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Baby dolls are cute and they can make a great companion for your little baby girl or toddler. These adorable, human-like dolls have plenty of great features that make them outright enticing for both girls and boys and every child needs a great toy they can take care of, play with and bring everywhere they go. What is more, baby dolls make a perfect gift for your child, niece or nephew for Christmas, New Years or birthday.

So, if you think a doll is a cute and cool gift idea, read on for picking the best baby doll for your little ones.

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Baby Twins Dolls with Milk & Juice Bottle

One of the best baby dolls for girls include these two twin soft body dolls. One is a girl and the other one is a boy and they come together with a milk and juice bottle. 

Both bottles are colored just like in the picture, and there is no liquid in them.

What is more, with these two cute baby dolls you get a 3 piece outfit for each doll. This 3 piece outfit includes pants, a shirt, and a hat. 

Plus, the dolls are made of top quality materials that have been safety tested for lead, and they are non-toxic.


  • Non-toxic, lead-free
  • Best quality materials
  • Best for both boys and girls

The New York Doll 11 inch Soft Body Doll

This New York Doll is 11 inches tall and has a soft body. This doll is realistic, caucasian and it has an amazingly detailed head, arms and legs. It is dressed in a pink and white onesie and has a cute matching hat. 

Because of its size, this 11-inch doll is perfect for babies since it’s easy to hold and your 18-month-old baby can play with it with ease. This is certainly the best baby doll for girls since she can hold the baby just like Mommy holds the baby and have endless fun with it. 

What is more, this baby doll has been safety tested and you can easily hand-wash it. You can also wipe it with a damp cloth if it gets dirty and make it clean for your child to play safely.

Additionally, this baby doll comes in multiple ethnicities – Caucasian, African American, Asian and Hispanic.


  • Easy to handle because of its size
  • Non-toxic
  • Multiple ethnicities

Baby First Giggles Baby Doll

This giggles baby doll is made by the Goldberger Company, which is one of America’s oldest doll companies. 

The Baby’s First Giggles Baby Doll is easy to maintain and it’s hypoallergenic and you can wash it in the machine washer! It’s easy to clean and always clean and ready for play. 

This baby doll for girls is soft and huggable, and if you push its belly it will giggle pleasantly, making your little one happy and smiley. 

It is a 13-inch baby doll which is perfect for toddlers to hold, carry, squeeze and simply love. You can even remove the giggles mechanism and wash it in the machine, or have a silent doll as a sleeping aid for your baby to sleep with.


  • Soft and huggable
  • Interactive and inspires imagination
  • Easy to maintain

Baby Amaze Happy Healing Doll

Baby Healing Doll is perfect for little boys and girls who like playing doctor. This nurturing doll can tell your child how she feels, and if she needs care, different body parts will simply light up. 

This baby doll has light-up sensors that show which part of the doll is “sick” and needs care. Plus, it includes over 100 health and daily care phrases it utters and it features 6 interactive accessories. 

These accessories include a thermometer, stethoscope, syringe, bandage, medicine bottle and a spoon. With each accessory, you can trigger fun phrases and sounds, and make your little ones happy and educated. 

But the fun doesn’t stop there, because these interactive baby doll can learn your child’s name and special events, which are great features for personalization.


  • Fun and educational
  • Interactive; teaches your child about care
  • Quality materials and personalization

VTech Baby Lil' Critters Soothing Starlight Hippo

This is probably one of the best dolls for girls since it introduces nurturing concepts, language development and role-plays into your child’s life as they pretend to take care of her. 

Plus, this baby doll is dressed up as a kitty!

Also, this baby doll is interactive, and if you press its little tummy, you can learn days of the week, how to count to five and learn some facts about cats while listening to songs. 

What is more, it has some cute phrases about feelings which makes it a perfect doll for playing pretend and responding to her requests.


  • Interactive and educational
  • Durable and fun
  • Requires batteries

HABA Snug-up Dolly Luisa

This 8-inch blonde baby doll is called Natalie, and your little one will want to carry it everywhere. It includes a pink embroidered outfit and a pacifier. 

