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Getting the very first musical instrument for your little one is a special moment that you’ll always remember. The toy instrument that’s recommended for toddlers and older kids is usually a drum set.

This is mostly because your child can work on improving that motor skills much efficiently than with other toy musical instruments. It’s exactly what your little one needs as it allows the child to express their creativity, strengthen arms and upper body while improving their hand-eye coordination.

But getting a drum set that will definitely catch their attention and keep them interested in interacting with it can be a bit difficult. We’ve come up with 15 great toy drum sets that will surely allow them to express their musical talents.

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B. Drumroll Toy Drum Set

Drumroll is the perfect toy for your toddler as the concept is simple enough for them to understand it and use it as intended for that age group. The moment you see it you’ll come to understand that it would be your little one’s first choice as well.

It consists of 7 pieces including the drum itself. With a pair do drumsticks, castanets, tambourine, and a shaka egg your kid will have more than enough to go around and create unique drumming sounds.

This kids drum set allows an easy solution for keeping all the items in one place. Once your little one loses interest in playing drums for the day, you can store all the pieces inside the drum itself and carry it using a handle on the side.


  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to store
  • Clever design

B. Parum Pum Pum Drum

Battat returns with another great toy drum set, this time they included silly shapes for drumsticks like centipedes, bee as maraca and other cute animals as musical instruments. It’s a great way to combine pretty & useful.

This will definitely catch your child’s attention and keep them entertained for days. Beside drumsticks, this model includes a maraca, a colorful tambourine with 3 jingles, and shaka eggs.

Your child will undoubtedly learn the basics of drumming with this toy drum set. To make it even more interesting, your little one can hang the drum using straps. This way they’ll be able to move wherever they want without having to stop playing ever.


  • Colorful and well designed
  • Interesting shapes
  • Produces a variety of sound effects

Hape Mighty Mini Band Wooden Percussion Instrument

Why have only one instrument when you can have it all? If you can’t decide which drum set you should buy for your aspiring musician, getting him Mighty Mini Band toy and you won’t regret it. It has all that your toddler will ever need!

When browsing through a list to find the perfect drum set for kids, you’ll most certainly stop to review this one as it catches anyone’s attention in an instant.

The reason why it’s so special, besides having more than one instrument, is due to its unique design. It features a drum, a xylophone, a cymbal, a gyro, and a clapper all of which are fixed to a small wooden surface. The instruments are colorful and fun to play with.


  • Made from natural material
  • A diversity of musical instrument
  • Amazing design and lots of bright colors

Kids Musical Instruments, 33Pcs 18 Types Wooden Percussion Instruments Tambourine Xylophone Toys for Kids

With this musical instrument set your kids will finally be able to start their mini band. This toy set includes a set of bongos, a conga drum, and a rain wheel that replaces the conventional maraca instrument. 

All of these will allow your kid to boost confidence, creativity and have a great outdoor jam session.

This toy set is practical and fun as the instruments can be attached to a number of surfaces. 

The best way to use it is to install them on a tree house or tree fort and then simply invite neighbor’s kids, or their friends to spend a memorable afternoon in your backyard.

This toy set will also allow your kid to socialize and work on that interpersonal skills which are very important for them at that age.


  • Recommended for outdoor play
  • Easy to use and fun to play with
  • Realistic sound effects

Rabing Kids Drum Set Beats with a Microphone

If you’re looking for a more conventional look of a toy musical instrument that actually resembles the real thing this toddler drum set is the one you simply must get for your little one.

With three drum pads, two drumsticks,  two cymbals, a microphone and a variety of sound effects and songs to play with, your child will have plenty of chances to express their creativity and musicality.

With Rabing Kids Drum Set Beats your kid will be entertained for hours. It features 5 flashing lights music themes, 10 diverse songs, 3 types of rhythm drum melodies to go with their drumming sessions and lots of more cool features. 

You can even adjust the volume of sound that they produce with their new toy.


  • Realistic look with interesting colors
  • A variety of songs, beats and music effects
  • A visual stimulation light show

Remo Kids Rainforest Floor Drum

Simplicity at its best! This baby drum set is made from a special material that delivers realistic percussion sound no matter how your kid uses it. It’s a great toy if your toddler loves to spend time on their floor mat.

There’s no fancy gadgets and additional parts to it, so you won’t have problems storing this one.

One of its biggest features, next to its simplicity, quality material, and cool design, is its durability. With this toy percussion, your child will undoubtedly learn the basics of drumming. 

Teach them the basics of rhythmic and watch them play and develop new ways to use drumsticks and create a unique style.


