15 Best Batman Toys for Kids

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When it comes to action figurines and toys of this sort, you want to make sure that you get the right one for your little one. Boys love actions figures, just like girls like dolls and dollhouses, therefore it’s crucial that they get exactly what they want. Otherwise, they won’t play with it and you’ll end up wasting money. To prevent that, we prepared a list of Batman toys all of which are of top quality. The only thing you’ll need to do is pick the one that fits their interest the most.

One of these toys will definitely be the right pick for your youngling, so take a pick.

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Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends, R/C Mobile Command Center

This monster bat truck has all the accessories your little one needs to role play as one of his favorite DC heroes. This toy set can be transformed into a playground in a matter of seconds. It has a controller, stairs, batwing runway, jail, Batman and Joker figurine. This complete set has everything your boy needs to play for hours. The quality design makes it easy to use. The toy is also beneficial for developing creativity, imagination and cognitive function. Meaning- it’s great for toddlers as well as older boys. The best batman toys are practical, fun and entertaining in every way. And this set definitely meets those standards.


  • Promotes role play
  • Fun and entertaining
  • Quality design

Batman v Superman 2-Pack

If your little one watched Batman v Superman movie and can’t stop talking about it, the next logical step is to get him this toy set. Both figurines, Batman and Superman, are of high quality, with detailed design. The limbs are quite mobile as well, so they won’t serve as a nightstand figurine only. Finally, your boy will be able to recreate the fight between the biggest DC heroes the way they want to. Their capes aren’t plastic but made from quality cloth. This will add to authenticity in fights or when recreating poses from the movies. Your child will be entertained for hours. However, the best thing about action figurines is that they promote imagination and creativity. Meaning that your boy will develop in these areas while playing with these toys.


  • Realistic design
  • Detailed suits
  • Promote role play

Batman FRS Walkie Talkies for Kids

Whether on a treehouse or in the neighborhood, with these Batman talkie-walkies you’ll always know what your little one is up to. Also, they can play a variety of games with them. Get your boy the best present for his birthday, Christmas or any other occasion and get reassurance about his whereabouts at the same time. Both talkie-walkies have cool sound effects, bat light that’s bright enough to light anything on their path, and a decent range. They are easy to use and communicate with, and the best thing about them is that your little ones will never get tired of using. Give your little Batman fan the gift that he deserves and let the adventures begin! They’ll always know how much battery life is left thanks to power indicator next to the antenna that lights up and shows the remaining power.


  • Cool details
  • Decent range
  • Easy to use

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends, Batmobile

Fisher&Price know how to deliver a quality toy, and this one is no different. This cool Batmobile has all the gadgets your boy needs to role play as one of his favorite superheroes. The Batmobile has cockpit for Batman figurine, missile launcher, wings that can spread to show Bat symbol. But that isn’t all, Batman figurine also comes with golden armor and a big harpoon-like gun that can be mounted while the Batman is driving. With three missiles and a versatile Batmobile, no foe will stand in his way. Your little one will definitely enjoy playing with this amazing set, and you’ll be glad that you made the right choice. Role play is important for a child’s development as it promotes the development of creativity and imagination.


  • Promotes role play
  • Cool design
  • Fun features

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batmobile & Cycle

Although intended for a younger audience, toddlers and kindergarteners, this toy doesn’t lack quality design and cool features. Instead of one toy, you get two – Batmobile and Batcycle. This way your little one can play with friends or double the fun while playing alone. The set includes one Batmobile, Batcycle, Batman and Robin figurine, and two discs that are used as projectiles. The car also lights up when you press the button, which will definitely serve its purpose when playing in improvised castles that you’ll little one made combining pillows, chairs, and furniture. It’s easy to use and play with, the figurines fit perfectly on the seats, and the Bat-discs pack quite a punch. With this new addition to your kid’s arsenal of DC toys, none will stand in their way!


  • Detailed design
  • Safe for toddlers
  • Promotes role play

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends, Batcopter

Wondering what to get for your little one for their birthday? Well if your kid loves DC heroes, even better Batman in particular, than Batcopter is the right choice for a gift. Now you kid can get an entirely different approach on chasing villains. The Batcopter has a cockpit that fits Batman figurine perfectly. HIdden features? It has a switch on the rear end that transforms landing gear into a trap for villains. The toy is great for toddlers as well as older kids and is perfectly safe for use. With this kit, your child will never get bored as the toy offers so many possibilities to play with. If they didn’t have a favorite toy before, this one will surely serve as one.