Your child can brush it for as long as they want and it will never get tangled. Also, they can style her hair for many occasions and move her arms and legs. Not to mention how this baby doll smells like baby powder, and it’s non-toxic. 

Luisa is one of the best baby dolls for toddlers since your little one can express themselves and they are encouraged for imaginative play with her. 

With Luisa, your child can develop their motor skills because they can remove her clothing and dress her up, help her suck her thumb and pacifier and move her arms and legs.


  • Develops motor skills
  • Non-toxic and safe
  • Tangle-resistant hair for styling

Playskool Lullaby Gloworm Toy with 6 lullaby tunes

Another baby doll made by Goldberg Company is this Baby’s First Musical Lullaby Baby Doll. This one is also hypoallergenic and machine washable and easy to maintain. 

This baby doll for girls and boys is designed to help with establishing bedtime patterns and routines. It can also help with learning good sleep routines. 

This soft and cuddly baby doll plays sweet lullabies when you press her tummy, which is a wonderful gift for toddlers. You can also remove the mechanism before washing it and keep it out for a simple and cuddly doll for bedtime.


  • Interactive
  • Durable
  • Soft and cuddly

JC Toys Lil’ Hugs Your First Baby Doll

The Lil’ Hugs baby doll is the perfect first baby doll for your little one. Lil’ Hugs has a collection of nurturing soft baby dolls and it has an easy to clean cloths body and vinyl face. 

Each of these dolls has a built-in rattle, while in the other hand they hold a crinkly paper for your child to play and learn with. 

This baby doll encourages active play, which is an integral part of the physical development of a child. Plus, it can help children hone their coordination and fine motor skills. 

What is more, this doll has been safety tested and it has been approved for newborns. Not to mention how it comes in multiple ethnicities.


  • Safe for children of all age; even newborns
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Encourages active play

JC Toys La Baby Doll Designed by Berenguer

La Baby doll is a realistically looking doll with a soft body and detailed vinyl head. It’s 11 inches tall which makes it easy for your little ones to carry around and hold. 

It has been safety tested and it’s approved for children of young age. 

With this doll, your toddler can learn about nurture and they can develop social skills while playing pretend with this doll. 

La Baby is hand-washable and its outfit can is easy to remove, which makes it easy for you to make it as good as new.


  • Easy to handle and maintain
  • Soft and cuddly
  • Develops social and motor skills
  • Multiple ethnicities and unisex

Cry Babies Lala Doll

If you’re looking for the best baby doll that will teach your toddler about care, then Lala baby doll is a perfect gift. 

Lala has a pacifier which if removed makes her cry – just like a real baby! What is more, she will shout and cry until you rock her to calm down or until you replace her packing.

Each of the Cry Babies comes with an attached pacifier and an animal print onesie that can be taken off. What is more, you can add some water to hear and she will cry real tears!


  • Teaches social skills
  • Durable
  • Fun to play with

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Doll

This Fisher-Price basic baby doll is soft and cuddly, which can provide a sense of security and comfort to your newborn. 

Since it’s not big and it’s soft, your little baby can easily hold and hug it. 

Additionally, if you shake it, it releases fun rattle sounds which can be a great way to calm your baby down or make it laugh. 

Plus, for older toddlers, this baby provides a great means of learning about role play and nurture.


  • Recommended for all ages
  • Fun and nurturing
  • Provides comfort and safety for your child

Fisher-Price Soft Baby Doll Silly

Fisher-Price’s Soft baby doll is silly, plush and huggable. It’s made of amazingly soft fabric which can be soothing for your baby to hold and carry around. 

Because the fabric is so soft, it will stimulate your baby’s sense of touch, and its sounds and music will soothe your little one and keep them occupied. 

It can also sing lullabies for your child, which makes it a perfect doll to sleep next to. Not to mention how easily you can wash it in the washing machine, but make sure to remove the electronics beforehand.


  • Easy to carry and maintain
  • Interactive and educational
  • Machine-washable

Corolle Mon Grand Poupon Louise Baby Doll

Louise is one of the bigger baby dolls for toddlers, her body is soft and it has blue sleepy eyes your child is going to love. 

