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We believe there is no little girl out there who doesn’t wish to get a home for her Barbie dolls. The parent’s who took their princesses for a surprise and bought them this magnificent mansion claim it was the best purchase, considering how much time girls spend playing with it, and regarding the fact it encourages the development of their imagination in many ways.

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36 months to 7 years

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Pieces/parts: more than 70

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Entertaining, encouraging imagination, supporting interactive play, visual, audio and sensory stimulation

So maybe this is the perfect moment to think about buying Barbie dreamhouse, just in time for Christmas. After all, it’s most certainly one of the best gifts for a 3-year old girls.

Barbie Dreamhouse: The basics

With this huge, seven feet tall fully furnished Barbie dollhouse that includes seven bedrooms staged upon three floors, your kids, mostly girls, but sometimes even the boys, will play for months while making up all kinds of stories. 

To make it more interesting, besides all the details and a bunch of accessories, the manufacturer installed a couple of smart interactive items that can broadcast lights, sounds, and motion. For example, there is an aquarium with swimming fishes and a bubbly sounds, a toilet with flushing noises and sink that emits the water pouring and teeth-brushing frequencies, a garage with the door that can be opened and closed, a working ventilator, a side elevator, and so on.

From the outside, the house is painted in Barbie pink shade, the back is fully closed up, while the front is completely open, without the falls, so your child can easily access all the rooms. The interior is decorated in a modern, girly way, with all the necessities that playing with their favorite doll includes and supports.

In order to encourage interactive play with other kids, as well as creativity and imagination, the manufacturer left many of the items unattached, so those who are using it can change insides schedule and develop a particular scenario while playing.

What You See and What You Get

To enter the house, come to the big pink door and check if you have some mail in a mailbox that’s attached next to it. On the first floor, on the right side, you will find the fully equipped kitchen with all the appliances and realistically presented groceries.

On the left side, a built-in garage found its place. By sliding a tab, kids can open and close its doors, but also, they can transform it into something else, for example, a game room if they don’t have a Barbie car, which is sold separately. Also, at the side of the garage, there can be attached a beautiful atrium window, which, if flipped down, converts into the swimming pool. Amazing, isn’t it?

Floor above is a living area with dining room for two, complete with chandelier and modern chair set, then first out of three balconies with a place for pets, and a bathroom with blue ties where Barbie can take a bath, put on make-up, and do all other things this room provides for. In the end, the third stage is all about her resting, in a pink bedroom furnished with queen bed above which is installed baldachin, or in a resting room with a sofa and a TV. In between, there is also a closet for Barbie’s wardrobe and shoes.

There are more than 70 parts that come along the house, such are bed, sofa, tub, sink, table, two chairs, toilet, atrium, home plant, plates, fish tank, fan, spoons, knives, forks, one cake, ice- creams, bag, shoes, hangers, cookie tray, roasted chicken, toothbrush, etc.

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How To Use

There are a bunch of possibilities when playing with this Barbie dreamhouse. Besides a good Lego set for kids, this is probably one of the most wanted items among kids this age, or most precisely girls.

Besides the fact they can live the imaginary life of their most precious doll while staging many stories and happenings she will enjoy, there is also a part with all those interactive items that bring the game to the next level. Unlike all the other Barbie houses that came before this one, not everything is fixed and unmovable.

They can put a doll in a side elevator with a beautiful white fence, and send it up or down with a sliding tab created in a way to be child-friendly. That part, kids will adore. Then, there are previously mentioned sounds and visual effects that will bring great joy for the users, especially when they flush the toilet, point the fan toward their doll friend, and turn it up, so it blows, or watch the fishes swim in the water tank while it lights-up filled with bubbles.

Another interesting part is that you can open the flat screen, which is located in a living room, and put your smartphone in it, so your dolls can enjoy the videos you chose for them. Now, that is something out of this world, right?

Buyer's Guide

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Playing with interactive toys is proven to be good for kids since they are teaching them about cause and effect, as well as the problem-solving issue. They support the development of their motor skills and make playing more fun activity.

Experience says that the moving garage door and the elevator are the things that will occupy most of the child’s attention. Opening and closing the objects are at that stage fascinating to children, as well as pushing a button in order for something to work.

The decision to purchase an expensive toy such is this one will be much easier to swallow if you know the product is excellent and worth the money. The fact that this Barbie dreamhouse contains so many different rooms with all those accessories that will maintain a kid’s attention for an extended period of time is a thing that should be helpful in that matter.

The house comes in a large box, with few big and a lot of small parts, with a manual with mostly pictured instructions on how to set it up. Although it will take around half an hour to put all the pieces together, it’s a one time job unless you decide to move at some point, so it won’t be a drag.


Okay, we know you would rather prefer that the present comes as a whole package, with all items included, but when it comes to huge toys like this one, that’s pretty rare. So, the absence of a Barbie doll and car is expected and acceptable, but the fact that atrium window, as well as the flat-screen, is something you should buy separately, is just nonsense.

Also, if you have a younger child at home, consider if it’s the right time for this item to bring in your house since it’s full of small parts toddlers could put in their mouth and suffocate. Besides that, there is a risk of losing some pieces, given the kids are not very disciplined at this stage.

To Conclude

There is no doubt that girls will absolutely love the Barbie house as part of their room decoration and a playground where they can spend endless hours with their favorite toys. It’s very likely they will continue to play with it even when they become older since it’s recommended as a good toy for a 3-year-old, but also a 7-year old child. However, this is not something you should purchase if it’s going to be just a short-term enticement for your girl, it’s too expensive for that. So make sure she really wants it. In that case, there won’t be a happier child on the planet when you bring it home.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

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