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For children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, it is most often very difficult to keep focus and stay engaged in one task for any amount of time.

So, when considering the toys you might buy for a child with ADHD, you need to keep in mind that the toy keeps them entertained and engaged as much as possible while at the same time building a set of skills. This will allow them to stay focused on the task at hand, interactively engaging with the toy, which they will find enjoyable and entertaining.

We have compiled a list of what we think are the most appropriate toys on the market for kids who have trouble focusing.

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Find the Best Toys for ADHD

28 Pack Sensory Toys Set

Sensory toys are a great option when you’re looking to increase focus, calm nerves and relieve stress in adults and children, especially when it comes to kids with ADHD, which is why this excellent set earns a spot on our list. 

A good choice for holidays and parties, as well as for office and classroom use if allowed, the toys in this set will keep your kid focused and alert throughout the day, helping children and adults who can’t stay still for a long time develop new ideas and stay sharp.

The set contains a fidget cube, an infinity cube, two marble and mesh sensory toys, two stretchy strings and five animal squeeze toys. In terms of variety and value, this is the set to go with.


  • Child safe
  • Helps with anxiety and stress
  • Great variety

CHUCHIK Fidget Cube Toy

Just like sensory toys that we mentioned previously, fidget toys do a great job at reducing stress and boosting concentration for those who struggle focusing on a task and keeping their mind in one place. 

CHUCHIK have designed this cube to include six different features, where each of them is standalone and unique, one for each side of the cube. This, of course, means that each side has something different to offer in keeping a child’s mind busy and focused on the task they have in front of them.

As any other fidget toy, this cube was made to keep fingers busy for the mind to stay focused. The plastic that was used to make it is durable and high quality, with a rubbery feel to it.


  • Soft, high-quality plastic
  • Great for promoting calmness and focus
  • Rubbery texture

D-FantiX Rainbow Puzzle Ball

We’ve started this list with a couple of items with a very similar purpose and intent, but now it’s time for something a bit different. 

As you know, not every kid with ADHD is the same, and not all of them require a stress relief item or a fidget toy. Some kids want a brain teaser to stay occupied and entertained, and this modern twist on a Rubik’s cube is just the thing to do that. 

Don’t worry, though, this toy doesn’t compare with the Rubik’s cube in terms of difficulty, so it should not cause frustration. For kids who like puzzles, this is one of the best toys you can get in terms of fostering their mental development.


  • Works both as a puzzle and a fidget toy
  • Silent game
  • Helps improve logic

5-Pack of Stretchy String Fidgets

The Monkey Noodle Stretchy Strings from Impresa is a fun time for any child or adult. You can squeeze them, twirl them, stretch them, wrap them, and then watch them bounce back into their original shape.

They are latex, phthalate and BPA free, which makes them completely non-toxic and hypoallergenic, which is great news for parents.

 Each pack includes five strings in just as many colors and is suitable for boys and girls aged three or more

They pack easily, making them easy to store or travel with, plus they are highly durable and resistant to all sorts of abuse. Also, they can be washed with water and soap.

If your kid is tired of regular fidget toys, this is an innovative set they are sure to like.


  • Brightly colored
  • Very bendy and stretchy
  • Compact

Kore Kids Wobble Chair

This innovative stool works with your kid’s natural movements to make them comfortable while letting them wiggle around. 

If you’re worried about your kid fidgeting in their chair, and scared they might topple over when you’re not looking, get them one of these. 

Your kid can use this chair to fidget and wiggle to their heart’s content. It can’t tip over, so it’s completely safe and can be used for any purpose from playing video games, to eating and doing homework

It’s even safe to use in a classroom. The weight limit is 250 pounds, so it will safely accommodate teenagers and even adults. It is easy to store and light if you need to carry it around.


  • Can’t tip over
  • Multiple color options

VIAHART Brain Flakes

If your kid loves building things with standard blocks, they will enjoy these unique construction discs very much. 

The VIAHART Brain Flakes are made of plastic and are basically small circles with a few connection ridges around the edge. This makes it easy to ‘click’ them together into all kinds of shapes and create anything from simple structures to bona  fide works of art. 

The jar contains over 500 discs which were created to improve kids’ physical as well as mental dexterity. There’s also a huge variety of colors, which will keep kids focused and help build their problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination.


  • Jar for easy packing and storage
  • Improves creativity
  • Helps with hand-eye coordination

Kinetic Sand - Squeezable Play Sand

The main draw that Kinetic Sand has, compared to other toys of this nature is its focus on creativity. Creative stimulation is a very important driver in decreasing stress and anxiety, as well as increasing brain function. 