  • Made from quality material
  • SImple and practical
  • Extremely durable

Remo Rhythm Club Bongo Drum

Remo’s bongo drums are the real deal. Looking for toys that actually produce realistic drum sounds? This is one of few toy drum sets that offers real drumming experience to your toddlers.

The best thing about it is that it’s extremely easy to learn the basics of drumming with this toy drum set.

It features two colorfully bongo drums made from quality material. You won’t notice any fluctuation in sound quality no matter where your child decides to use it. 

Teach your child to use hands in a variety of ways to produce different sound effects. This way, not only that you’re helping them work on motor skills and hand-eye coordination, but they might even develop an interest in playing similar music instruments and pursue a career in music.


  • Promotes the development of motor skills
  • Allows to express creativity when playing
  • Made from durable, quality material

Remo Rhythm Club Floor Drum

Learning about the diversity of musical instruments is a great way for your child to pick a group of instruments that suits them the most. So if your little one is determined to focus on learning to play this toy will serve as a great starting point.

It’s made from lightweight, quality material that produces realistic tom drum sound effects. Your aspiring musician will love the fact that playing on these drums produces a sound that’s pretty close to that of the real toms.

You’ll be able to place them anywhere your child wants and they’ll enjoy drumming for hours. Its colorful design will attract your child’s attention every time you show it to them. 

It comes with tom drum and a pair of quality drumsticks, and it’s all your kid will ever need to have a quality jam session.


  • Simplistic design
  • Made from quality, lightweight material
  • Easy to store

VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

This wacky UFO looking drum set toy is something that will stay on your toddler’s list of favorite toys forever. It offers an abundance of different sound effects, songs, and drum beats to help them develop their own drumming style.

What they get is a cool drum set with three drum pads, a cymbal and a bunch of buttons all of which are used to play different themes and teach your little one numbers and letters.

Allow them to learn about rock, pop and dance music with this incredible baby drum set. It’s great for beginners as it’s entertaining while keeping it educational. VTech KidiBeats requires 3 AA batteries so be sure to have a couple in reserve. This way they’ll be able to play for days.


  • A variety of sound effects, themes, and songs
  • It teaches numbers and letters
  • Colorful design

WolVol Electric Big Toy Drum Set

Looking for the ultimate drumming experience for your toddler? 

Then this is the perfect one as it features a colorful design, light, melodies, and songs. It even comes with a toy stool for your little one to sit and enjoy drumming sessions as intended.

Praised for its durability and realistic design this toy drum set might just be a perfect toy for a toddler that drags toys around the room and generally hasn’t learned how to be responsible for personal belongings yet.

Buttons with different functions, a microphone, bass drum with a pedal, a cymbal and two side drums; what more can a child want? This is a complete drum set and your kid will love it the moment they see it. It’s a guarantee.


  • Durable and easy to transport
  • Entertaining and educational
  • Quality design

Smarkids Musical Instruments Music Toys Wood Toddler Kids Drum Set

SmarKids Little Drummer toy set is another drum kit that’s great for kids that need a starting point in playing music. 

If your child didn’t have the chance to express their creativity and musical talent through a toy musical instrument of any kind than this will serve as a good introduction.

Heppe Little Drummer is a simple, beautiful in design and color, yet sturdy toy drum set that’s made from wood and natural material.

To top it all, for the finishing layer they used a non-toxic kid-friendly coating so that your child .will be safe no matter what. It comes with two colorful drumsticks that feel natural in your little one’s hand.


  • Made from natural material
  • Colorful and well designed
  • Extremely durable

Remo Kids Percussion Lollipop Drum

A lolly shaped musical instrument to catch the attention of any child, now that’s a superb design.

 Usually, what parents are most worried about when buying new toys of this sort, is whether the drum set intended for that age will catch the attention of their little one.

Well, you’ll have nothing to worry about if you decide to go for this one as it’s probably the best baby drum set out there.

With Remo ET-7106 Percussion Lollipop your child will definitely want to play it, as well as carry it wherever they go. 

It might become their favorite toy, which is great as they’ll learn so much from playing with. This Lolly toy is 6 inches in diameter which is more than enough for them to kick it and start creating their very own drumming sounds.


  • Ingenious, eye-catching design
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Easy to clean from food spillage

First Act Discovery Kids Bongo Drums

Bongo drums are really the best way to introduce drums, and musical instruments in general, to toddlers and kids. 

The reason why it’s recommended to start with bongo and conga drums is due to the fact that the child uses hands to play it. Which is beneficial for the development of various crucial skills.