She is dressed in cute pants set, she has a matching headband and removable cute little shoes. 

Her face, legs and arms are made of vinyl that is soft to touch, and it’s vanilla-scented. So, your child will adore playing with her and carrying her on every trip.


  • Easy to carry
  • Smells nice, non-toxic materials
  • Perfect for pretend play

Adora PlayTime Doll

Each of Adora’s PlayTime Babies is handmade and ready to be loved. 

They are created of vinyl with a fresh baby powder scent and dressed in a removable onesie and a cute hat. 

This baby doll can also put a thumb in its mouth to such and its eyes can open and close. These features will help your child learn and appreciate nurture and engage in imaginative pretend play. 

These are so life-like that their bottom is weighted for that extra feel, and they are perfect for carrying around and giving them all the love and kisses.


  • Safety tested
  • Non-toxic, hypoallergenic
  • Machine-washable

Bitty Baby Doll with Pink Bodysuit

This is one of the greatest baby dolls for toddlers and they can cuddle and treasure it for years to come. 

The Bitty Baby doll is 15 inches tall and its eyes can open and close. Its body is cuddly and made of cloth, while the head and limbs are made of smooth non-toxic vinyl.

What is more, this baby doll is all dressed up in a diaper and a pink bodysuit, which can be easily removed in order to help your child learn about nurture and taking care of someone. 

Not to mention how you can personalize it for welcoming.


  • Interactive
  • Non-toxic
  • Perfect for toddlers

How to Choose the Best Dolls for Girls?

Baby dolls are a perfect gift for a small child because they can be their best companion until they grow up a little. However, since you want the best for your child, naturally, you should look for the best baby doll for your little one. So, when searching for the baby doll for their next birthday, Christmas or any other occasion, keep in mind that it should be soft, educational and soothing. 

Look for dolls made with non-toxic materials that are easy to carry around; especially if your child is small. Also, make sure you can easily wash the doll and its clothes in the washing machine because your child will take it everywhere and it’s bound to get dirty. The next thing to consider are the features of the doll. You don’t want your child to be scared of it, so make sure that the doll is cute and cuddly. It is a great plus if the doll is interactive so your child can learn about numbers, some cute phrases and how to help and nurture the doll and build those social skills. 

So, next time you’re looking for dolls for girls and boys, make sure to think about all these factors. Plus, you can check out this review and find exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Criteria We Used

Baby dolls certainly make a great gift for both girls and boys. They can teach them a lot about taking care of someone, how they themselves behave and they make a great companion. What is more, plenty of such dolls are interactive and can help your child develop some essential social, cognitive and motor skills. However, when picking the best baby doll for your toddler, you have to keep in mind that not every doll is right for every child and their age. Also, you have to consider the materials they are made of. So, when compiling this list, we kept in mind two important factors – age appropriateness and materials. 

Age Appropriateness

Manufacturers put a recommended age there for a reason. Not every doll is appropriate for every age, but if you listen to the recommended age, your little one is going to have fun and be safe. The recommended age is there because not every doll is made soft and they don’t weigh the same. So if it’s too big for your little they might get hurt. 

Safe Materials

The next factor we considered is the materials the baby dolls were made of. Since children of various ages can play with these, it is important that the toy is not harming your toddler. That is why we picked the soft-bodied baby dolls, made out of non-toxic materials that are only going to provide comfort to your child.


Are the baby dolls washable?

Every toy can be washed, especially if they are intended for children of young age. The baby dolls are bound to get dirty and that is why manufacturers labeled how to wash the dolls properly so they won’t get ruined. All of the baby dolls can be washed in the washing machine or by hand.

Can I gift a baby doll to my nephew?

There is no gender restrictions on the baby dolls. Every doll is made both for boys and girls who would like to have a comforting toy besides which they can sleep, learn and with which they can play.


If you want to teach your child about nurture, how they can take care of someone and if you want to encourage them to engage in pretend play than you cannot go wrong with picking a baby doll for their present. They are all nurturing, some of them are interactive and your child can learn a lot with them. Plus, they will be encouraged to use their imagination and the toys will help them develop social, cognitive and motor skills.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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