes-Benz

Style, speed, maneuverability, and comfort. This ride on car has it all.

Usually, in the past, kids electric cars didn’t have features that Mercedes Benz SL500 has. They were mostly designed to resemble one realistic model – jeep.

However, as technology advanced and new car models emerged, toy companies decided to expand the range of models. Thanks to that, your child is able to enjoy riding a comfortable, stylish ride such as this. 

Regarding performance and safety, you’ll be happy to read that this model has front and back wheel suspension. Also, it runs on two 12V motors that allow increased maneuverability.


  • Stylish and cool
  • Safe and maneuverable
  • Features individual front and rear wheel control

4-Wheel ATV Ride-On

For active toddlers who can’t seem to be able to sit still for more than a minute at a time, this Woby Musical Flapping Duck is the right choice. Once you put the batteries in and turn it on, it will move around making funny noises, and if it bumps into something, it will change direction.

The flapping wings are exciting for younger children, and with the abundance of sounds and songs it plays, this will be a charming addition to your child’s toy collection.

Children can follow the duck around the house, and they can press the buttons to listen to songs, melodies, and sounds. It even has a button that makes the sound like a heartbeat which smaller children find soothing.


  • Two speed modes
  • Comes with a battery charger
  • Great design

BAHOM Kids Ride On Car 2 Seats

Kids ride on car 2 seats has something that separates it from other electric car and vehicles for kids. It features an enhanced frame that makes it extra durable and cool.

The chrome color is the first thing that will make your kid ecstatic once they see it. Next to visual and aesthetics, Dune Racer can achieve a speed of 3 mph.

Instead of seatbelts, this kids vehicle has steel bars on the side. So you will have to monitor their first couple racing adventures or give them a good pep talk about safety.

Battery operation mode and 2.4G parental remote control mode. Children can control the car with electric pedals and steering wheels. Parents can override the child’s control through the remote control to ensure the safety of the children.


  • Extremely durable and stylish
  • Easy to drive
  • Can traverse on most surfaces

Rollplay 6V Mini Cooper

Truly a wondrous replica of the most popular brand praised for practicality and economic properties.  

The mini cooper provides exactly what you thought this model of electric cars for kids would: practicality, maneuverability, comfort, and safety. If you want to gift a stylish, cool and always ready to go electric toy car to your little one, Rollplay Mini Cooper is the one.

With a powerful, easily rechargeable 6V battery, luxurious interior, and exterior, your child will be able to enjoy driving in the neighborhood up to 2 hours.

If this is the type of car you think your kid will love to drive, the only thing left to decide is what color to pick.


  • Stylish look
  • Comfortable
  • Easily rechargeable battery

Maserati 12V Rechargeable Toy Vehicle

If sports cars are something that’s right down your alley, this one will definitely catch your attention with its amazing design and even better usability. With this electric car, your child will enjoy exploring the neighborhood while looking cool.

It features a realistic design with LED lights, integrated gear switch, real engine sound, and two varying speed modes: low, high. Next to that, it’s equipped with a seatbelt, so no worries about safety as well.

The electric car can perform with a remote controller, or manually. It can even play music with an aux input, so get your child’s favorite tunes and songs and they are ready for a drive.


  • Realistic design
  • Two speed modes
  • Easy to use

Mercedes-Maybach S650 Electric Ride

What better way to surprise your little one than get him an electric car to drive, explore the neighborhood and enjoy quality playtime? But this isn’t just about any ride on car, this is the Mercedes Benz S650 replica.

It has two modes – manual drive and remote control drive for increased safety and monitoring. It’s has a seatbelt, adjustable rear view mirrors, LED lights. 

It’s comfortable and it can even play music via mini mp3 device located in the display section. It’s top speed? Up to 5 km/h, so your child will be the fastest in the block.

The electric car features a powerful 12V battery that can last up to 2 hours.