  • Quality design
  • Safe for toddlers
  • Cool features

Spy Gear - Batman Mask and Night Goggles

Batman is not like any other superheroes. He doesn’t really have superpowers. Instead, he relies on his combat skills, but more importantly on his array of gadgetry and fancy tools. This toy will transform your little one into a superhero as the night vision really makes them feel like they have superpowers. The set comes with headgear, Batman mask, and LED lights extension gear. It’s easy to use and the batteries can last for days before the power runs out. This means that you won’t have to stack up on battery supplies like with other toys. Give your little superhero the gear that he needs to feel really special and have an unforgettable experience from his playtime.


  • Easy to use
  • Amazing detailed design
  • Doesn’t drain much battery power

Batman Projector Pen

Trends International Batman Projector Pen is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a pen that lights up the Bat symbol. It’s a great way to start school season shopping by adding this amazing pen to your child’s list of necessities. They’ll be amazed that now they have a perfectly functioning pen and a cool feature to show off with on their first day of school. It’s incredibly easy to use, simply push the button on the side and point at a flat surface. And voila, a cool Bat sign will appear the moment you press the button. Its dimensions are 7.6’’ x 2.9’’, a classic 1 mm ballpen with cool Batman graphic. It will definitely give your child a reason to be happy about the upcoming school days.


  • Detailed design
  • Practical
  • Easy to use

Batman Voice Changer Helmet

One thing that Batman is known for, next to his suit, gadgetry, and vehicles, is his voice changing mask. And now your child can be the Batman, with this Voice Changer Helmet toy. It’s easy to wear, has adjustable straps, and over 30 cool sound effects. When they want to roleplay as their favorite superhero, there’s no better toy than this. It’s great for birthdays, costume parties and similar events where your boy can dress as anyone he wants. The voice changing system allows the transformation of any frequency to cool Batman sound and effects. And with over 30 sound effects the fun never stops. Other accessories can be bought separately like a cape and recognizable utility belt.


  • Promotes creativity and role play
  • Detailed design
  • Cool features

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends, Batbot Xtreme

Batbox Xtreme is over 2 ft tall, has cool features will keep your child entertained for hours. This one is really an all-in-one toy. It can punch, shoot missiles from his shoulder, has a place for the Joker ( a prison cell), can open up wings to create a recognizable bat symbol, and much more. If your little one didn’t have a favorite Batman toy, this one will serve as one without a doubt. It comes with 3 missiles, Batcycle, Batman and Joker figurine, and offers various ways to battle villains. For example, the cape has the large, robotic fists ready punch anything that stands on their way. Fire missiles, deploy Batcycle and trap the Joker once and forever with this ultimate Batman toy.


  • Amazing design
  • Fun and easy to use
  • Promotes creativity

Power Wheels Power Wheels Batman Lil' Quad

When your kid gets tired of playing inside the house, and no toys can change that it’s time to get them something to play within the great outdoors. Power Wheels Lil’ Quad is a Batman themed, high-quality toddler quad that’s perfect for their age. It’s super durable, and won’t get damaged when your child hits a couple of bumps on the road. But most importantly it’s perfectly safe for them to ride. Next to its superb durability and maneuverability as well, this quad is equipped with compartments that can fit most of his favorite toys. It runs on batteries and can achieve a maximum speed of 2 mph, which is more than enough for them at this age. One speed, easy-to-use button with only two functions- go and stop. Tired are quite durable can go on most surfaces.


  • Safe for toddlers
  • Easy to use controls
  • Can go on most surfaces

DC Universe Total Heroes Exclusive Action Figure Batman Beyond

DC Action Hero Batman Beyond is a simple yet incredibly fun action figure. Your boy definitely doesn’t have Batman action figure from this universe, and adding it to their collection will definitely make them feel accomplished. The toy has lots of accessories and comes with a variety of head parts that can change the entire look. With four batarangs, two masks, and one head part, your boy will be able to customize his new favorite toy the way he wants to. Arms are pretty mobile, so it’s great for recreating some of the most familiar Batman combat stances. Detailed design, multiple accessories, and flexible body parts, this action figure really has it all. Batman figure isn’t complete without his cape, just like most of superheroes, that’s why you get one Batman Beyond high-tech cape to attach on his back.


  • Quality design
  • Detailed accessories
  • Can change look

LEGO Juniors/4+ DC The Joker Batcave Attack 10753 Building Kit

Lego Juniors Attack on Batcave set will bring countless hours of entertainment to your little one. No matter if they played with a LEGO set before or not, being that it’s Batman themed, this one will definitely catch your child’s attention and add quality to their playtime. All LEGO sets promote creativity, imagination and allows your child to build upon those crucial motor skills. And this one is no different. Batman toys such as this, allow your child to recreate some of the most iconic moments in DC history but more importantly give them the freedom to play the way they want. The set comes with more than 150 pieces that allow the creation of two vehicles ( one for Joker, one for Batman) as well as Batcave. With an abundance of accessories and additional parts, your child can fully customize the Batcave the way they want.


