3 Positive Discipline Techniques Each Parent Should Know and Use

We all sometimes wish we had a way to change our child’s behavior with a simple push of a button on a remote control. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just make sure things never got out of control and our child was always acting exactly the way we expect? Unfortunately, things don’t really …

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How to Teach a Kid to Throw a Baseball Like a Pro

Spending time with your kid is important for their progress in terms of sociability, perfecting their motor skills and developing an interest in certain hobbies and activities. Being that baseball is a pretty popular American sport, chances are that your kid is into it and wants to learn a thing or two about throwing and pitching, especially if …

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Important Life Skills to Teach Your Kids at Early Age

Helping your kid develop proper motor skills, cognitive function through nutrition, guidance, and playtime is important in the first couple of years. But what about advanced lessons in life, should they be able to learn them as well during early childhood? The answer is yes. As technology advances, we’re becoming more and more dependent on …

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