Fun Winter Activities for Toddlers

Colder, snowy days are just around the corner, which means ample opportunity for family bonding and staying warm together. The list of outdoor games and activities for kids during winter is endless, and all them involve opportunities to bond as a family, work on creative-thinking and build athletic skills. Some days, white-blanket horizons will make you yearn …

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How and When to Say NO to your Child?

Learning to say “no” is a unique, often difficult milestone for parents. Family literature suggests that there are creative and gentle ways of deviating from the word in an effort to avoid a fight. And truthfully, these methods may prove effective. However, the real lesson at the heart of all of these “tricks” is an …

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How to Play With an Autistic Child?

Playing with others does not come easily to children with autism. Their play skills are shaped by a preference to stay in their own world. Playing with your autistic child requires extra care and effort, but it is so important as playtime sets the stage for development and future social interactions. Challenges Faced when Engaging your Autistic …

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