  • Promotes creativity and imaginative play
  • Cool design
  • Lots of accessories

DC Justice League Stealth Suit Batman Figure

DC Justice League Stealth Suit Batman Figure is the most detailed toy depicting Batman that you’ll find on the market. It’s a 12 ‘’ action figure that can move almost every part of the body. This allows your child to recreate almost every battle pose seen in movies, comics or cartoons. The toy promotes creativity and imagination, as limbs movement offers various battle stands, your child will be able to recreate any fictional scenario with this amazing action figure. You can get other toys from this set and complete the collection. They are sold separately though, so you will need to spend a bit more to collect them all. All in all, it’s a high-quality action figure that will keep your child entertained for quite some time.


  • High-quality design
  • Body parts are quite flexible
  • Durable and fun to play with

Justice League Action Batman Figure

This 6 ‘’ action figure has 5 points of articulation, amazing details and although simply by design, it offers so many ways to play with it. Recreate some of the most famous scenes from Batman movies, capture striking poses, and much more with this cool Batman action figure. It’s made from quality plastic material, that’s durable as well as flexible. There are also other toys from Justice League set, so if your little one finds this one interesting, you might want to get him others to complete the collection. The toy is great for promoting the development of motor skills, as well as creativity and imagination.


  • Made from quality material
  • Durable
  • Flexible

How to Choose the Best Batman Action Figures and Toys?

When looking for the perfect fit, whether among a group of toys that you think your child would love, or anything else, you need to have that person’s interest in mind at all times. Knowing what our loved ones like and what they don’t like, shows that we understand them and takes the relationship on a higher level every time we get it right. Being that the matter here is about getting the right toy for your child, you aren’t ready to take risks and get them just about anything in their queue of wanted toys. That’s why you should always have in mind quality, authenticity, and popularity when looking for Batman action figures.


Quality of a toy is important, as it dictates whether it will catch your little one’s attention, how long they’ll play with it and in general how fun they’ll be for them. So look for toys that are of higher quality than the rest, and make sure you spot details that indicate they are indeed superior to others that you find. 


Kids can spot the difference between toys that represent their heroes accurately and those that were manufactured by toy companies that did a poor job of presenting a superhero in the best light. They know their superheroes, every detail, every color, and can easily spot flaws. Make sure you get them a toy that looks exactly like the real thing, or in this case fictional character. 


What’s trendy today won’t be tomorrow. And with information being easy to reach thanks to social media, your kids know exactly what’s popular at the moment. That’s why next to quality, and authenticity, you should also look for popular toys in that specific group. The toy should be modern, and in touch with the momentary trend.

Criteria We Used

Toys that end up on our list are carefully reviewed, inspected and observed. They must have a list of qualities that can pass our criteria, thus governing quality in every sense of that word. Here are some of the things that we find extremely important when picking toys to add to our list. 


Toys must be safe for the intended age group. For example, when a manufacturer lists that the product is recommended for kids from 3-6 years old, we double check that fact and make sure that there’s no error in that statement. 

Entertaining potential 

Also, toys on our list must be entertaining enough for a kid to want to play with them. Not only that, but they should be able to keep them interested in playing long after they get them. Knowing how short the attention span of a 3-year-old is we take entertaining potential quite serious. 

Promotes Growth 

No matter what the type of toy, every product on our list must promote the progress of essential skills for that age. Even in case of action figures, they should push kids towards developing creativity, imagination, etc.


Where do I find special sound effects on my Batman Mask?

Every toy has a manual, or guide, that shows exactly how to use their features. In this particular case, the sound effect button is located on the side of the mask.

How long does LED light last on Batman Night Vision Goggles?

Because LED lights don’t use too much power, you don’t have to think about buying additional batteries the moment you get the toy. These lights can last up to 100 hours, which is more than enough for moderate daily use.

Are there other toys from Avengers collection that I can get for my kid?

Yes indeed, there a wide array of action figures from this collection. All of which are authentic and of top quality. If you’re looking for toys from Avengers collection, try searching for the toy company that makes them.


We all have heroes, some of which came from our childhood memories, others that are more for grown ups. But the important thing is that we do need someone to look up to. Ideally, that person is a parent, but when being that child’s imagination is such as it is, sometimes we don’t live up to their standards of superhero icon. Luckily, they can turn to cartoons and comics for better examples, although not realistic their abilities are exactly what a 4-year-old kid finds impressive.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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