7 Bath Time Games

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Every child loves bath time, but sometimes it can become a very hard thing to do when they are sleepy and exhausted at the end of the day. Set the scene like they are going to play in the bathroom. Soon it will become a part of your kid’s daily routine and all struggles will be gone after first bathing. It doesn’t have to look like a quick shower and it shouldn’t be too complicated. 

We will try to make it easy for both of you with some ideas. They can be very useful, so give it a try and have fun with your baby girl and boy during the bath time.

Captain of the sea

The game that every kid will love after the first try. Prepare a warm bath and bring all the rubber toys that you got. Bath toys like boats and animals will be perfect. If you don’t have any, you could make them from sponges in different colors. The most important item for this game is the captain’s hat. Take a piece of paper and fold it in the shape of a hat. Try some Origami technique for paper folding and the hat will look more interesting to children. Adding some colors with crayons and stickers will make it more amusing. When you are ready, bring your baby in the bathtub, put a hat on its head and play with them by asking a question “Who is the captain of this magical sea?” They will answer you with a big smile, “I am, I am!”.

Bubble time

Making bubbles can be just enough to convince any youngster to want to take a bath before bedtime. One of the easiest and exciting baby baths games that you could prepare for them. Before you start making a bubble bath, be sure to use tear-free shampoos. Using tear-free baby products will help you avoid any eye irritation. Bring some big straw from the kitchen and show your child how to make bubbles by itself. Make them a funny-looking beard or long bubble hair and show them how they look like with a mirror toy. You could even take a camera with you and make some cute photos together. It will be one of the best-captured memories for your baby album.

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Spy diving

Spy diving looks like actual diving but without scuba equipment and kids can do it in a bathtub. You probably have your summer toys someplace that can be used for the game. Goggles and a pair of flippers can be excellent for spy diving game. Hide some seashells and their favorite toys under bubbles so they have to spy on them while trying to dive in a tub. With spy diving game you will remind them of the summer holiday that you spent together at the sea. They will try to swim and jump in the bathtub so be prepared to have water all over the bathroom.


Every child is familiar with the fishing game. The market is full of fishing toys for kids and they could be a great idea for your bath time. While they are popping the bubbles, spread some colorful fishes around them and give them a fishing stick. If you don’t have the full set, you could make a net for fish catching from old stocking material and plastic strainer. There are some baby soaps in fish shapes with fruit scent that you could use but explain to them that they are not for eating. To make the game more interesting, you could add a timer and count together how many they can catch in one minute.

Towel puppets

Use small towels in different colors and some rubber bands to make bathing puppets. They could be so useful and adorable for baby bathtub games. Before the bath time, you could make them together and ask your toddler to give them names. Making toys together will strengthen your bond and make you closer than before. While he is focused on the bath game, you could use one of the puppets to gently massage his back. After a few smooth back rubs, the child will feel so relaxed and a bit sleepy. Probably one of the best games where you can combine fun activities and spa treatment for your kids.

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Making impressions is probably the oldest game that kids never get tired of. While they are trying to catch some bubbles, give them simple tasks like to make sounds of animals that are familiar with. For example, duck quacking and frog ribbits could be good for a start. To make it more challenging, do some impressions by yourself and ask your child which animals are you trying to imitate. That way they will expand their knowledge and learn some new species that exist on our planet. If children get bored with animal impressions, you could always remind them to imitate engine sounds of boats, cars, and planes.

Singing songs

Everybody loves singing while they are under the shower. For children, singing is one of the most common things that they will do in the bathtub while they are playing with their toys. You can use their vocal talent to teach them some new songs or ask them to imitate their favorite singer. Making up some new rhymes can also be amusing for both of you. While they are practicing their vocal skills, toddlers can pretend to hold a microphone with shampoo, toothbrush or a showerhead. Of course, you can sing along together and make an incredible duet.

Preparing bath time for babies can seem to be a little bit difficult and exhausting at first, so you don’t have to do it alone. Asking your partner for help will strengthen your family bond. Playing all together can make your children feel happier and secure. Remember to bring a camera during bath times so that you could capture some new beautiful moments for family albums. After a couple of years, you will have something to smile about and that will remind you of the quality time that you spent together.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

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