Another important benefit of this product is its ability to help with the development of fine motor skills, which are going to be critical in other activities like puzzles and finger painting. 

Parents will be grateful for the fact that Kinetic Sand is easy to clean and will not ruin your furniture. In fact, despite its clever name, this is not just sand; it is blended with polymers to create an innovative grain which satisfies kids and parents alike.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Doesn’t stick to hands
  • Develops motor skills

Gamewright Rory's Story Cubes

Get your little one’s imagination going with this cool game from Gamewright.  It is a game that will build their creativity and sharpen their wit right in front of you. There are a total of 54 images in this box, all printed on a set of special cubes. 

All your kid needs to do is roll the dice, and a story to last a lifetime is created. If you like the idea of your kid’s imagination being rewarded and them creating their own story instead of spending their time watching other people’s stories on the internet, this is just the product for you. 

The game includes a guide to give you a bit of direction, but it mostly lets you explore on your own.


  • Open-ended
  • Easy to learn, hard to master

Maze Ball Brain Teasers Puzzles Games

Another product for kids who love challenges and puzzles comes from Spin Master Games. It is the Perplexus Rookie – an ingenious 3D labyrinth over 22 feet long that is twisted and curled inside a transparent sphere with a 7-inch diameter. 

This toy offers a total of 70 challenges that all revolve around spinning and flipping the sphere to get the metal ball to its intended target.

Widely considered one of the best educational toys, the Perplexus builds problem-solving abilities, dexterity, and focus, while staying entertaining throughout. 

Simply fitting 22 feet of labyrinth into a sphere as small as this is admirable, let alone making it work to the extent that it does.


  • Enhances problem-solving skills
  • Builds dexterity
  • Helps build patience

TANGLE Set of 3 Jr. Original Fidget Toy

This toy will not only keep your child calm but will also stimulate their creativity, as it lets them twist it into an endless number of shapes. 

Within the set, you will find three tangles so that you can have one in each room of the house.

Better yet, put one in your kid’s backpack to carry to school, have one in your car and leave one at the house, so there’s rarely a situation where your child won’t be able to get one quickly. A variety of colors is available as well.

The experience of molding these tangles into all kinds of shapes is the true definition of ‘oddly satisfying’ for kids as well as adults, so don’t hesitate to get a pack.


  • Calms the nerves
  • Great for kids and adults

Tom's Fidgets Flippy Chain Fidget Toy

This is another great toy for keeping your kid’s hands busy. Often, hyperactive kids end up biting their nails or picking scabs, and this is the solution to those problems. 

This virtually unbreakable steel toy will also be great for kids who have some destructive tendencies, and have trouble controlling their strength… so basically all kids. 

Made from actual bike chains, this toy does exactly what it says on the tin; it’s a chain that you can pull, squeeze, and flip, and it comes in a selection of colors. 

The linked chains provide a nice soothing motion when turned and flipped, and the metal stays cold, which helps relieve anxiety and stress in kids who suffer from them.


  • Unbreakable
  • Keeps hands occupied
  • Variety of colors

Infinity Cube (Fidget Cube)

An ingenious little toy, the Infinity Cube earns its name by being made of tiny plastic blocks which connect to create larger blocks, eventually turning it into a cube that can be formed, pulled apart, and reshaped into a completely different position. 

The options are limitless when it comes to this little cube, so your kid will not get bored with it any time soon. 

It’s a great solution for kids who can’t help but crack their fingers, shake legs, jump around or are simply hyper. And because it is created from ABS certified material, this cube is very safe for any age.


  • Endless possibilities
  • Mental stimulation

TrueBalance Educational STEM Toy

You need a steady hand and lots of focus to win this game! TrueBalance is a one-player game that tests your coordination and balance. 

It features eight magnet-loaded discs and a wooden handle for that classic-toy look and feel. The discs each rotate on a single axis, and the object is to align them perfectly onto one another, which is just as hard as it looks. 

To begin, let the discs all fall to one side while holding the handle, then try to align the discs back into place by moving your wrist. You don’t get any instructions other than that, so it’s up to your kid to figure out how to win, and that’s where all of the fun is.


  • Improves fine motor skills
  • Improves focus
  • Relieves stress

Fidget Spinner 12 Pack

There is incredible value in this set of 12 spinners. Your kid can play with their friends or have a different spinner for every opportunity.