  • Super realistic design
  • Features a seatbelt
  • Can play music

Costzon Mini Cooper

Costzon Mini Cooper electric ride on car is all about class and comfort. It has everything your little one needs including seatbelt, mirrors, LED lights and headlights, mp3, radio, it even has a storage device so you can add your child’s favorite tunes and songs.

This model has fully functioning doors, so no more climbing on the side to get in. This amazing electric car for kids comes in three colors: gold, red and white.

Performance wise, it has a 6V motor that allows driving up to 60 minutes. Next to that, it’s really easy to drive and features a slow start function that adds to the safety of your child.


  • Classy design
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Manual and remote control

12V Police Motorcycle

Your child isn’t impressed with conventional models of electric cars?

Then get him this amazing police motorcycle and let him enjoy chasing after bad guys around the block. If your little one has already learned how to drive a bike, he will be more than ready to drive this police motorcycle. 

It features three modes: slow, fast and reverse. Its max speed is 5 mph, so be sure to monitor and adjust his route from time to time.

The motorcycle comes with a rechargeable 12V battery and a charger. It even has a storage compartment on the back so that your little one can carry snacks, water, juice or whatever he needs for his adventure.


  • Comes with a charger
  • Realistic sound 
  • Can traverse on most surfaces

Audi TT RS Kids Electric Sports Car

Audi TT RS is the ultimate electric ride on car for your little one if he enjoys fast pursuits around the neighborhood.

The car has two seats, so your child can enjoy driving with best friend, sibling or anyone else he wants to invite on an adventure. The car features a 12V motor, real headlights, a realistic police sound, two modes (forward and reverse) and a bunch of gadgets on the display to interact with.

Once your little one sets their eyes on this realistic looking police car, he won’t think of riding in any other type. The maximum weight capacity is 66 pounds which is more than enough for one child.


  • Promotes role play
  • Great design, realistic sound
  • Can fit two kids

Moderno Kids Explorer

Why drive in a normal car when you can have a jeep? This stunning jeep replica can fit two children, is equipped with a powerful 12V battery, LED light on the top of the windscreen, two motors, three-speed modes, remote control and so much more. 

The seats are really comfortable and aren’t made from plastic or anything similar. They have cushions inside and your child will love the comfort they provide.

The outside is amazing, being that the design is on-spot and that the car has rubber tired with superb traction, but what really makes this electric jeep special is the interior. It features the standard mp3 device with Bluetooth radio, micro sd card to store your little one’s favorite songs.

 It’s even compatible with USB drives, iPhones and similar devices. So what are you waiting for? Get this monster truck for your boy and he’ll cherish every moment spent in it.


  • Improves self-esteem and confidence
  • Realistic design
  • Safe and comfortable

Uenjoy Electric Jeep

Enhanced windshield for extra safety, big tired that can traverse on most terrains, LED and regular headlights, what more can a kid want from an electric car? 

This electric jeep will amaze you and your kid with its features, maneuverability, comfort, and speed.  

With a powerful 12V battery this toy car can reach a max speed of 5 mph, within seconds. Not only that but it also has three speed modes: low, normal, and fast. 

It comes with remote control, so you’ll always be there to correct their driving skills. It’s great for boys and girls. Instead of doors on the side, this model has plastic bars. So your little one won’t have problems climbing in.


  • Great details
  • Comes with a remote controller
  • Safe and comfortable

Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali

GMC Sierra Denali is the exact replica of the real deal. Praised for its comfort and safety features, this electric car will bring joy into your child’s life the moment they sit in it for the first time.

It comes with a 12V battery and an efficient charger (takes from 8-12 hours to fully recharge a battery).

This model also features two fully functioning doors with realistic windows and windshield. Next to the conventional mp3 device that comes with most models, this one has speakers as well. This way, when your little one cruises around the neighborhood, everyone will notice him. The model features two seats, so he’ll be able to bring anyone he wants for a ride.


