How to Play With Your Baby: Games for 0-12 Months Old Babies

Can you believe that the key to healthy, thriving, socially-apt children and adults is a healthy amount of time spent playing as babies? That’s right. As stressed as you might be about selecting preschool teachers and curriculums for your baby, spending more time playing games and make-believe is just as important (if not more) to child development. Playing is … Read more

7 Amusing Activities for 2 Year Old Baby

Keeping 2 year olds busy and entertained is a difficult task. We all want our children to grow up and be inquisitive and bright, but in order to do that, parents should put in some effort and appropriate activities for 2 year old children which will keep them curious and entertained. No matter how in love they … Read more

10 Children Health Tips for Parents to Follow

Health is the greatest wealth in the world, people like to point out, and the saying is strikingly accurate especially when it comes to those we care about the most – our children. As parents and guardians, we are doing everything in our power to ensure that our children are as safe and sound as … Read more

7 Rainy Day Indoor Activities for Kids

Children are always bursting with energy, it seems as if they could play games and run around all the time. This is great for their physical development as it improves their motor skills and makes them stronger, but it poses a problem when it’s raining and they grow restless indoors. Fortunately for both sides, there are many wonderful … Read more

The Importance of Hugging Your Child

Humans are very social creatures. We need interaction with others to be happy and thrive. Our largest organ, the skin, is also involved in that interaction in a big way. Aside from being a feature that makes us different from other animals visually, it assumes the role of receiving an affectionate and loving touch from … Read more

How to Make Homework Fun for Your Kid?

Oh, the Ways to Make Homework Fun! Traditional school and homework are not all children’s cup of tea, so you might need to put on your thinking cap for ways to excite and engage your kids’ thirst for knowledge outside of the classroom.. especially when there is a due date underlined in the corner. Homework … Read more

How and When to Get Rid of Pacifier?

Parents, I think we can all agree that pacifiers are a godsend. They keep our babies occupied and calm, and that means extra peace and quiet around the home. But as much as we would like to keep these little lifesavers around, experts say they can’t stay forever. There is a lot of debate, much … Read more

Identifying and Preventing Baby Food Allergies

Becoming a parent means that you will start seeing things in a different way and that you’ll soon start measuring time with different milestones: baby’s first tooth, first word, first step, the first time you fed them solid food, the first time they slept through the night… There will be many firsts and each and … Read more

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