 The spinners work perfectly and have very long spin times. They are perfectly suited to fit into a pocket at 7.5 centimeters in diameter. Some are made of metal, others plastic, but equally durable. 

The fidget-spinner craze is in full swing both with adults and kids of all ages, so this pack of 12 lightweight and long-lasting spinners is the perfect gift for any occasion. They will spin anywhere from 2 – 4 minutes if spun with enough force, which is quite remarkable.


  • Great for improving focus
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Great value pack

Minecraft - Xbox One

In case you’ve been living under a cube-shaped rock, Minecraft is a puzzle-adventure crafting game in which the player is expected to mine the landscape in pixelated graphics to get various materials in the shape of cubes. 

These materials are then used to create almost anything your mind can think of, from weapons and armor to sprawling structures. 

Players are put into an open world environment, where they will need to avoid different kinds of hazards, craft weapons and defend their structures against monsters. 

Violent against non-monster entities in the game, such as lighting animals on fire, is not encouraged, but it is possible, so the ESRB rating is 10+; otherwise, this game is very relaxed and cute.


  • Unlimited potential for creativity
  • Online play promotes social interaction
  • A fun time

How to Choose the Best Toys for Kids with ADHD

Some ADHD diagnosed kids have trouble staying in one place for a long time, others have a hard time focusing, and some kids need to calm down and relax their brains from time to time. Whatever the way your kid’s ADHD presents itself, the toys that we listed here are great to help them focus and relax. They have been created in a huge variety of colors, shapes, and general concepts. 

Many of the products on the list are not only meant for kids with ADHD; some of them are very popular with other children as well, and some, like fidget spinners, are even cultural phenomena. Going through the market to find the most suitable toys for your child can be a challenge. One toy may be fun and appealing to one child but of little interest to another. One may love puzzles and brain-teasers, while another may be only interested in keeping their hands occupied or they want a wobbly chair. 

Nobody knows what’s best for your child better than you, and ultimately you’re going to have to make the decision based on your knowledge about what your child is like. We hope this list can help you as much as possible in finding the answer to that question.

Criteria We Used


As with any other type of toy, safety is key when dealing with toys for kids with ADHD. You could even argue that it’s more important due to their propensity to get distracted. Any sharp edges could pose a threat. However, when we talk about safety in terms of these toys, we’re focusing on toxins or lack thereof. We always look for toys that are certified non-toxic by safety organizations.

Cognitive Development

It’s easy to distract a kid with ADHD. Toys that work on developing concentration and focus are going to help your child learn how to ignore, or at the very least delay simple distractions. STEM toys or ones that incorporate construction and puzzle-solving are excellent for developing focus. If you want your child to build on their cognitive abilities, look for those. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, read more about what STEM toys are here.

Physical Development

Most of the toys on this list are not going to be strictly focused on the physical development of your child, at least not in the most traditional sense. There are going to be some slight improvements in hand strength from fiddling with puzzles and fidget cubes, as well as core strength from sitting on a wobbly chair, but most of the physical development when it comes to ADHD-focused toys comes in the form of dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.


I’m not even sure my kid has ADHD. What are the symptoms?

As explained earlier, children with ADHD commonly have problems keeping control of their impulses and tend to be hyperactive. If they come across strong stimulants, they go into a hyperactive mode and might also get stressed or aggravated

Something you also might notice is difficulty paying attention for prolonged periods and a tendency to get easily distracted by minor things. This can be the cause of major interference in school as well as a problem with social interactions, resulting in issues with depression due to a lack of self-esteem. 

It is important to note that even though you might feel like your kid is showing some or all of these symptoms, you should always consult a physician before making any conclusions about your child’s mental state.

Other than toys, what are some ways to help my child that don’t include medical treatment?

First of all, listen to your doctor. It’s also a good idea to get multiple opinions from different doctors. Once you’ve done that, you can think about other treatment options. We recommend quality sleep and lots of exercise, as well as taking care of what your child eats. 

These all sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised at the number of kids who do poorly in these areas, which results in all kinds of problems.


Raising a kid with ADHD can be a bit rough sometimes, and so can finding the most appropriate educational gift or toy for them. So, don’t be too hard on yourself if you make some mistakes along the way. It may require some trial and error, but you’ll figure it out eventually. 

The bottom line is that you do the best you can with the information that you’re given, and this is why we try to give you the best information we can find. Now it’s up to you to use this list, as well as your knowledge about your child to make the most informed decision possible.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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