  • Ultra safe and comfortable
  • Can go on most surfaces
  • Realistic design

Uenjoy Lamborghini Aventador

If you want nothing but the best for your little one, then this is the electric car to pick. It has all the best features including stylish look, design, safety, maneuverability and speed, integrated devices, and much more.

This classic Lamborghini model features a distinguishable scissor-style door for easy access, remote and manual driving mode, mp3 device, USB port, horn and LED lights.

The 2.4 GHz remote control allows you to correct your toddlers driving route, or take full control and drive it as an RC car. It’s great for indoor as well as outdoor play, as it can traverse on various types of surface.


  • Realistic design
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Easy to use

How to Choose the Best Ride on Toy Cars for Toddlers?

When looking for ride on cars there are several things to consider next to the recommended age. As a parent you probably want only the best for your child, and who doesn’t. However, not everyone can afford to buy the most expensive electric car for their kid right away. What if it they don’t like it, or they don’t have enough driving experience with electric cars? That’s why it’s always a good thing to have quality, usability, and style in mind.

Setting aside the budget you’ve prepared for enhancing your kid’s childhood, you should look at the quality of your pre-chosen ride on car. The design can reveal only so much. Look for quality in those features that electric car models share among each other. If you intend to get it for your son to drive on a specific terrain then try to pick those with great traction and real rubber in tires.

Usability is mostly determined by recommended age, as toy companies determine it by child’s performance potential in a specific age range. Although you can look at things like that, and rest assured that your child will be able to drive any toy car for that age group, you might want to be a bit more thorough. Look for features that make driving easy no matter the intended age for that model. A great design can be associated with easy use and increased performance, so pay attention to those.

Many ride on cars for toddlers are specifically designed to attract different types of kids. One group might love sports cars, while the other prefers replicas of heavier models like Jeep or SUVs and trucks. So to avoid disappointing your child by getting them an electric car that isn’t their favorite model, look for a type that suits their interests the most. If you have a little speed devil, then, by all means, get him a Lamborghini or a Porsche.

Criteria We Used

Instead of just randomly picking an electric ride on car models that are generally popular, we at Funtastic Toy tend to fine-tune our list of recommended toys kid toddlers and kids. Every item on our list must be of quality design, safe, and practical.

Quality design means that we review the model and its features and that because of its high usability, the durability of key parts, we decided to place it in our list. Quality design is everything from durability to style, quality features, usability, etc. We make sure that models on our list surprise you with quality in more than one way.

Every electric car for toddlers is safe for use to a certain degree. While some models have bars which can prevent tipping over, others provide safety with seatbelts and suspensions on tracks. The point is that it must have a safety system that puts the percentage of accidents near zero. With proper use, it’s impossible to get hurt on these electric car models no matter how fast they go.

Practicality means that it has more than one way of using some features. For example, many ride on cars for kids have a remote control option for parents to monitor and help their kid’s development of early driving skills. These models are among the most popular, although those that don’t feature a remote control system have other quality features like storage compartment or they are easy to dismantle and store.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that customers had with these products. Finding out more about a specific model or it’s features always help with the decision of buying it.

How long does a 6V battery last?

A standard 6V battery found in most electric car models allows youngsters to drive it up to 60 minutes before it completely depletes. Be sure to completely drain the power from it before charging it.

How long will it take to charge a 12V battery?

Again, it depends on the manufacturer and the actual model of the battery. In most cases, it takes 8-12 hours to fully charge a 12V battery for a ride on car for kids. Some models will charge faster, but it also depends on the power source.

My remote controller isn’t responding, is it broken?

Every remote controller for a ride on electric car has its range. If the vehicle is beyond that range it won’t respond to any commands. It’s best to check the manual for your 2.4 GHz controller and try again.


Although there are many models of electric cars out there that seem like a perfect choice for your little one, try to learn more about features, usability and other qualities that it has. Take into consideration where it’s going to be used and by whom. So after you pick a model that suits your child’s interests, the only thing left to do is to pick an appropriate color. These toys will help younglings develop their self-esteem, confidence and learn a thing or two about responsibility.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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