This bongo drum features a strong wooden construction that makes it durable and unbreakable no matter your child’s temper. This means that this drum set will be 100% safe for use even if they drop it a couple of times on hard surfaces.

It’s cool design attracts toddler’s attention in an instant and they’ll definitely learn the basics of drumming with it.


  • Impossible to break
  • Produces clear bongo sound
  • Cool design

Plan Toy Solid Wood Drum

Plan Toy Solid Wood Drum is not like any other drum toy set, and you’ll notice that from the moment you set your eyes on it. 

Its made entirely from natural material, mostly quality wood, but that’s not the thing that makes it special.

This unique drum set has a curvy line on its head which allows the toy drum to produce a variety of different pitches. It is great for preschoolers and kids of younger age. 

They won’t have any trouble grasping the concept of producing a different sound each time you hit a different area of the drumhead.

So it guarantees quality and fun playtime for your little one.


  • Produces a variety of sound
  • Simple in design
  • Great for kids all ages

Remo Kids Percussion Frame Drum Pack

If you aren’t really sure how many drums should you get for your toddler boy or a girl, then why not pick this amazing drum set? It has not one, not two, but five drumheads all with their own drumsticks.

You’ll be glad to find that the drum skin is made from the same material used on professional drums. 

They come in sizes of 6,8,10, 12 and 14 inches and can produce stunningly realistic drum sounds when combined together or played solo.

From the moment you set this drum set in from of them, they’ll immediately start bashing each one combining the sound and creating amazing beats learning the basics of rhythm along the way.


  • Top notch quality
  • Easy to use and play
  • When combined can produce a variety of beats

How to Choose the Best Drum Set?

Choosing the best drum set for your child means that you should include age restriction, quality, safety, and other important aspects in your search. This also means that you should know what the child is interested in and what type of design they are used seeing. Knowing this will come in handy if you’re buying a gift for your friend’s little one or a relative.

So what are the things you should pay attention to when choosing a perfect drum set for your or your friend’s aspiring musician?

Popular toys are usually a great way to start your search. Depending on his or her’s interests and other preferences including color, design, and type of drums, you may get them a variety differently designed conga, bongo, bass, or a regular drum toy sets. So be sure to check what’s popular in this toy group and then filter through those items to get the perfect one.

Look for those that promote motor skill improvement, hand-eye coordination, cognitive function, or have other beneficial effects on the development of crucial skills for that age. This will not only allow them to increase the quality of their playtime but also learn a couple of things as well as grow.

Criteria We Used

When creating a list of recommended toys for kids of different age and gender, it’s important to have criteria to determine which toys are perfectly safe to use, and are beneficial for the child’s growth and development of important skills. Which is exactly why our list of toys recommended for kids and toddlers is so popular. Here are some of the things we make that the toys that we promote must have.

BPA Free Icon


Safety comes first. If a toy isn’t 100 % safe for kids use, whether it’s due to material, quality of substance, or design we won’t recommend it. We make sure that they don’t have sharp edges, toxic material, tiny detachable pieces, or anything else that could affect the safety of your child.


Major toy companies know how to create a quality, good looking toy because they’ve been doing it for years. We support the idea that a good design can come from anywhere but it’s usually from toy companies that are already on the top.


It is through creativity and thinking outside of the box that we can solve complex problems and approach a situation differently. Creativity and imagination are important for kids overall development and will prove useful later in life. So we make sure that toys we recommend have the ability to improve those qualities in a child.

Frequently Asked Question

Will my child learn something else besides how to play drums with this toy?

They most certainly will. Depending on the model of toy drum set you got, your little one can learn numbers, letters, rhythm, causality as well as improve their overall cognitive function, hand-eye coordination, and so much more.

Will it be beneficial for the development of my child’s creativity?

Yes, and you’ll notice that shortly after you see them play with it. They’ll learn how to use the same object differently as they are rewarded with a new experience and sound every time they kick the bass or hit the snare. You’ll notice a substantial boost in their creativity with each day that passes by.

How about core strength, do toy drums increase their grip and upper body strength?

Your child’s arms will undoubtedly become stronger, as well as their neck muscles and upper body. This is due to the fact that they are in a sitting position, interacting with instruments which require powerful blows to produce sound. Drums are also a great way to let of some steam and resolve anger issues.


No matter how you look at drums, or whether you think that your child would be better of learning another musical instrument, it’s important to understand the beneficial factor of these toy instruments. Your child can progress so much, both physically and mentally, while using these toys while having fun along the way. It doesn’t mean that they will choose to pursue a career in music playing drums.

So pick the toy drum that you think your kid will love, and let them enjoy having quality jam sessions with their new favorite toy.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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